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Tarot Readings

Judith of New Moon Occult Shop has been reading tarot cards for over 15 years both in person and by phone and has gained a positive reputation as someone who provides both accurate and truthful tarot readings. She developed her own tarot lay out and relies as strongly on her own psychic sense as on the meanings of the cards.

To book a reading with Judith, just call 01235 819 744 during business hours

Sold as a novelty for entertainment purposes only, Judith's tarot readings are often sought by those in a troubled time in their life to help them seek a balance and the best route forward as well as those looking for insight or just guidance.

Readings last around 45 - 60min and are done in person however telephone readings are available. Readings are with both tarot cards and if you wish "Messages from your Angels" cards all included. If you wish a phone reading, please call when you are ready for your reading - she does not do call-backs.

As Judith works full time, she charges a subsidized rate of only £30 per reading or about $55 US. Readings last as long as they last so *PLEASE* set aside at least an hour for a reading.

A message from Judith:

Sometimes people need a to find a new or different direction out of a problem situation. Perhaps they fear a specific outcome from their past experience or they may just need someone empathic to understand what they are going through. I like to help people to realise they are not alone regardless of whatever problem they bring to me. Occasionally people just want Readings to find more about themselves as individuals and are wondering where their life is going. I aim to try to help put people on to the correct path using the accuracy of the cards and a sympathetic ear.

I have been giving Tarot Readings since 1986. I enjoy giving people tarot readings because it gives me great fulfilment when I am able to help others through Readings. I have a specialized honours degree in psychology from York University in Toronto and this helps me understand the different aspects of any reading and situation.

This is not a company or a pay-per-minute line. You call Judith or visit her and you are with her one-on-one. You will never be seen by or read to by anyone else. While she is a proficient witch, she does not cast spells for people. Ever.

While Judith is available for parties, she feels she cannot properly read for people in depth at a party. She realizes however that for some, this is the only way they will be able to reach a psychic and so she has decided to make herself available for tarot reading parties. Readings for parties are available for £10/person with an 8 person minimum. Please call 01235 819 744 to book a tarot reading party.

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