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Candle Blessing & Anointing Oils

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candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-All Purpose - The perfect way to dress a candle with a powerful oil is to use Anna Riva products in your spells. From the most ancient times the legends about the uses of oils - their power for love, health, peace and prosperity - have been passed down to us too often to be ignored. The mystical and spiritual influence of fragrant oils is recognized and acknowledged without question. Occult and psychic oils are used to anoint the body, as a perfume, for dressing candles, an additive to baths, to attract favorable planetary vibrations, blessing of objects, to repel evil influences, in purifying rooms, and many other purposes. An important part of most ritual ceremonies are the oils which are prepared and concentrated to do a certain work, and our special oils are formulated by Maude to vibrate toward a specific objective. £4.25/$11
candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-Controlling - Used to control a situation, event or another persons will. When a son or daughter is out of control and headed for trouble, use this oil to gain control of the situation. Then use Uncrossing oil & Confusing oil on a WHITE candle. This will remove any destrutive influences projected from peers & allows you time to reason with your child. Thereafter, burn a 12day Orange candle on Sunday and on a waxing moon, to build strength & wisdom in the child. Anoint the candle with Frankenscense, Myrrh, Sandlewood, & Cinnamon oil. £4.25/$11
candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-Fast Luck - Need a quick turn around in your luck? Use fast luck oil to draw good luck to you quickly. Wear as a perfume in our aromatherapy pendants for best results. The ultimate gamblers oil and for those who play the numbers; anoint moneys to be used before entering the casino and wear in an aromatherapy pendant. £4.25/$11
candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-Hi-John - Use High John oil for success. It also may be used for protection and luck in all things. Often used in strength, success or money spells. Perfect to wear in an aromatherapy locket to promote protection and luck for your person. £4.25/$11
candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-Jinx Off - It is said that you simply need to anoint the body and all curses & hexes will be removed. This can also be used as a candle blessing as well as a room blessing oil. This can be used anywhere a jinx or hex needs to be removed from a person, item, or space. £4.25/$11
candleoil_s.jpg - 6.28 K
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil-Money Drawing - Tradition says that If you rub some of this oil on your money, more money will come however this must be done every day. To inspire others to give you money, place some Scullcap in a small saucer and moisten it with Money Drawing Oil. Place the skullcap in a small green silk pouch and hang it by your door. All those who enter will become possessed with an unreasoning desire to bring gifts and money to your home. Anoint the pouch every seventh day with a few drops of the oil to preserve it's powers. £4.25/$11
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~21... Mermaid Song - A pearl and a seashell in each bottle. A fresh joyous scent., like a sirens song, it enlivens the senses, filled with dolphin dreams and ocean magick... Use Mermaid Song as an annointing oil along with Dolphin Dreamtime Incense when doing meditations. Wear it to honour the West, Yemaya and Goddesses of the Sea. £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~30... 7th Veil - It creates a mood of sacred sexuality. Wonderful to scent veils, candles, and your lover for those Tantric evenings. It is unique in that it is a blend of Nag Champa oils from India. A thin layer of oil floats on the surface forming a "veil" and a tiny rose bud rests within. You must shake this oil to activate it. £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~23... Goddess Blessing - A rose petal and rose quartz in every bottle. Like a field of wheat and flowers... Please the Great Mother (and yourself!) with this warm blend of flowers of the earth. Sensuous and warm, a celebration of Gaia... Annoint sacred baskets and freshen potpourris with this beautiful scent. I love it and it's one of our best sellers! £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~24 Queen of Heaven - A perfumed garden of night blooming flowers... The fragrance of Moon light and the Celestial Goddess. Popular with many priestesses I know for ritual oil, this evokes the lunar qualities and psychic abilities. Excellent for annointing white Moon candles and bed linnens. Wear it for rites of the night. £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~25... Elf Oil - Wildflowers and Magick in each bottle. To attract and please the faery folk. Steeped in leaves from Robin's Oak, Glastonbury's Holy Thorn and Mushrooms from a feary ring. Filled with Mid-summer Roses, Lammas Marigolds, Wildflowers and visionary herbs - Elvin Magick! £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~26 Morphia - A piece of black onyx in each bottle. It is Dark and filled with dreams, an addictive aromatic. Rich and earthy, laced with sensuality. Use it to inspire dreams of pleasure. Our most popular blend! £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~27... Shaman's Dream - White sage and cedar in every bottle. A sacred anointing oil for Shamanic Journeying and Vision Quests. Contains traditional herbs and plants to induce trance and enhance visionary experience. Use it in a conscious manner... With Shamanic Circle incense, our most popular combination! £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~28... Balm of Isis - Myrrh and crystal in each bottle. The finest perfumes of Egypt, deep and lasting. A fragrance fine enough to please Isis, rich with Red Musk and Lotus from her homeland, truly exotic, a tribute to Isis. £7.75/$14
MMOILS_s.jpg - 4.92 K
MO~29... Pantheon - A balm of Gilead in every bottle. Bring out the Satyr in you. This is one of the original and most popular blends. Highly sexual, the scent of dancing in a night wood. Sure to please the lover in your life... £7.75/$14
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