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Cloak Clasps

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cloakclaspgif_s.gif - 4.89 K
Paired Celtic Shield Cloak Clasps - These are excellent. Of the highest quality these Celtic knotwork shield brooches which are sewn onto either side of the cloak and either lock together or a chain/cord can be used between them. £41/$76
cd43_s.gif - 4.48 K
CD43 - Serpent Head Penannular Brooch - This is a true penannular brooch with a fully functional pin. This is perfect for the person desiring a truly authentic Celtic brooch. The pin may be moved around the circumference of the piece, allowing fabric, such as a shawl or cape or cloak, to be held together by piercing the fabric with the pin at the opening of the brooch. Then the brooch is rotated, locking the fabric in place. This handsome brooch bears the two-headed serpent, the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. This large brooch is excellent with thick fabrics. It is a thoroughly practical but highly authentic and traditional piece of jewelry. Solid pewter. £17/$32
cd18_s.jpg - 4.86 K
cd18 - Cabbyl Ushtey - This is a fine rendering of the mythical horse figure of the Isle of Man, the Cabbyl Ushtey, also known as the Kelpie in the Hebrides. A symbol of the lure of danger, the Cabbyl Ushtey was a beautiful horse that, once mounted, enraptures its rider so that he cannot escape - even when the horse jumps into the sea and swims to its depths, carrying its rider to the Underworld. £14/$25
cl07_s.jpg - 5.60 K
CL07 - Inverurie Horse Brooch - The Horse in Celtic culture holds the high place given to cats in other cultures. Nightmares are said to be derived from the female horse which was thought by the Celts to accompany a horse goddess, such as Mare or Epona. The horse is identified with the planet Mercury in astrology. This finely rendered pewter brooch faithfully reproduces the carvings found on the Inverurie Stone in Scotland. It employs the traditional triple figure motif, their legs interlaced and surrounded by traditional knotwork design. £14/$25
cd29_s.jpg - 4.81 K
CD29 - Lugh's Knot Brooch - Lugh's Knot Brooch in Cornish Pewter. Lugh was the most honoured of the Irish gods. He was renowned for his multitude of talents and skills. £14.50/$27
pb85_s.gif - 6.10 K
pb85 - Chalice Well Brooch - The Chalice Well of Glastonbury, oldest of Britain's holy wellsprings, has never failed. It is especially revered as a symbol of the continuous and unbounded nature of the life force. It also symbolizes the cover to the Chalice Well at Glastonbury where Joseph of Arimethea is said to have hidden the Holy Grail upon its recovery. £14/$25
cl16_s.jpg - 4.13 K
cl16 - Triple Dragon Brooch - The Celtic tradition lives on in this magnificent piece of jewellery, which is given form in the enduring alloy of pewter. Pewter is a rich, elegant alloy which was one of the favoured metals of the medieval age. £14/$25
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