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Since 1996
New Moon Occult Shop

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If you are a customer and you'd like to vent your spleen or praise us to the rafters, please do fill it in! All information gathered goes directly to upper management and is kept strictly confidential. Filling out the survey will not put you on our mailing list, but it will help us improve our service to you, our valued customers!

I have shopped with New Moon: Online At the Pagan Federation Conference At the Witchfest Conference At EasterCon At another conference (please specify) I have never shopped at New Moon I also like to shop for pagan goods at: [Feel free to list multiple stores separated by commas] The telephone service I receive from New Moon Occult Shop is: Exceptional Above average Satisfactory Below average Poor NA - I don't use the phone The overall service I receive from New Moon Occult Shop is: Exceptional Above average Satisfactory Below average Poor NA - I don't shop at New Moon Overall, I think the price of items at New Moon Occult Shop is: excellent, a lot for your money very good, better than the competitors average, similar to other stores or catalogs below average, most places are cheaper poor, prices seem very inflated to me Customer Service is Always very friendly and attentive to my needs Always friendly Satisfactory Rarely friendly Rude My order is delivered Very fast In a timely manner Within a satisfactory amount of time Usually later than I would like Very slow My order is usually received with no back-orders with few back-orders with numerous back-orders with a lot of back-orders My order is usually packaged very well, rarely damaged well, few damages poorly, I can expect damaged product The accuracy of my order is excellent, I always get what I ordered very good, I usually get what I ordered below average, I expect mistakes poor, too many mistakes to mention If I call Customer Service with a problem or question, my problem is I have never called with a problem handled in a timely manner, above average handled in a satisfactory amount of time handled slow, needs improvement In what ways would you like to see us improve New Moon Occult Shop? What do you like most about New Moon Occult Shop? What do you think our competitors do better? Any other comments you would like to share ... ? So we can contact you (via e-mail) in case you win one of the drawings, please provide us with some basic contact information. This information is kept strictly confidential: Name Title Company Street Address City Post Code Country Phone E-mail

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