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May 2005 Newsletter

  1. Judith's Ramblings
  2. Product Spotlight
  3. Book Review
  4. Ritual Workings
1) Judith's Ramblings
REMEMBER!! The pub moot is MONDAY MAY 9th AT 7:30pm AT THE BOATHOUST PUB WALLINGFORD - I will be giving my lecture on the Goddesses of Beltane again by request so I hope you all enjoy it!

I have laughed more during ritual but not since the days we used to joke about sacrificing things like croissants to the Goddess of saturated fat. Ritual on the clumps was great fun and hopefully the three new people were not too disappointed by the lack of marshmallows (though once again I missed out on CookieMan's treat (now named "Pink Fluffy Cloud") of strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce). Anyone is welcome to join - it's a chance to just join in and have some fun with like-minded folks. We don't bite - usually.... *grins*

I'M GONNA BE A BRIDESMAID for my dad's wedding and I'm going ALL IN BLACK - It will be so very cool and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm having a great skirt made that I hope won't make me look like a beached whale and pairing that up with an existing corset. All jewellery is already in place now I need a purse (for my inhaler mainly) and a gold coloured pashmina for the synagogue to cover my shoulders and arms and I'll be all set! Anyone know where I can get a gold (not shiny) pashmina?

I have been Soooooooo remiss in my maintenance of the website and have gotten too far behind on keeping it up to date. I've started cleaning it up as many products have been stopped or discontinued by the manufacturer and as we run out, they are no longer available. Also there's all the new stuff that needs images and the wonderful absinthe stuff just *has* to be seen. I hope you'll all bear with me while I get everything up to date!

There's a new beauty salon in Didcot that I thought was totally lush! They had an opening day and I was just totally taken aback at the quality of the environment. I really recommend it so if you are within striking distance of Didcot, do book an appointment for nails or a pedicure or my fav - they have these detoxing mud wrap things but it's a 1.5h appointment of relaxing luxury so make time.

Speaking of which, I have been dying to try the Sanctuary Spa in London since buying their products. The stuff they create isn't too bad and so I've been curious. Has anyone on this list visited the spa? I'd love to hear whether it is worth it or not!

New Moon has been a little slower thankfully allowing me to do more with open circles and WitchyCon and it's been superfun! I'm still looking for a 200 person venue hopefully within Oxfordshire but ideally not too far from Witney. I'd like the main room to hold at least 150, a workshop room or two for 25 or maybe 50 plus a dealers room - most venues though have these "delegate packages" which would cost us anywhere from 35 - 55 pounds per person before we got any speakers! Now, that would include meals but I'd rather just get the rooms and maybe a *few* fast food places (after the last experience). Does anyone know of anywhere or perhaps in Swindon, Newbury, Bicester...?

A new interfaith and cross faith/belief open door project called the beacon project has begun! They say..."we look at all styles of faith and belief and have just finally had the guts to admit publicly that I am not only a Christian Priest but also a practicing witch myself. the reaction locally has been largely very supportive. I see absolutely no conflict between the two arms within myself and other people are encouraged as well. it would be good if people wanted to know more that you could perhaps paste this into the next newsletter, always happy to welcome others to our meetings. We will be meeting every sunday at 10-30am in Boscombe Cemetery chapel (door under spire) East Cemetery, Gloucester rd, Boscombe. We also run a spiritual discovery group on a wednesday evening where we look at gifts and talents in a non-judgemental and embracing way. people wanting information should contact us initially on the following email: and we would be very very keen to have a witch or pagan priest/ess offer to come and talk to the group about their practice and workings."

Next month will be a review of Sally Morningstar's "Wiccan Healing" - I'm just sorry I wasn't able to read and review it for this newsletter. I'll also try and ad back the ritual workings or spells section as well - just been a bit pressed for time.

We will be closed from May 19th to May 31st for some badly needed rest, relaxation, cleaning, stock-taking and whatnot. Nothing can be shipped during this period so if you need stuff, please order it before the 15th so we can be sure to get it out to you.

Is there something *YOU* would like to see us stock? If so, let us know about it so we can research it. We're always looking all over the world for interesting, good-quality bits to add to our product line.

2) Product Spotlight
I have to draw your attention to the Elvendara's circlet and not just because we've been selling a lot lately. It's just gorgeous and if I was getting married and not just a bridesmaid, I'd so totally be there! I've been thinking of making it an early wedding present to my dad's other half so she can wear it on the big day. It's metal and sort of sprung so you just place it on the head and it should hold itself there - no bending or anything as this ruins the metal. It should be fitted in to the hair so that it is resting on the forehead instead of straight across it (though this will work as well it may feel unstable). It would keep tickling your nose if it was too far down!

HOW2 - Elvendara's Circlet - a beautiful set of jewellery inspired by Elvendara who was the high priestess of all the fay. Crafted from sterling silver, this is a beautiful intertwined circlet. The waves of sterling silver meet in the middle to draw attention to the inverted clear crystal drop from which dangles and other clear crystal drop which dangles freely on the forehead. Perfect for a ritual but equally at home for a wedding, wiccaning, handfasting or any festival, this is a piece you'll cherish and wear again and again. This circlet has wire at each side and is open at the back for ease of sizing.

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