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Protection Spell Supplies

A host of candles, oils, incenses, herbs and more we sell for use in your own protection spells.
If you don't see what you need listed here, ask us at and we may be able to find it for you.
All information is for magickal uses only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

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protection_s.jpg - 7.54 K
Magic Spell for Protection - Contents: Pewter talisman, Red Satin Pouch filled with Frankincense and Rosemary for protection, Charcoal disc, three Red Candles, Terracotta Bowl, Brass Bell, Terracotta Jug, Spell Scroll with instructions and packed in woodwool and rosepetals. £16.99/$35
wishingringblueweb_s.jpg - 7.13 K
Magic Wishing Ring - Witches, wizards, enchanters and magic-makers through time have worn a ring for power and protection. Contents: Pewter ring etched with the symbols of the seven ancient planets and sterling silver chain; Clay water bowl for the element of water; Candle for the element of fire; Bell for the element of air; flowers and wood wool for the element earth; incense * spell paper * charcoal. This spell should be undertaken in the spirit of fun, love and adventure with a positive outlook and no expectation of outcome. New Moon takes no responsibility for your destiny, for the key to this resides within your own heart and the Universe. £13.99/$30
sc01_s.gif - 6.50 K
SC01 - Mandrake - In magickal lore, the mandrake, when pulled, reveals a root resembling a little man. Harvested at its most magickal time, the mandrake is a hallucinatory drug and rare magickal love potion. POWER AND PROTECTION £12/$22
ja05_s.gif - 8.53 K
JA5 - Eye of Horus - The Eye of the Moon which Set stole from Horus is worn to protect against evil, symbolising the Power of Light over Darkness. FOR HEALTH, STRENGTH AND PROTECTION £12/$22
ja07_s.gif - 5.43 K
JA7 - Eye of Horus (earrings) - The Eye of the Moon which Set stole from Horus is worn to protect against evil, symbolising the Power of Light over Darkness. FOR HEALTH, STRENGTH AND PROTECTION £12/$22
ja09_s.gif - 4.79 K
JA9 - Opening Mummy Locket - Egyptian beliefs required the physical body to be preserved after death as a mummy so that the deceased could be reborn in the spiritual afterlife. This mummy locket contains a hieroglyphic scroll for: PROTECTION FROM HIDDEN DANGER £20/$38
ja12_s.gif - 6.00 K
JA12 - Kephra - Sacred to all Egyptian Sun Gods, the scarab amulet provided the wearer with both the protection of the Sun and its creative life force. FOR COURAGE AND PROTECTION £14.50/$26.50
sc03_s.gif - 3.54 K
SC04 - Heptagram - Seven - a sacred and mystical number - relates to the seven seas, seven continents, seven original planets and the blessed seventh child of a seventh child. The seven star rays contact the Cosmos. PROTECTION FROM HIDDEN DANGER - £14.25/$26.50
Angelica - Herb - 25g
Aniseed - Herb - 25g
Aniseed - Essential Oil - 10mL
Arabic, Gum - Resin - 25g
Balm of Gilead - Herb - 25g
Basil - Herb - 25g
Basil - Essential Oil - 10mL
Bay - Herb - 25g
Bay - Essential Oil - 10mL
Bergamot - Fragrance Oil - 10mL - Used in protective rituals. Wear on the palm of each hand.
Bergamot - Essential Oil - 10mL - Used in protective rituals. Wear on the palm of each hand.
Black Pepper - Essential Oil - 10mL
Calamus - Herb - 25g
Cedarwood - Essential Oil - 10mL
Cinnamon Quills - Herb - 25g
Cinnamon - Essential Oil - 10mL - A high-vibration oil, used for personal protection.
Clove - Herb - 25g
Clove - Essential Oil - 10mL
Copal - Resin - 25g
Cumin - Essential Oil - 10mL - For protecting the home, anoint all doorways once a week just before sunrise.
Cypress - Essential Oil - 10mL - Effectively screens out negative vibrations.
Dragon's Blood - Resin - Low Quality Tin
Dragon's Blood - Resin - High Quality 25g
Eucalyptus - Herb - 25g
Eucalyptus - Essential Oil - 10mL
Frankincense - Resin - 25g
Frankincense - Essential Oil - 10mL
Galangal - Herb - 25g
Geranium (Rose) - Essential Oil - 10mL - Oil of protection. Anoint window sills, doors of house. Wear on self.
Juniper Berry - Herb - 25g
Juniperberry - Essential Oil - 10mL
Lavender - Herb - 25g
Lavender - Essential Oil - 10mL
Lime - Essential Oil - 10mL
Lotus - Fragrance Oil - 10mL
Lotus - Precious Oil - 5mL
Mandrake - Herb - 25g
Mandrake - Black - Seeds
Marogold Petals - Herbs - 25g
Mistletoe - Herb - 25g
Mugwort - Herb - 25g
Myrrh - Resin - 25g
Myrrh - Essential Oil - 10mL - A protection oil. Anoint the house every morning and evening as a part of any protection ritual.
Naiouli - Essential Oil - 10mL
Orris Root - Herb - 25g
Patchouli - Herb - 25g
Patchouli - Essential Oil - 10mL - Wards off negativity and evil.
Pennyroyal - Herb - 25g
Peppermint - Essential Oil - 10mL
Petitgrain - Essential Oil - 10mL
Pine - Essential Oil - 10mL
Rose Petals, Red - Herb - 25g
Rose Buds, Pink - Herb - 25g
Rose Otto - Essential Oil - 10mL
Rue - Herb - 25g - Rue is an excellent personal protection herb.
Sage - Herb - 25g
Sandalwood, Red - Herb - 25g
Sandalwood, White - Essential Oil - 10mL - Protective, this oil is used to anoint.
Valerian Root - Herb - 25g
Vervain - Herb - 25g
Vetivert - Essential Oil - 10mL
Woodruff - Herb - 25g
Wormwood - Herb - 25g
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