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All our cauldrons are safe to cook in and finished with linseed oil on the inside with a special rust-resistant paint on the outside. Can be used on a Gas Range, in a fire, in the oven or on the stove.
Remember that the potjies are Pre-Seasoned when you buy them. Rinse with boiling water before use.
Cleaning the pot - Fill inside of the pot with warm water, let soak and then scour clean. Always dry the pot over a heat source. Lightly grease with either olive or vegetable oil. Leave a dry paper towel inside to absorb moisture
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mini_s.jpg - 4.22 K
Our MINI cauldron is *excellent*! Where else in the UK can you get a cast iron cauldron of such high quality for such a low price and safe to use with heat? Our solid cast iron MINI cauldron is a perfectly small 2.5 inches or 65mm in diameter. It has a removable lid and 3 little legs. The metal handle lets you carry its 1.2 pounds or just over half a kilo in weight around anywhere. £11
midi_s.jpg - 3.81 K
Our MIDI cauldron is sweet and great! Where else in the UK can you get such a perfect tiny cast iron cauldron that is safe to use with heat and pre-seasoned for cooking in? Our solid cast iron MIDI cauldron is a perfect small 3.5 inches or 90mm in diameter. It has a removable lid and 3 perfect little legs. The sturdy metal handle lets you carry its 2 pound or almost a kilo in weight around anywhere. £14.50
potbellystar_s.jpg - 3.44 K
The Pot-Belly Cauldron with STAR and with LID holds a generous 2 quarts and comes with 3 small legs and a great rounded metal handle. They weigh under 7 pounds or about 3 kilograms and are safe to place in a fire and pre-treated for cooking. They are solid cast iron with a sturdy metal handle and are lidless. They look *WAY* nicer in real life than in the picture and are very sweet. They are easier on the arm to carry than the 3/4 gallon and I think are much nicer despite not having a lid. They are 6.5" or 165mm tall by 6.25" or 155mm deep by 7.5" or 190mm at the widest point (handles) £44.50
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