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September 2005 Newsletter

  1. Judith's Ramblings
  2. Product Spotlight
  3. Book Review
1) Judith's Ramblings
WOAH! SENSORY OVERLOAD - or at least, non-work related stuff overload. I knew there would come a time when running a coven, training group, open circles, moot and conference would actually get to be a lot of work but I didn't think it would happen so SOON.

I've been working on this newsletter since early August and stuff just keeps happening so I do apologize for missing August. Things seem to have balanced off for the moment but I'm just waiting for the next disaster. I know it has yet to come.

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent emails of condolence. That was so very kind of you all. My mom is doing OK and I'm back and trying to be there for her. It was just so sudden but he passed surrounded by friends and family so that's what counts in the end.

WorldCon was BRILLIANT and I would have had even more fun if I hadn't had to sit behind a table for most of it. However the best part was probably talking to Terry Pratchett, selling the Full Ear Dragon Wrap for the right ear and a ew25 - Large Dragon Earwrap (left ear only) to none other than Anne McCaffrey! WOOHOO! The lady who created Pern and the dragonriders bought two dragon ear wraps and went away from the table wearing them and must have worn them around the convention as we promptly sold out of all of both kinds! Then my own fav dragon author, Elizabeth Kerner (visit her at as she has written cool books!) bought a winged dragon ear wrap. Then it was a festival of authors trooping around the dealers room and we sold stuff to many and I got to chat to others. We're jewellers to famous authors - how cool is that?! The program at WorldCon was actually brilliant - much MUCH better than TorCon III and so I was also extra disappointed to not be able to go to more things. We're saving already to go to Japan in 2007 for the first ever worldcon in Asia and we're just going to attend - no dealing *WOOHOO*!

Since then we've been scrambling to catch up and get ahead of the orders. We've placed plenty of orders with our suppliers all over the world and are still waiting for some but hey - it does take a little longer to get stuff from far flung places and when you have stuff custom made. It's show season but there was little new at the many trade shows I have attended. It was rather disappointing and while new stuff is scheduled for spring, it means a big yucky boring nothing for Christmas. Blah.

Weight loss - I'm always asked about weight loss - I didn't realize you guys were following me so closely - THANK YOU! I'm continuing my 40min/day, 5x/week workout regime and have just upped it to 45 minutes to see if it helps at all. I've also restarted a modified Atkins diet - really cutting out things I'm allergic to, ensuring I have a good brekkie, lots of veggies and only getting good carbs. Mind you, since I'm allergic to wheat, yeast, corn (maize), etc... it's easy to be on an Atkins style diet all the time. Regrettably, the allergy to veggie legumes does actually mean I'm allergic to chocolate - but it won't stop me! I'm still losing a little bit of weight (one website I'm am member of allows you to list your height and weight and calculates your BMI and today I managed to get under a BMI of 30 - YAY!) and the inches *are* coming off so I am still reshaping and perhaps I'll move from a 16 to a 14 soon. That's my goal but I have to admit I might keep going after hitting that goal. This past month (July to Aug) I lost only 1.5 inches and about 4lbs so things have slowed down but at least they are still moving. I have lost 1.5" off my back since my last bra shop and possibly some off that sticky-outy bit of my chest too so regrettably I will have to subject myself to that horrible experience of standing topless in front of a mirror reflecting light badly off all my cellulite and rolls of flesh.

Why do we women subject ourselves to that torture I wonder? Bra shopping, bathing suit shopping - heck clothes shopping in general I find a long slow tortuous process. It's like thinking to yourself "Hey, I don't feel bad enough about my body shape. I think I'll go to some poorly lit dressing rooms and try on clothes that are cut for someone half my age and size originally and just badly sized up for me. That'll really nicely destroy my self-image". I sometimes don't understand why we do it to ourselves. Now, I know some of you young skinny and beautiful people out there will be thinking to yourselves that it isn't all that bad but for those of us who don't have full length mirrors in the home, I say "I understand you". I have one but it's on a wardrobe door that remains in the spare bedroom covered up. I know, I know, some of you are thinking I can't look that bad considering my exercise regime and size 16 body. If you had to face my cellulite on a daily basis, you'd feel the same way I do *grins*. The weight loss has done wonders for that lumpy appearance too - really helping to make that orange peel skin look come to the fore on my body *laughs* Maybe I should wear orange scented perfume and masquerade as a human orange.

Life at le maison de New Moon has been pretty messy *laughs* but I'm taming it one room at a time. Things are going well and we're looking forward to the day we have a living room. It's probably still a long way off and the closer to Christmas we get, the less likely it is we'll have one but hey, I can dream, can't I? *laughs*

The powder incense we get in those lovely glass tubes and the lovely oils we carry are being discontinued by the manufacturer. I think they must have been making these for around 20 years and so I can understand why they are doing it. I've ordered as much as we can store so we should have it for awhile to come but Kyphi is already sold out.

2) Product Spotlight
Guardian Spirit Door Knocker - A wonderful Green Man door knocker with great detail and in a wonderful dark green the ring comes from the nose of the green man and the knocker itself is an acorn. GREAT!

How old is the green man as a symbol? It seems awfully pagan and yet Prof. Ronald Hutton has argued that it is not pagan but Christian. Interestingly within his argument is the suggestion that this supposed Christian effigy uses older, pagan inspiration so could that not be the Christian adoption of a pagan symbol?

Is he darkness and the more haunted aspect of nature? Is he the Green Knight? Is he the symbol of life and death and rebirth as the eternal regeneration of nature implies? Or is he a representation of paganism itself?

I believe that the green man represents different things to different people. He is at once pagan and neutral and to some Christian. He spans centuries and religions. Perhaps he is the force within nature that unites everything - the complex web we live in that all life is a part of. He perhaps represents all things brought together in harmony. He is nature personified and he may walk through our lives as a silent but potent reminder of how interconnected we are with all life around us.

There is a tarot deck based on the Green man where he is present in every card - sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden - the nature of magick. It permeates our lives and is sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious. Perhaps the green man is the God of the forest, the consort of the Goddess providing the other half to make a fertile whole. Perhaps the green man is something more...

Whatever the Green Man is, his image permeates our consciousness and we are surrounded by his image daily. Just look - over there in the trees.. as the wind blew did you see it? The face within the leaves... he was there just for a moment. The Green Man.

3) CD Review
"Nine Ways to Touch the Soul - Journey of the Seeker" by 'Momtazi'

This is the CD to go with the book. Frankly, I preferred my inner voice to the musak and voice on the CD however for those of us who need to set aside time to relax, this is a good way to get the message of the book without the strain of reading.

It also uses something akin to Eugine T. Gendlin's "Focusing" technique through each sense to identify both inner and external triggers and help clear blockages. It works to achieve a state of relaxation and conscious relaxation.

I'm a huge fan of Focusing and so perhaps was swayed a bit by that content. I believe it is the best technique for removing emotional blockages that lead to over-eating, chronic pain, and in my own non-medical opinion, some cancers. It is a style repeated over and over in this CD in different forms and manifestations but really, done correctly it helps. It has to be done by someone else to you and so a CD like this helps. It diverts at times in to a pattern I don't necessarily agree with but overall i believe that it can be helpful. If you can synch with the voice and background music, you will get a lot of benefit from this CD.

If for no other reason than I believe that the techniques employed on this CD can help release blockages, no matter what the verbiage or how hokey it seemed in places, I really feel compelled to recommend this CD for anyone wanting to remove those blockages in their lives. Please seek this CD out if for no other reason than you know you have blockages - pain you are holding within your body - and you want to release them.

3 out of 5 moons

For more information on this book and CD as well as where to buy it, just pop over to and ask them.

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