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magicalspell_s.jpg - 8.38 K
Magical Spell Cards - (what follows is from the publisher. In my opinion, these are EXCELLENT! Simple spells where you can either choose a specific spell or use the cards to let the universe choose the spell you need. Also use it for divination!! I *highly* recommend these cards) These cards are enchanted, loving helpers created by Lucy Cavendish to help you tap in to the mystical powers of the Universe - and thus enrich your life. This 44-card deck will help you gain insight, grow in strength, and develop your own unique personal power, which will guide you through your daily challenges. The truly life-changing yet simple spells associated with these cards will allow you to welcome healing magic into your life, as well as lives of those you love. £13.99/$30
successblueweb_s.jpg - 8.49 K
Magic Spell for Money/Success - The Magic Spell for Success is perfect for anyone undertaking a new venture, studying for exams, starting a new job, looking for work or a promotion, buying a house or just about anything! Add some focus to your goals and ambitions in any area of your life - work, personal, love, study or social. CONTENTS: Magical Pewter Talisman; Success Essence; Gorgeous drawstring pouch in orange satin - the colour of success - and filled with herbs for Success; Golden Magical Knot Cord; Spell Scroll with full instructions for your magical spell; Hand Dipped Candle to ignite the spark of success; Incense to draw the energy of potential; Herbs and Flowers in a magical mix for success - Elder Marigold, Mugwort, and Mistletoe. £13.99/$30
bluemysticwheelweb_s.jpg - 7.73 K
The Mystic Wheel - Used by the ancients for prophecy and inspiration. Use The Mystic Wheel for divination and interpretation of the ancient symbols. Contents: Pewter spinning disc etched with the symbols of the seven ancient planets and the magical pentagram; Psychic Oil to open your senses; Heptagram map for divination; Mystic Wheel spell scroll and explanation of ancient planetary symbols; Purple candle for psychic insight; Incense This spell should be undertaken in the spirit of fun, love and adventure with a positive outlook and no expectation of outcome. New Moon takes no responsibility for your destiny, for the key to this resides within your own heart and the Universe. £13.99/$30
Priest/ess kit. - Complete kit modelled on a priestesses own kit to include: wood-handled athame, stick incense and holder, water symbols, sea salt, fire candle, god and goddess candles, source taper, book of shadows, altar cloth, metal chalice with goddess chant etched inside (optional), book of shadows primer of chants, blessings and other important items, along with other items in a bag enabling you to carry it wherever you go. £90/$150
Spell Casting - A how-to - This course gives you full instructions on how to cast spells, when to do it, what moon and planetary influences are needed for what spells, sex magick, circle magick as well and ancient magick (which may surprise you). It is an indept look at how and why people cast spells and creates a basic understanding of the fundimentals of spellcrafting. Once completed, there is ample space for notes and spells in the back plus lots of herbs and other magickal goodies to use as you try your own spells. The basic and fundimental principals of spellcasting are taught alongside detailed examinations of different types of spells. This course includes most supplies you will need such as incense, oils, wax, herbs, resins, and wicks to make spell candles, instructions on how to make charms, some seals of solomon for spellcasting, planetary hours, an altar cloth and more. £55/$99
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