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Dragons Blood Oil - Finally, we have a wonderful dragons blood oil to match our incense. This scent is quite unique and has been created by combining the natural dragons blood resin extracted oil with a synthetic fragrance to create this unique, sought-after oil. Sold in a cobalt blue 10mL bottle, this oil should be kept out of direct sunlight. Perfect for candle dressing, rituals and anything you require dragons blood oil for. £5/$10
CIVIT - A musk-like fragrance which has many uses: protection, spiritual enlightenment, and love perfume. Each bottle combines the herbs of all three as well as crystals to make the spell complete. £5/$10
DRAGONS BLOOD OIL - Oil specially created to remove crossings, bindings and hexes. Rub on white candles representing the self or person affected and use the sanderwood chips to burn on charcoal. Filled with crystals and sympathetic herbs and real dragons blood resin. £5/$10
JOHN THE CONQUERER OIL - The most famous of all oils. Said to bring vast amounts of good fortune. Annoint charms, jewelry, etc. Each bottle contains a special money attracting charm. £5/$10
ASTRAL TRAVEL - Formula from the ancient formularies. Annoint the forehead when attempting to project the astral body beyond the self. Each bottle inclused pieces of clear quartz crystal. £5/$10
BLACK ARTS - Voodoo formula. Used to cast hexings and crossings. Can also be used to remove curses. Said to reverse the curse back on the sender. £5/$10
BALM OF GILIAD - Very rare magical herb used in the creation of this oil. Each bottle also contains actual Golden Seal herb. Used in literally thousands of spells devoted to love. £5/$10
COME TO ME - Traditional seduction formula based on the Descent of Inanna. Wear as a perfume to attact another. Each bottle contains crystals and love herbs £5/$10
DAMIANA - Lust oil employed with blood red candles in lust spells. Write your desire on parchment. Place a red candle above it. Rub the candle and parchment with this oil and call the forces of lust and the Gods of love to aid you £5/$10
HIGH SPIRIT - Powerful oil used to attract good spiritual forces. Annoint a white candle and wear to attract spiritual guidance and help from the Gods. Each bottle contains a rose. £5/$10
MAGNET - Classic formula. The uses of this oil are many and varied, annoint any kind of charm or spell bag to stengthen its power. Annoint dedicated candles or wear on the skin to draw people or desirable conditions. Each bottle contains actual sandlewood chips suitable for removing and smouldering £5/$10
MONEY ATTRACTION - Made from a traditional formula. Wear as a perfume and rub on bank book or wallet. Comes with a short spell to help you increase your wealth. £5/$10
POWER - Powerful combination from ancient formulary. Annoint charms, talismans, candles, etc. Said to attact great amounts of power. Wear as a perfume to increase personal power and overcome timidity, especially when going for a new job or raise. £5/$10
UNCROSSING - It is said that no evil can beset the person wearing this traditional remedy for removing negativity. Each bottle contains crystals and sacred herbs. £5/$10
VALERIAN - Pungent oil generally used in love spells. A staple in some love potions. Often used on red love candles. Inscribe your desire on a candle with a burin and annoint with oil before lighting. Each bottle contains a yellow rose and valerian root. £5/$10
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