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treeoflife_s.jpg - 3.19 K
Altar - This is an altar purpose built to take all you need inside and be suitable for rituals. The top is decorated with a pentacle within a twisted ivy ring and enclodes in a diamond with a purple gem at each corner. There are 4 candle holders with ivy leaves and vine to each side. The ends have tribal knotwork trees and the sides have 3 trees with theban inscriptions around the whole side. Each of the corners has a dragon head supporting the top so that the top can be removed to place your altar supplies within your altar. The feet of the altar are twisted vine roots and this is just a great altar. Shipping is much more to Europe, standard to US/Canada, higher to Aus./Japan/etc.. Size is about 19" Wide x 15" Tall x 27" Long £250/$750
NOW152_s.jpg - 3.35 K
Dragon Mini Altar - I LOVE THIS PIECE! This is great and the picture does not do it justice. The top comes off and inside you have about 9cm deep x 16cm long x 12.5cm wide. The top is 21.5cm x 17.5ch and has a central pentacle with the tree and knotwork roots like the dream journal behind it. The border around the outside is knotwork and each corner has a purple gem accent. The long sides have a brown tree root knotwork design coming from the tree and pentacle on the center of the long panel with stars around it and the two dragons flanking it. The short sides have the knotwork, dragons and stars only. The feet are dragon claws holding a ball (so as to balance and not make a dent) and it is just a fab piece. This costs £30 to ship to Europe. £32/$110
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