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Incense for Ritual

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MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~01... Aphrodisia When its a great night for the Great Rite set the most sensuous mood possible and burn this exotic blend of rare flowers, resins, and oils. A scent, like its name, to be remembered for its spell of love, rich in roses and musk. £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~09... Goddess Hymn - This is a rich blend that opens the heart to beauty and abundance. It can be used as an offering to the Mother Goddess in all Her many forms. Like a field of wheat and flowers, an earthy combination of Mother Nature's fragrant gifts. Burn it at times of thanksgiving, reunion, and birth, or anytime you want to honour the goddess within. £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~06... Druid's Grove - This is the scent of a Druids fire in a sacred grove, filled with Earth-Healing magick. It resonates with aromatic woods and green forest. Druids Grove contains nine sacred woods along with fragrant resins and herbs. Burn it for rites of Earth Magick and Healing, and Druidic Festivals. One of our best sellers and my favourite! £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~07... Faery Call - This incense is used in calling the Fair and Fey Ones to bring joy and bless all growing things. Burn Faery Call incense to celebrate the coming of Spring and to bless your garden for abundance. Based on old magickal formulas, it contains herbs and flowers that Elemental beings and the Faery Folk like best. £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~08... Full Moon - This is an incense to honour the Full Moon and to enhance psychic ability. Burn it to celebrate lunar rites and festivals. Its fragrance is filled with night blooming flowers for the Queen of Heaven and royal tones of White Sandal and Lotus. It also contains Resinated Camphor. £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~12... Shamanic Circle - This powerful scent used in Shamanic Journeys and drumming circles. The traditional ingredients aid in trance work and serve as a call to Spirit guides. When burned in sacred ceremony, it lifts the heart and leads the spirit between worlds. This blend contains wild crafted herbs and resins and also the power of Datura. £9/$14
MMINCENS_s.jpg - 5.84 K
MM~14... 7th Veil - It creates a mood of sacred sexuality. Wonderful to scent veils, candles, and your lover for those Tantric evenings. It is unique in that it is a blend of Nag Champa oils from India. A thin layer of oil floats on the surface forming a "veil" and this is blended into the base with herbs to create this beautiful incense. £9/$14
charcoal_s.jpg - 4.95 K
Charcoal for Incense - This charcoal was specially selected by us for the great way it lights with a minimum of fuss and it burns cleanly. To preserve charcoal when using Mermade Magical arts incense, break the round in half and use only half (this is what I do). Each pack of 10 charcoal rounds is perfect for powder incense. £1.50/$3
MAGIKSAN_s.jpg - 7.31 K
Magick Sands - When burning incense on charcoal, always burn it in a censer appropriate to that use. As the charcoal needs to be ventilated to burn well, we suggest Magick Sands to burn your charcoal on. Magick Sands are made from crystal chips and can be reused as many times as you like. A magical addition to your ritual setup which can also provide a storehouse of firey energy, they are very practical. £2/$4.50
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