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Stick & Spiral Incense

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Dragons Blood Square Box Incense - 8 sticks of Kamini Aromatics Dragons Blood incense sticks. The box says "An ancient incense derived from tree resin used for love, protection and exorcizing negative energies. This powerful cleaning fragrance brings balance and clarity wherever used." £1/$2
Pagan Magic Incense Sticks - 8 sticks of Kamini Aromatics Pagan Magic incense. The box says "Pagan Magic is a healing and magical scent. This natural incense in hand rolled using sacred woods, fragrant resins and herbs. It will purify and balance any magical or ritual space. Burn it to relax in the evening before meditating." £1/$2
newmoonincense_s.jpg - 4.74 K
Celtic Moon Premium Stick Incense - From over 2 years of research we have developed this premium line of incense. The sticks are all hand-rolled from resins and herbs which are finely granulated and even on their own are pleasing to the nose. To this fine base we have added some of the most exotic oils available. By combining fragrance and essential oils, we have created what we feel is the strongest, finest quality incense available. We have the following scents available: Dragons Blood, Honey Spice, Lotus, Jasmine, Frankincense, New Moon, Full Moon, Lady Day, Harvestide, Arianrhod, Brigid, Lugh, Cerridwen (a blend created specially for Doreen Valiente during her life which she thoroughly enjoyed), Avalon, Morgana Le Fey, Mists, Chalice, Samhain, spring, Imbolc, Beltane, Midsummer, and Lughnasadh £2/$4
incensebox_s.jpg - 3.12 K
The Incense Box - This beautiful box holds wonderful incense fragrances that will help you unwind, arouse your senses, and make you feel more alive! Inhaling the sweet smell of sandalwood, rose and frankincense will have a powerful effect on your mood and surroundings, and help you to rediscover the benefits of this ancient form of aromatherapy. The book details the traditional use of each incense fragrance, and then shows you how to get the best from each. There are meditations, visualizations, and affirmations, plus snippets of incense lore, presented in mind, body and spirit strands on every page. An attractive black ceramic incense burner is also included, along with clear instructions for the safe use of the included fragrances. £16/$30
nagchincense_s.jpg - 4.45 K
Nag Champa Incense This is it! The world-famous incense from India is finally here. You may have heard people rave about this incense. Everyone at New Moon (except David!) finds it a delightful scent and one that is most elusive to define. 15g £1.50/$3
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