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Since 1996
New Moon Occult Shop

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Who Are We?

Probably one of the most debated questions ever, the continued search for who we really are continues with philosophers around the globe.

In an effort to be different, buck the trend and just be contrary, we will define who we are here.

New Moon is populated by hoards of small elves running around and... oh no - that was that weird dream I had last night after a particularly weird cheese fondue.... New Moon is actually run by two quite dedicated people who each fulfil a very specific role within the organisation.

Myself, I am responsible for maintaining the mail server, list server, CRM database, website and related IT bits. I have significant expertise in this area gained through the tough slog that has been the last ten years of working both part time and now full time with New Moon. The marketing has been my domain as well with demands placed on me in the areas of SEO, SEM, PPC and related web marketing devices. This has got to be the highlight of my time with New Moon - devising and implementing various marketing campaigns. Joy of joys I have also worked with various national circulation magazines like Cosmopolitan, Predictions and others in promoting our products. (Am I the only one who is starting to think this sounds like a CV??).

I do all the product identification and selection so I am responsible for all the stuff you see on the New Moon website. I write just about all the blurbs for the products and while I don't take the pictures (mostly) I do just about everything else related to what you see on our websites. From first smelling the incense to receiving your order for it, there is a piece of me in each step of the process. I'm often the first customer for a product and I'm rather harsh doing things like sleeping in a hair clip to see if it stays, leaving incense around for a year to see if ti still smells good, wearing jewellery constantly to see the tarnish patterns and more. Too bad we don't sell chocolate *grins*.

I am also the main driving force behind WitchyCon. The experience I gained chairing the UKs annual Anime conventions which ran over multiple days, with multiple streams helped prepare me for running something smaller which I do hope will grow in to something very large running over several days with many streams. That conferencing experience has really served me well and if quite a different role here with New Moon. I've really enjoyed the challenge and I'm looking forward to continuing in my role as chair of this convention - hopefully no longer running every aspect of it.

The other half of the New Moon team who is my other half is responsible for packing all the orders, all the financial stuff and most importantly, the coding of the shopping cart. That shopping cart that we are currently running is custom-built code and as it runs on the customer's machine, it means there isn't a shopping cart somewhere on some server that can be hacked. It was a brilliant approach to shopping cart creation.

Together we are New Moon and we hope to create a wonderful, interesting, supporting environment that you can enjoy now, and enjoy our products for years to come. If you need to touch base just look to the left and email us or drop us a letter or call us. We're here to help!

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