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Candle Holders

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NOW7025_s.jpg - 2.41 K
White Tree of Life Slate Candleholder - This wonderful image reminds me of the white tree of Gondor especially etched on to grey slate as it is. Enhanced only slightly, the tree is beautifully done with knotwork roots and beautiful intertwined branches and leaves. There are three white glass beads bold atop the tree making the a beautiful piece for anywhere on your wall. Whether a fan of the Lord of the Rings, Yggdrasil, or just the image, this candle holder will stand you in good stead. It will take anything from a tea light to a 3" pillar but to watch for puddles. Our black 3" pillars work perfectly on this candle stand and the ones we've burned so far have not leaked (but be take care). 30cm tall with rear fixing for hanging on wall - not freestanding £16/$38
NOW7024_s.jpg - 2.21 K
Pentacle Slate Candleholder - Colourful and light, this candleholder for your wall features a grey slate back with a beautiful pentacle etched in the center surrounded by a ring of knotwork finishing at the base with a triangle of knotwork pointing at the candle tray. There are three glass beads above - one purple, two yellow and one glass bead within the triangle knotwork in purple. The pentacle is purple but the knotwork is a vibrant green making this a beautiful piece. Our black 3" pillars work perfectly on this candle stand and the ones we've burned so far have not leaked (but be take care). 30cm tall with rear fixing for hanging on wall - not freestanding £16/$38
pentaclecandleholder_s.jpg - 2.39 K
Pewter Pentacle Candle Holder - A great candle dish measuring just over 8cm (over 3") with a beautiful simple pentacle raised and polished against a matt stippled background with a central spike to put through the candle to hold it in place. Comes complete with candle. £20/$36
ASL2_s.jpg - 3.79 K
In Terrorem: Ambix Mirror Sconce - A pair of the most fabulous immitation-ivory beasts, are mounted in front of a glorious gothic pewter framed mirror and candle sconce. £383/$709
dragkeeper_s.jpg - 2.88 K
Guardian of the Tower - A wonderful dragon candlestick holder where he is curled around with the trademark ivy all around the piece. Great for a taper or thin pillar. £23/$52
ivytealite_s.jpg - 1.80 K
Evergreen Tealight Holder - A wonderful pair of tealight holders with a pentacle in the center on the bottom and a vine with ivy leaves around the lip. The side has a band of knotwork running all around it and both tealight holders are supplied with a tealight. Each has foam feet so that no matter where you place it, the surface is protected. With the vine and leaves picked out in colour, this pair of tealight holders is great. £9.99/$23
NOW112_s.jpg - 1.64 K
Mother, Maiden, Crone Candlestick - the match for our scrying bowl and chalice, this item is large, bold and beautiful. The Goddesses stand with the seasons and cycles of the moon reflected on their robes, tall and strong supporting a taper candle. The candlestick is more a statue than a candle stick as it is tall and sturdy but is perfect for anyone who wishes a functional statue. Everyone who has seen this set has fallen in love with all items as the perfect altar pieces. Serving both as statuary and as functional objects, the whole set are a beautiful addition to any altar setup. £28/$64
NOW110_s.jpg - 2.74 K
Ivy Candlestand - We get great demand for candle stands and so I'm so very pleased to be able to announce the arrival of this beautiful piece. I love the ivy of this item and how it bunches together and stands out a vibrant green against the grey stone. Great for any altar, I love the way it reminds me of old ruins with ivy growing through them. Beautiful and functional. £28/$64
mooncandle_s.jpg - 5.05 K
115MPS - Moon Candle Holder - This beautiful candle holder takes a single dinner taper candle. Created with care to ensure the best for your altar or dinner table, these candle holders are perfect for any pagan. They look as though they have been carved from stone. Wood-effect candle holders are special order only. £18/$36
hangingcandle_s.gif - 2.73 K
Hanging Dragon Tealight - Three dragons look out over the edge of a celtic knotwork decorated half circle. It is suspended by 3 chains and perfect for any dungeon - or anyone trying to create that look. £39/$92
CS7_s.jpg - 1.91 K
CS7 - Tenebras Dragon Candlestick - The guardian of light determines the extinction of the holy candle. 10" (250mm) high overall (without a candle), with a pewter stem and a candle cup set in a dragon of bone resin. A beautiful piece, the dragon curls around with candle cup with wings partly outstretched, claws primed and neck arching around to see what is going on. The pewter stem has a claw base similar to the vamp wine goblet and a mid-height band of red jewels similar to the hermetic goblet (but without the pentacles). £54/$100
CS9_s.jpg - 4.38 K
CS9 - Wallachian T-Light - Demonic, Transylvanian style candleholder; set with four red cabochons. £19/$35
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