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February 2005 Newsletter

  1. Judith's Ramblings
  2. Product Spotlight
  3. Book Review
  4. Ritual Workings
1) Judith's Ramblings
So how was your January? I don't know where the January blahs come from because besides a mild flu which got me out of work but didn't make me so sick I couldn't enjoy soup and a good book I had a fab time! Mind you, I can't move in my office for all the books donated by Hay House for the convention and their catalogues but those are all being given away to the membership so that they know what is available and can purchase books through their local outlets. We have a few book catalogues, a shopping catalogue from Tribal Moon, flyers from Anna Franklin's conference and more for the con packs already and I think we're going to score some sample CD's for the first 50 people signed up so if you haven't joined, do so soon!

Life has mainly revolved around updating the websites which was brought to my attention have languished without being altered for far too long at a code level and keeping up with emails and orders. We have run low on the very expensive grimoires as they sold particularly well in January but many more are on their way - never fear! I've also been organizing contacting book publishers for their catalogues to include in the con packs as this conference is about spreading information. I've also asked all the magazines I could for subscription details or flyers or something so that everyone has the opportunity to get a whole huge amount of relevant information. I've also got various fair trade food companies sending me flyers. If you do attend WitchyCon 2005 you'll come away with more than just a bag full of information - the speakers are top notch too!

I also updated to add a PayPal section. PayPal charge around 5% for the transaction. It's a bit of an experiment to see if PayPal is all that popular. I set it up for WitchyCon for memberships and it cost us almost a pound to receive 2 memberships so we'll see what other costs are associated with it. If it does work, I'll extend it to the other sites. is coming along - I have to add the pagan charms in and a few more things but it is basically finished. I just got some new inexpensive charm bracelets so that will help keep things affordable. I'm trying to source cheaper suppliers and the convention I'm going to soon should help (I hope - it could be a dead loss).

Dave (hubby) is working on a new shopping cart that should have a better affiliates program so if you want to earn money from us through your website, keep watching this space! We'd like to reward you and if you buy stuff from us via your own affiliates program, it's like getting a discount! Also I *really* want to figure out this refer-a-friend thing with the new shopping cart or some sort of discount program to reward you guys as you are all just the best. I really would like to thank you all with more freebies and discounts.

We have exciting new products coming our way so keep watching this space for lots more stuff in March. Plus March sees us at EasterCon - my fav place to be and I'd go just to attend. Selling stuff just means I get to gab with people all day and have a convenient seat and get first grab at all the wonderful Sue Mason dragons. Yep, you got it - traders in first, mob Sue for her beautiful art work and I'll be turning a special age at EasterCon so it'll be even more special! If you're there, say hi and we can all get together after the dealers room closes and go for tapas or something together!

The Witchcraft Museum is opening on my birthday to hold a party - obviously they heard I was turning 35 and had to mark the day! *grins evilly* They will be holding restricted access open so please do keep those donations rolling in to help them and try and score yourself some tickets if you aren't going me up at EasterCon. It would be a hard choice if I had to choose - which birthday party to go to *grins* but EasterCon is a tradition in this household so it wins.

Don't forget about our sale page at

2) Product Spotlight
90V5 - Black Heart and Silver Rose Pendant on Thong - Goth at heart that I am (pun intended) this just blew me away and I had to have one. This is a solid black agate heart with a sterling silver rose attached by a short 3 link chain to it. The way it works is that there is a wire through the center of the heart and this attaches to a ring on the thong. Also suspended from the ring is the rose. It is really FABBO! The leather thong is black and it just screams perfect. I had to have this and if I did, I figured someone else might too. £29/$56

90V6 - Black Heart and Silver Rose Necklace - A wonderful sterling silver large link chain with toggle clasp and off the ring of the toggle clasp is the black agate heart and sterling silver rose. The heavy link necklace is solid sterling silver and is about 16" in length. Quite the dramatic statement! £89.95/$165

70V6 - Black Heart and Silver Rose Bracelet - A great starter charm bracelet as well, this heavy link bracelet of just over 7 inches has on the toggle clasp a wonderful black agate heart and sterling silver rose on a small bit of chain. A really goth and yet posh look and great to start a charm bracelet off with. £50.95/$115

In the literature of Ancient Greece, a woman's white skin incarnated not only her beauty but also her weakness and need for protection. By contrast, a man's "black" skin (color terms were used more relatively) evoked his virility and ardor in combat. This dichotomy was projected onto the internal organs and, by extension, onto the soul itself. A "black heart" signified strong emotions; a "white heart," indifference.

With the change in the meaning associated with the colour black, a black heart becomes having a wicked, malignant disposition. Now, however, the colour black is losing much of its negative connotations as those of the Goth persuasion reclaim the colour and all its negativity to envelop their being making it less negative in the process. I would rather think of the Ancient Greek definition of the black heart and I might even create little tags to include with them.

3) Book Review
"The Way of Wyrd" by Brian Bates

What a wonderful alternative to the fantasy I've been reading. While written as a wizard discovering his powers, it is full of facts, information and fascinating wisdom that just comes off so effortlessly. The world this takes place in is conjured within the imagination of the reader and it makes it even easier to absorb the lessons and information being passed on. At times, I found myself relating it to Carlos Castenada however whereas Castenada was supposedly relating a personal experience, this book is written as though it was an experience but with bibliographical back up so that it was well researched.

This is definitely a book you'll want to buy if you don't win one of the copies at WitchyCon 2005. Bug your local book seller to get this title in and get it!

4 moons (out of 5)

4) Ritual Workings
Something from the web I thought was fun!

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