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February 2006 Newsletter

  1. Judith's Ramblings
  2. Product Spotlight
  3. Book Review
  4. Ritual Workings
1) Judith's Ramblings
Wow... the month of luuuurrrrrvvvvveeeee.... The month I get to wear the valentines jewellery I bought for myself because no one was going to buy it for me and give it to me as a gift... *grumbles* I'm sure you know what I'm talking about some of you folk out there *winks*.

IMBOLC is the holiday this month. Imbolc or Oimelc is the celebration of the lactation of the ewes and the coming of spring. It is one of the four maintic fire festivals that lends creedance to the assertion that the Celts were essentially a pastoral people. The Gaelic word "oimelc" means "ewes milk" and Imbolc in Irish Gaelic means "the surrounding of the belly" or "around the belly". It is also the time of the coming of spring most marked by the lengthening of the light of the day which I know everyone has noticed because for the last week I've heard almost everyone I know remark on it! By the mid-5th century the Christianized Candlemas feast was celebrated in Rome on February 2 with the addition of a candlelight procession which was a substitute for a Pagan torch procession of expiation around the city walls. Imbolc/Oimelc represents the time when you should have all symbols of the waning year out of your home - the original "spring clean". Imbolc marks the lengthening of day and shortening of night as we move more firmly into spring and so is a great time to start new projects. The origins of groundhog day come from the older tradition about whether the day starts bright and fair or not and thus whether cold weather will linger or flee.

How have you all been doing in this month after the big holiday rush? I hope you've all been relaxing. It's been all go go go here as I re-code one of our websites for paypal only to see how it works. So far I'm not so impressed - as far as I can see to charge different amounts for different countries shipping I have to make a whole set of sites - one for each country. I'm not sure if it is worth the trouble but it's an experiment and won't happen on the main site so I suppose having to make 6 different websites isn't too bad...

Oh - random person that I am I have reduced a ton of jewellery and statuary and whatnot but I forgot to note what I did. I can remember the seated God and Goddess figures I love are lower in price now as is the set plus I think the Moon Goddess herself and the whole set. I'm trying to check the site and reprice things when suppliers change their prices but I have to admit that with everything going on and having to update product lines and whatnot I've fallen behind. I'm now doing this as stuff comes in and while some prices have gone up, a lot have come down or stayed the same.

Lots happening here also means I haven't done much shopping :( but I do have some trade shows coming up and so I am looking forward to those. I know one supplier has 3 new cotton cloaks with great knotwork patterns so I'm looking forward to that. I'm skipping the new products section for now and once I've shopped at the trade shows, I'll update you all!

Weight loss... weirdness again. After gaining almost 2" (1.75") last month but losing 3kgs, I gained about 1.5kgs and lost .5" but body fat percentage went up so it's all weirdness now. I've increased all the machines by one notch and am still doing body balance one night a week so I'm hoping to get back in to losing weight and inches soon. I suppose I'll goof and end up gaining muscle *laughs* However I've had a chat with the folk who run the place and I'm to vary my heart rate while circuiting, bounce less when I jog and vary the resistance so although I'll be going like the clappers on my reps, I'll be varying it. Apparently that will help me break through this plateau and get back on track to a size 12 (I can dream, can't I?)

What are you planning for Valentines Day? I have a friend who for the 4th year in a row is alone because his wife is away on business poor thing. I've being taken to Brussels (not on the day) for a Valentines treat of chocolate and chocolate and a bit more chocolate! I also got a "make your own chocolate" day gift certificate. I intend to eat chocolate (seeing a theme here?) and enjoy it. Likely chocolate I bought for myself *winks* Why can't I buy cinnamon hearts here though - I miss those. I especially liked the ones you got in those plastic squares that looked like real hearts and were lovely with more cinnamon flavour and had a soft sugar outside with a hard sugar candy inside. Never got on with marshmallow but loved other chocolates.
Do you have a favourite Valentine food? Drop me a line - I love to hear from you all!

Blogging certainly gets the frustration out!

2) Product Spotlight
AAG31 - Chalisbury Grail - A faithful reproduction, created from an early C. 17th drawing, of the cup from the Grail Myth, said to have been concealed in Chalisbury Cathedral from at least the 11th century. 12cm (4") high and 13cm (5") dia. with twelve hematite and four cornelian cabochons. £54/$100

The grail myths... these have abounded and stirred our interest of late. The Da Vinci Code, a best-selling novel about the search for the Holy Grail has really only increased the interest in the grail myth. The Grail - supposedly the cup from which Jesus drank during the Last Supper (making it more likely a small kiddish cup and not a fancy chalice but hey - I'm no grail scholar) - is one of the most potent symbols in Western culture. Down the centuries it has inspired adventurers, holy men, artists, poets and even Hitler. It has supposedly been unearthed in abbeys, cathedrals, even a humble attic in Coventry, but so far no one has been able to claim discovery of the true Grail.

Incorporated into Chartres Cathedral are beautiful stained-glass windows, many of the colors difficult or impossible to duplicate today. Hidden within the cathedral are various ancient "cubits" of measure, plus such esoteric devices as the famous Chartres Maze and other visual tools such as sacred geometry, for personal transformation - a sort of personal alchemy of the soul. Included in the image was the quest for the Holy Grail.

Magical, transformative and full of a bloody history, the grail myth has inspired so many for so long it has taken on a life of its own. The great body of the Grail romances came into existence between the years 1180 and 1240. After the thirteenth century nothing new was added to the Grail legend. Until, of course, today when we find much seemingly new material coming out in books. The Grail legend is closely connected with that of Perceval as well as that of King Arthur who inspires us even today with new versions coming out (such as "Mists of Avalon" which is a modern retelling of the Arthur myth from the perspective of the women in the legends).

All in all, the grail is a fascinating, inspirational story which has resulted in tremendous amounts of bloodshed and an Indiana Jones movie which included Sean Connery.

3) Book Review
"Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About" By Kevin Trudeau I think possibly I might have been more impressed had this not been an infomercial for his products. Yep, he's in the business of selling stuff. Yes, he has a great story. Yes he was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease and yes he got better against all the doctors expectations. He's also American, rich and therefore able to afford *GOOD* alternative health care.

The book was recommended to me by my mom who told be about the additives they put in food to make you hungry - so you eat more - and that makes you more hungry - and you eat more - and gain weight which makes you eat more to maintain - and you get hungry... you see the perfect cycle. Rather brilliant strategy - addict people to food, make them fat and get rich on the proceeds. *blech* However this books does itself no favours when it uses scare-mongering techniques to get its message across. Much more relevant if you are in the US but don't think that means this exact strategy is not employed elsewhere.

While I feel this book has an extremely important message to get across, I feel the execution poor. The writing is not great, the proof is not convincing to me ('this guy in the sauna at a club basically admitted through not admitting...' uhhhh no...), and he's trying to sell you something which makes me wary. I feel the core message - they are messing with your food to make you addicted - needs to be expressed and as such I recommend this book however I give it a low rating due to serious execution flaws.

This book has an important message - borrow it from the library and read it but skip the scare mongering bits. Most chapters can be scanned but "Why are we sick" and "Why are we fat" probably have the best bits in them.

2.5 out of 5 moons

"Deryni Tales" Edited by Katherine Kurtz
Some in the pagan community will not have ever read a Kurtz book, nor are likely ever to because of the overtly Christian world the people live in. This is actually why it took the recommendation of a friend to make me keep going through the book I originally bought. Once I finished it, I was hooked. Despite the huge presence of Christianity as a character, it wasn't always the good guy. The Deryni are people born with magical power. They are different and the talent can wax and wane as any genetic trait. The world is complex and involved and has spawned a magazine, websites, fan fiction and more.

This book is a compilation of short stories previously in print in the Deryni magazine except for one new story by Katherine Kurtz herself. It is a great side read for anyone who has read the main tales and is wondering about the side stories. This is not a book for anyone who has not been introduced to the Deryni world as many themes are directly related to pivotal moments in other books and it'll ruin them for you as you'll know the outcome.

It's a great, fun read but didn't really leave a lasting impression on me. Especially the military one.

3 out of 5 moons

"Raven's Shadow" by Patricia Briggs
My mom recommended this author to me ages ago. I wasn't sure about it as I'm wary of new authors after reading Deborah Chester hot on the heels of Michelle West *blech*. This book had rave reviews but who really knows - even the cover art was enticing but... until I saw the image of the orders and knew I'd be hooked...

Raven for Mage, Falcon for Hunter, Meadowlark for Healer, Cormorant for Weatherwitch, Owl for Bard and Eagle for Guardian.

The story is as much about Seraph, Raven of the Clan of Isolda the Silent as it is about Tieragan of Readern of a baker family recently a commander in the army. Seraph is of the Travellers - clans of people roaming the world protecting those who know nothing about magic from the stalker whose prison will weaken over time. The wizards of the Travellers themselves created the stalker and so it is their duty to protect though this is beginning to be lost over time. The Travellers who are like Gypsies also have those born among them who are Ordered - born with special magics that help them work to fight the shadows and maintain the prison for the stalker.

The story starts with Tier saving Seraph from a mob of angry villagers who have just killed and burned her bother as a witch (oooohhhhh sounds familiar) and he takes off with her, bringing her back to mom and dad - only dad is dead now. Mom is dying slowing in the back room of the bakery and lives just long enough to see her son home safe with this Traveller in tow. No one likes Travellers because they believe they all have magic which everyone mistrusts and hates and so they are all persecuted and discriminated against and Tier's sister who has been running the bakery all this time with hubby shows this perfectly. Confrontation happens and Tier announces they are married (which they do shortly afterwards) and suddenly we are shot forwards 20 years to them having three children and working a poor plot of land.

The world has changed and a new secret order called the Path of Five has arisen based on the Traveller orders as Gods. They kidnap ordered Travellers and steal their orders to place in rings and stones and whatnot. The order, we find out, is populated by the younger children who will never inherit of the lords of the land called Septs. This organization kidnaps Tier and force him to work for them entertaining the youths in this club... errrr... secret society and place magics on him to force him to stay. Now, without giving the end away I'll say it is a great story but with some gaping holes. Perhaps it was rushed, perhaps she just had those bits of story in mind but did not commit them to paper. Whatever the reason there are several holes in the story I'd love to hear more about because overall it is a great read.

You can visit the author's site at

3 out of 5 moons

4) Ritual Workings
***Spell To Call Upon The Bargest***
From Earth Magic

There is a guardian hound, a good dog, upon which you may call, should it fall upon you to have to journey home in the dark,or across a lonely stretch on countryside; yet, if you are afraid do not chary of summoning the Bargest wherever you are, whether it be town or wilderness, as he will always come to those of good faith. Here are three rules.

1. Never demand as if you would insult the Bargest
2. Never be churlish or ungrateful for his services. Take care to thank him.
3. Call upon him only when you genuinely need his services, never in idleness.

These rules must be acted upon in all dealings with the fairies and their spirit animals, for they will punish a person selfish or destructive and sneering in spirit. Call thus to the Bargest with this charm three times over:

~Good dog, gentle hound
To my journey's end I'm bound;
I bid thee in Christ's name so pure
Walk thou with me to my door.
Guard me from harms and all foul weather
Bargest! Bargest! Come thou hither!~

Soon, you will see, or perhaps just hear, a great black dog padding softly behind you, bigger than a horse; or it could be that you will perceive only a shadow, or the ghost of its breath. Do not let your heart be troubled, for the Bargest is driven by an angel, and no better protection could you have in this world.

I haven't tried it yet... so if anyone tries the spell please E-mail me at BlondBlazn@a... I appreciate it! Thanks!


From: XxLeluxX@a...
A disgusting but fun Banishing spell

Use it if someone's done you dirty in love

Take a piece of toilet paper ( I'm sure that you can see where this is going)
Write the person's name on it nine times in black ink.
When the time comes, uses the toilet paper.
As you flush, repeat the following:
Love over
Love through.

I got this spell from The Salems Witches' Book of Love Spells.


I got this from a book called The Wicca Spellbook by Gerina Dunwich

You will need a red or pink flannel or cotton bag with some type of string or closure to it. Next fill the bag with herbs ruled by Venus( ruler of love) like catnip, lavender, dried roses, ginseng root, Adam & Eve root . Make sure you have enough of the herbs, then take a heart shaped piece of lemon peel that has been sun-dried any stone of the color red, a lock of your own hair or pubic hair (if this spell is for sexual love). Next throw in any type of love oil such as rose oil. Once all the ingredients are in, seal the bag and consecrate and charge it, then wear it around your neck or carry it next to your skin every day! If you have someone in particular in mind then fix your thoughts on that person and chant their name and rub the mojo whenever you see them or are in their presence. This spell should be done on a Friday when the moon is waxing. I hope this helps

Skye sexxycatt@a...


A Chant for Lending Strength

Touch the person and chant:

"By the power of the stars channel my strength to (the person's name).

Give (name) the strength they need. If I am weak, let (name) be strong. Give (name) my energy.

(Repeat the Chant)

WARNING: This will drain you; be sure you are in a place where you can collapse when you're done chanting.

My thoughts go with you.

Blessed Be,


By HalfWolfie@A... 6/96

(This is to be done on a rainy night outdoors. Stand in the rain and let it touch you - do not wear heavy clothing to protect yourself from it. Call the rain and draw it down harder. Cast no circle, lest the pain stay trapped within it. When the downpour becomes heavy, begin. Say the incantation charged full of emotion and let it come from the heart.)

Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, take the pain.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my tears.
Rain, wash away my pain.
Cry for me and take away my fears.

(Hold palms open to the sky and let the rain fill them. Wash your face and eyes with it. Repeat this three times.)

Let the tears fall,
with the water,
into the earth,
into the rock.

(Let the pain go, release the energy. Let it wash away. Imagine it leaving you and entering the earth bound by rock.)


MM! Here is a Fae Folk Invocation!
Airuza Airuza@j...

Faerie Invocation:

"Faerie Children Come and Play
Brightest Blessings to the Fae
Come to Dance Within My Sight
Celebrate With Us Tonight"
----To Be Chanted on a Full Moon----

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