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Discounted stuff, damaged stuff, samples, discontinued items all on sale  from New Moon Ocult Shop


These sale items will be samples we bought or things we have discontinued for whatever reason or ends of lines. If you have any questions, feel free to email us on sales@newmoon-uk.com
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Oil Bottle Box - Suitable for 5mL oils or short round fragrance oils, this box will store up to 12 bottles for you away from the light. £4.50/$12
Large Pentacle Window Print - Red and gold pentacle on a blue field with astrological symbols all around it, a purple circle and rainbow outer square. £2.50/$4.75
Pewter Serpent Earrings - Discontinued line of pewter jewellery, these earrings are really unique. A long wavy serpent with a small head on each one, the pair are only £5/$10 £5/$10
Pewter Triscelle Earrings - Each earring has a wonderful pewter button with the triscelle image on it. A beautiful set. £5/$10 £5/$10
Pagan Bumper Stickers - Glittery holigraphic bumber stickers with a pagan message! Get one for £3.50/$6, two for £6.50/$11, three for £9.50/$16.50 or 5 for £12.50/$23

We have the following sayings: 'Goddess Within', 'Magic Happens', 'Fairies Live Here', 'Fairies on Patrol', 'Miracles Happen', I Believe in Angels', 'Protected by Angels', and 'Angel with Attitude!'.

Incense Holder and Burner - A small box - enough for about 50 or so incense sticks - with different brass decorations inset on to the side with a raised wood holder for the stick and the lid of the incense storage box is also the ash catcher. Made from wood. £5/$10
Celtix Choker - A wonderful choker on an approx 16" leather thong. The celtic beads are plated silver and they make a great colourful and inexpensive gift. A variety of styles (our choice). £5/$10
Celtix Bangle - Real leather thong is strung to make this a fun bangle. The celtic beads are silver plated and there is a clasp at the back. A variety of styles (our choice). £5/$10
Celtix Earrings - with silver and/or crystal small beads and a single large silver plated main bead, these are great earrings. On Sterling Silver wires and made in West Wales! (our choice) £5/$10
Celtix Gem Choker - A wonderful choker on an approx 16" leather thong. The celtic beads are plated silver and they make a great colourful and inexpensive gift. A variety of central stones each with an explination (our choice). £5/$10
Crystal Healing Box set - includes set of crystals, rebalancing chart, book and a glass for energizing gem water (sample) £7.50
XL Arianrhod Moon Goddess t-shirt - in perfect nick but we've had it forever and really it's time they found a new home. .(end-of-line) £14
Sterling Silver Feng Shui Symbols - Love, Happiness or Prosperity, these symbols follow the principal that like attracts like and so you wear one to attract that quality. (samples) £3/$5
Isis Papyrus - a beautiful complex old Isis with the throne on her head and winged over the blessing tablet surrounded by more writing. Perfect for being framed and hung where you need protection. I have one over my bed in larger format. (sample) £5/$9
Crystal Pendulums with Charms - These great pendulums have a variety of crystals with a variety of charms. Our choice for charms as there are too many to list (most are celtic knotwork) but you can request amethyst, clear, rose quartz, rutile quartz, aventurine, ametrine, smokey quartz, or let us choose. (end-of-line) £7/$14
Wood Jewellery in wood tarot box - actually I'd suggest getting these for the tarot box more than the wood jewellery which is cut to design celtic knotwork printed jewellery. £10/$25
Friendship Fairy - Aurora - for some reason we ended up with a lot of her... with glittery butterfly wings and a perfect gift £10/$18.50
Octagonal tarot box - Crowley Thoth or other large decks need a larger box. This is about 6" across and so large enough for 15cm long tarot cards. £10/$20
Solid Bronze Pentacle Belt Buckle - had this for AGES and it needs a home. Solid cast bronze pentacle made in to a sturdy belt buckle was £35 is now £24.50 £24.50/$45
Solid Bronze Pentacle Cloak Pin - 2 pins on the back for each side of the cloak make this a great cloak pin for someone who needs more security but without putting giant holes in the cloth. Was £35 and is now £24.50 £24.50/$45
Garnet Ear Piece - One for the right, one for the left, this does require a pierced ear. The piece curves around just like your ear goes and is wonderful to wear. The start is a teardrop shaped faceted crystal then round crystals to the outside bend where there are four marquese? (like diamonds but more thin and founded) stones then more round, then three marquese to the flower at the ear lobe. A wonderfully innovative and original piece and you get two - one for each ear! (samples) £45/$80
Acorn Candle Snuffer - ***DAMAGED*** The handle has been drilled through to take the ring for the snuffer head. This was drilled off-center and so did break through on one side. Still a completely functional snuffer but needs a bit more of a gently touch. Box is a bit worse for wear too. £4/$8
Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum - ***DAMAGED*** The tip has been broken leaving an angular break at the bottom. FAIR TRADE - We deal direct to ensure that the crystals chosen have a fair price paid for them to the manufacturer in Brazil and that they are carefully mined. £5/$9
Green Dragon Business Card Holder - This fun business card holder has a dragon curled around a castle with his necj streching over the wall around the "town" and below the "wall" is the space for some business cards. The base has felt to protect your working surface. A great item to have on your desk to really draw attention to your business cards. Ceramis and hand painted, even the wings have a special personal touch of some glitter. (sample) £15/$30
Rose Quartz Silver Bead bracelet - a combination of silver and rose quartz makes this bracelet what it is. Had it for too long so while it was £14 it is now £9.80 £9.80/$17.50
Amethyst Silver Bead bracelet - a combination of silver and amethyst makes this bracelet what it is. Had it for too long so while it was £14 it is now £9.80 £9.80/$17.50
Rose Quartz necklace - silver chain and rose quartz cabochons make this a beautiful piece. Was £22.50 and is now £15.75 £15.75/$30
Amethyst necklace - silver chain and amethyst cabochons make this a beautiful piece. Was £22.50 and is now £15.75 £15.75/$30
White Pirate Shirt - has a yellow mark on the shoulder (damaged) £20
White cotton ritual robe - made for someone who then said that they had measured themselves wrong - about a UK size 16 (fits me) £45 £45
Glastonbury chalice - thin pewter means it is easily put out of exact shape so this was a return but looks almost perfect £40/$78
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