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We don't usually carry books however due to overwhelming pressure we have added some more hard-to-find titles that compliment our range of tools and other items.
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2009 Witches Calendar - This is the calendar I actually wait for and buy every year and I know we've had tons of requests for them from folks. This great calendar has more than just the months - it has articles for each month plus additional articles, lunar information, movement of the planets, planting and harvesting times, as well as standard holidays, pagan holidays and significant events to pagans. Please order early if you want one before Xmas, as they do sell out. £12.99/$22
"Candle Burning Magic" by Anna Riva - Rituals to attract love, luck and friends; to bind & bewitch others; to learn secrets through dreams; to become fortunate in matters; to receive answers to prayers; to break a hex or spell; to destroy addictions; to reunite lovers or friends. This book includes over 400 spells using candles as well as sections on: Basic Rules of Candle Burning, Colour Significance, Kinds of Candles, Incenses and Candles, Timing of Rituals, Ceromancy or How to Tell Fortunes With Wax and much more. £8.95/$15
"Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils" by Anna Riva - Tells how to use oils for every purpose - love, luck, success, peace, power and more. A to Z arrangement, from Abra-Melin to Zula Zula. Easy-to-read, understand and use. How to anoint candles, charms, one's body and other uses. Over 550 oils and over 1,300 easy spells! Rituals include Attract good fortune, ban evil from the home, call up spirits for assistance, destroy enemies influence, ease the way through a court case, free oneself from possession, get a job, heal body and spirit, increase clairvoyant powers, keep evil from your home, loose binding chains, navigate safely through dangerous situations, overcome obstacles, protect against bad luck, turn back negative energy, vanquish all unfavourable attributes of 13, weaken your enemies, plus many more. £9.95/$18
"Magic with Incense and Powders" by Anna Riva - 850 rituals and uses with chants and prayers. Subject guide to help you obtain your purpose. Attraction, business, controlling, gambling, hexing, jinx removing, uncrossing, wishing and much more. Among the rituals in this book, find out how to increase clairvoyant powers, find good luck in a hurry, help make a decision, guard your home, cleanse the spirit, create harmony, rediscover lost property, see through schemes, find a job, draw money, smooth troubled waters, cut binding ties, bewitch a lover, receive guidance, solve pressing problems, appease the spirits, ease suffering, bring success, ease bitterness, encourage friendship, learn occult secrets and much more. £8.95/$15
"Making Magickal Incense and Ritual Perfumes" by Keith Morgan - This book is a simple and concise guide with a wealth of information and accurate recipes for producing your own ritual incenses and perfumes. One of the most important Magickal tools in the work of the Witch or Ritual Magickan is correctly formulated Incense and Ritual perfume - it is the very essence of the Magickal act that is to be performed! Sadly, for many of today's Pagans, Witches and Ritual Magickans, correctly formulated Incense and Ritual Perfume is surprisingly unobtainable. This unique book now gives the correct information, obtainable to so few for so long, now all can experience the Magick of real Incense and Ritual perfume and contains essential information such as: How to make Magickal Incense for all paths; How to concentrate the Incense and Perfumes; When to make Incense and Perfumes so they are magickally charged; How to make all other forms of Magickal Solutions that will aid your magick and give stronger and better results (this is from the back ofthe book and no, I don't follow part of that last bit either but it is a good book - I own it!) £7.95/$14
Incense: Crafting and Use of Magickal Scents By: Carl Neal I have to admit a personal interest in this book - he was a delightful chap who contacted us and asked if we would allow ourselves to be included. Well, we have a small package for him already to go off to him as you know - we reward all authors who give our details in their books so if you have seen us somewhere, let us know as we have gifts for all those who include us!
I expected something along the lines of a rehashed Cunningham book - boy was I wrong! There is an estraordinary amount of information available to the reader whether they are beginners or advanced users or makers of incense. The plethora of recipes offered with the great information accompanying them really makes this book a treasure.
The author uses his own experiences to explain why he recommends certain tools instead of telling the reader what to use. This helps the reader understand why something has been recommended and allows them to experiment for themselves if they wish. The topic of the types and ways to make incense is given in extraordinary detail but each section is broken down to create a series of easily managable bites so the novice does not feel overwhelmed and the expert can skip to the section that interests them.
In addition to the excellent array of recipes and techniques given, the method of breaking the information up, as I mentioned before, really impresed me. The author speaks directly to the reader in these small chunks leading you on a path of discovery with incense that you'll never forget. The emphasis on natural ingredients and the reason he placed this emphasis on it, are given in detail and really will help many who read it to create, and perhaps sell, their own brand of incense without the harsh chemicals many commercial brands use.

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