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Differently Abled Pagans

Here we hope to collect stories, anecdotes and information about differently abled pagans.

It is a myth that just because you are in a wheelchair, bound to your bed, or in any other state that you cannot perform magick. Doreen Valiente and Stewart Farrar both spent long times surrounded by metal, in bed or unwell and worked great magick perfectly well. Anyone can call the God and Goddess in any state if you believe in your heart. Here is the first story.

Here is out first article!

The Magic of Diabilities.

When I first started to study Wicca, I wondered if I would be able to accouplish as much as the avarage person. Would my bad sight cause me to miss out on events. Would my hearing disability cause me to miss out on something? I have an electronic implant that produces my hearing- kind of like a hearing aid. There is an external ear peice. The rest is actual implanted in my brain.

Actual metal electrods attached to my brainstem. How would this afect my 'gik?

Absolutly wonderly! Other sense take over for those I do not have. My sense of smell is very keen. I can actually smell when energy is raised. I can catch the sent of my Lady/Goddess when she has been present. Oh, and the God too. The scent of the magick is also left behind on a heron pendant I wear. The scent of the herbs and candles and oils I have used linger for hours.

Althoug there are many wonderful things open in magick to me that many others cannot sense, it sometimes has it's drawbacks. Like- I can't pin point the candle wick. So I fumble around for about ten minutes trying to find it. This is how I learned to asks to " be guided ". I am not really sure how or why this works. But I have found that if I just smile to myself, relax and ask or let my hand be quided I find the wick. I have found this works in many other areas as well. Like when I try to set knives in my culterly block. I just relax and think, " Ok, show me the way ". Works every time.

My hearing aid comes in quite handy. I can turn it off, thus making myself completely bilaterally deaf. This works great when you need total concentration. The phone ringing will cause no distractions. Enviromental sounds will not bother anything. It also makes it really easy to hear the divine.

Due to my visual and hearing loss my balance is terrible. So I sit for the entire working. Kind-of funny really. To cast my circle I move around on my buttocks or knees tracing the engery as I go. I am thinking of getting a little metal wheeled cart foc this. Why metal? It is a great conductor of energy.

If you happen to have a disability don't let it stand in your way. Magick is open to everyone. It knows no discimanations. It does not care how you look, how tall you are, if you have a metal implant, .. It is there for anyone who knows how to reach it.


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