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Incense Holders

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ALADIN_s.jpg - 5.67 K
Aladdin's Lamp Charcoal Incense Burner - It's BACK! Our most popular style, my personal favourite style and the one I use to death in ritual. The lid is slightly different in that it has a taller top to the center but otherwise the same. A generous base for sand or magick sands to support the charcoal on and allow air to get through. Place the charcoal on the sand or magick sands and light it. Our new charcoal rounds light fast and easily and get warm quickly. Put your powder or resin incense on and hey presto - you can lift it with the handle without getting burned and trust me - burned fingers take awhile to heal (speaks the voice of experience). £5/$9.25
charcoal rounds. These new flat dishes of charcoal are smaller, flatter and more compact than traditional rounds plus less expensive! Please note: They are not self-lighting and are quite different from our top-quality. £1/$2
Pentacle Incense holder - a great soapstone upright pentacle with 9 holes for incense coming from the back top of the pentacle. Perfect for one or many sticks of incense! £4/$8
Incense Holder - A tall incense holder with a saucer shape on top. Great for burning incense cones in or charcoal. £5/$10
Shell Antique Incense Spoon - At almost 3" (72mm) long, this beautiful sterling silver spoon will be a welcome addition to any altar. Suitable for offerings of incense to the Gods, this can also be used for herbs, resins, powders and more. Beautifully created with a very decorative shell shaped bowl, use this for offerings to any sea deity. £11/$18.00
Antique Silver Incense Spoon - As we love to do, we have brought you a new incense spoon. At 2 7/8" (69mm) long, this is the perfect spoon for our Mermade incense or your own resin incense. The wide but shallow bowl ensures you don't scoop too much incense and still allows for a great degree of control when pouring incense on charcoal. £11/$18
pentincholder_s.jpg - 2.71 K
Round Pentacle Ash Catcher - Created in pewter for stick or possibly cone incense, this great ash catcher has a raised pentagram comprising the majority of the disk with a woody vine and five oak leaves making up the edge of the disk. £12/$22
Dragon Incense and Candle Holder - The head of the dragon holds the stick, the wing tips create the ash catcher and the tail holds the candle. A beautiful and functional piece of beauty for all dragon lovers. £9/$19
charcoal_s.jpg - 4.95 K
Charcoal for Incense - This charcoal was specially selected by us for the great way it lights with a minimum of fuss and it burns cleanly. To preserve charcoal when using Mermade Magical arts incense, break the round in half and use only half (this is what I do). Each pack of 10 charcoal rounds is perfect for powder incense. £1.50/$3
runegoddess_s.jpg - 9.83 K
Rune Goddess Sacred Incense Burner - Hand-sculpted Originals! Fantasy and folklore incense burners create pure enchantment!
Richly glazed over red terracotta, these hand-sculpted originals feature room for incense sticks, cones and small pools for diffusing Vapours Oils!
Each ceramic burner includes an illustrated booklet about the design's history, and two vials of special Vapours Oil, chosen to echo the theme.
Rune Goddess. Darkest cobalt blue. Inspired by a Neolithic goddess figurine, this rune-inscribed burner will be treasured for years. Booklet and 2 vials of Vapours Oils. Perfect for burning our incense on!
dragontreasuredish_s.jpg - 6.02 K
Dragon Treasure Dish - Exquisitely detailed dishes, approximately 4" long, carved front and back. Ready to hold everything from treasures to paper clips. They can also be used as incense burners for cone incense. This dish is decorated on both sides and seems a shame to hide with incense so why not use it for chocolates and eat to reveal the beautiful dragon! £14/$26
greenmandish_s.jpg - 10.48 K
Greenman Treasure Dish and Wall Plaque - Exquisitely detailed dishes, approximately 4" long, carved front and back. Ready to hold everything from treasures to paper clips. They can also be used as incense burners for cone incense. Hang him on your wall and keep him safe. This greenman has great full lips and beautiful eyes - for a wall plaque! £14/$26
inchold_s.jpg - 4.36 K
Pentacle Incense Burner - These are wonderful full length wooden incense burners. With a brass pentacle inlaid and the hole for the incense stock also inlaid with brass, this is a functional and decorative addition to any altar. £1.85/$3.50
incenseholder_s.jpg - 7.51 K
Dragon full length incense burner with shimmering wings - wonderfully magnificent created in ceramic asnd hand painted and imported exclusively to us. This 12" dragon starts with a snarl, teeth exposed in a growl. Moving back, the head is on a long neck extended up from the body which is long and low. The beautiful wings are slightly open and folded down so it is not too high but you still get the magnificence of the wings. This trails back to the tail which curls around in a loop at the end of his long body. Wonderful as a decorative piece but actually an incense holder. £24/$45
dragincenseburn_s.jpg - 3.08 K
Long Dragon Incense holder - for cones or sticks or powder shaped into a cone - very versatile! It is a wonderful dragon on his back holding the stick over his tummy and our rainbow one is also reflective in black light - even wilder in that light! We have the Rainbow black light reflective and a purple one (My fav!) £18/$35
AO1_s.jpg - 3.25 K
AO1 - Draco Aerius Incense Burner - The 'Dragon of the Air' exotic Alchemical Spells incense retort, from the laboratory of Dr. Van Rosenstien. Individually hand made in glass and aged pewter with topaz crystal ball feet, the incense sticks are suspended inside the cylinder while burning, creating a magical smocked effect - and no mess. A glass replacement service is available if the glass is damaged during its lifetime. £188/$348
dragonincense_s.jpg - 3.15 K
Dragon Incense Holder - This cute dragon looks like he's begging for a tidbit but really her is perfectly positioned to take an incense stick in his mouth and hold it over a celtic knotwork decorated ash catcher. £8.50/$17
charcoal rounds. These new flat dishes of charcoal are smaller, flatter and more compact than traditional rounds plus less expensive! Please note: They are not self-lighting and are quite different from our top-quality. £1/$2
MAGIKSAN_s.jpg - 7.31 K
Magick Sands - When burning incense on charcoal, always burn it in a censer appropriate to that use. As the charcoal needs to be ventilated to burn well, we suggest Magick Sands to burn your charcoal on. Magick Sands are made from crystal chips and can be reused as many times as you like. A magical addition to your ritual setup which can also provide a storehouse of firey energy, they are very practical. £2/$3.50
5810z_s.jpg - 2.66 K
Sterling Silver Shell Incense Spoon - This incense spoon is created in solid sterling silver with a delicate filigree finish to the handle. Short in body making it also an excellent salt or mustard spoon, this tiny incense spoon measures the correct amount of Mermade Magical Arts incense you should use at a time. Tiny and perfect. £5/$10
5809z_s.jpg - 2.29 K
Sterling Silver Rose incense Spoon - Longer in handle than our shell incense spoon allowing you to get deeper into the Mermade vials, this measures a more generous amount of incense and is well suited to measuring the resin from Mermade and also the Mystic Visions incense (which usually wants several scoops). Beautiful and plain but still with character, this rose incense spoon will look great on any altar. £6/$11
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