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The Coven of the Mists

The Coven of the Mists was founded by Lady Ayra at York University in the late 80's by Lady Ayra. It became one of the first covens to be recognized on a university campus in Canada, gaining formal recognition by York University in Toronto, Canada in the very early 90's.
Lady Ayra's tireless work ensured that the coven was recognized on the York University Interfaith Council as a voting member. COTM is an open-grove Celtic Pagan/Wiccan group seeking to clear up misinformation and to offer a place and group with which to worship without having to make a commitment.
Our system is as non-hierarchical as it can reasonably be (meaning we still need to get stuff done!). We give open lectures on campus twice a year called The Truth About Witchcraft as well as many other events such as Making Goddesses in Clay and The Goddess Dinner with our York University branch.
In 1996, Lady Ayra left for England, leaving Lady Aislinn as priestess. She formed a coven there and began teaching her tradition which filled a niche left by traditional, famtrad and traditional witches - that of a recreationist tradition which allowed anyone to participate with no vows of secrecy.

The work in Toronto goes on with Lady Aislinn having sat as Chairperson of the York Interfaith Council for 2 years---proof that Pagan Outreach educational efforts work! Eventually a core group, Tuatha Tir-na-Nog, was formed within the same structure of the open-grove in Toronto. A token system was begun and our tree-ring system blossomed from a skeletal seed to a really big tree.

The course taught by Lady Ayra from the first days of the coven's existance are now available by correspondance and cover many of the aspects taught over the years to many coveners.

The Coven of the Mists practices a tradition of wicca called Scal Dare. It is a Celtic recreationist tradition which means it seeks to recreate the traditions and religion of the ancient Celts without focusing on druidism.
The origins of the tradition lie firmly in the hands of three teachers whose teachings Lady Ayra wove together with her knowledge of the ancient Celts to create this new tradition. It recaptures some of the teachings, some of the traditions, the folk tales, myths and legends and passes them on with strong emphasis on scholarly history, archaeology and fact, not fiction and fantasy.
There is a strong emphasis on the authors Nora Chadwick, Anne Ross and Miranda Green in the course who are all three well-known Celtic scholars. The course also covers how to create a circle, both for ritual and for protection, how to manipulate the energies around you, information on healing and herbalism, how to run a circle and a coven and more. The tokens are given to all students as they accomplish each level and each student receives a singulum in the coven colours, unique to the tradition and indicate you as a follower. Each student also receives a pouch to which the tokens may be fixed to, or other charms.

There is a book of shadows primer also available which is a selection of rituals, chants, and other pieces of information totalling over 35 pages taken from the tradition. This has been very popular and does give an excellent example of the type of working the tradition involves.

More about the course

More about the book of shadows primer (Warning! Long load time page!)

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