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Dragon Pendants - Silver

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C5197_s.gif - 6.26 K
CK496 - Crystal Dragon - Exquisitely detailed Sterling Dragon wrapped around a beautiful clear crystal Dimensions 1 1/2" x 1". £28/$48
spreadwg_n_s.jpg - 5.37 K
Spreadwinged Dragon - here he is pictured with the dragon chain making this an expensive but stunning piece - Size of the pendant: 2 1/2" x 4" This is priced with a heavy figaro chain attached but is available without any chain for £247/$395 and as shown with dragon infinity links for £15/$24 per link (each link approximately 1" long - min. 16 links) £269/$497
c5237_s.jpg - 2.77 K
Sterling Silver Dragon Heart Pendant - Measures: 1-1/2" x 1-3/4" available with faceted garnet, amethyst, green quartz or blue quartz. Stone size: 8mm heart £34/$63
n1323_s.jpg - 2.28 K
Baby Dragons With Heart Neckpiece - available with faceted garnet, amethyst, green quartz or blue quartz. Stone size: 8mm heart Two baby dragons face each other, kissing the heart on each side with a chain. We keep garnet always in stock - amethyst, green quartz or blue quartz is special order. £44/$70
dragon-PD-orb_s.jpg - 6.63 K
Dragon Orb - Pictured with clear quartz crystal, but also available with rose quartz or onyx. I love this guy and have one myself. He is curled so perfectly with his wings forming the loop do that the whole piece is the dragon with no extra findings. Includes 20" chain. Size: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" £96/$178
dragon-PD-peace_s.jpg - 6.41 K
Dragon Peace Keeper - Created in solid sterling silver, this piece glows with an inner fire. The flames come to life in their silver colour and each scale and spine glows in the light. This piece has been carved on both sides and cast using the lost wax method. This creates a high-quality piece created by hand each time. £82/$151
C5203_s.gif - 5.04 K
C5203 - Nancy's Dragon - Nancy's personal favorite sparkles with your choice of faceted stone. £27.50/$51
C5197_s.gif - 6.26 K
C5211 - Treasure Dragon - Exquisitely detailed Sterling Dragon wrapped around a beautiful garnet stone "treasure" Dimensions 1 1/2" x 1". £57/$90
dragon-PD-heart_s.jpg - 6.06 K
Dragon Heart - These two dragons, entwined to form a heart, grip a gemstone in their claws. Figero chain comes attached and dragons are detailed on both sides. Size: 1 3/4" W x 2" H The sterling silver pendant can be supplied with a variety of stones - choices of stones include a trillion (triangular) or pear-shaped garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, or peridot plus more, just ask. Includes chain at 18" however we can get it longer or smaller as required. Priced without stone. £234/$375
dragon-PD-fire_s.jpg - 8.17 K
Fire Dragon - This beautiful pendant has an inner file that circles around your neck as it wings its way freely on any chain you choose to place it on. While not supplied with a chain, this pendant can be a pendant or an earring as it is 1" x 7/8" £39.50/$74
C5017_s.jpg - 5.32 K
Dragon Clutching Moonstone - This wonderful dragon clutching a moonstone is a wonderful match for our very popular ear wrap. This dragon has a hidden loop so he seems magically suspended from around your neck. UNlike most of our silver pendants, this dragon comes with a substantial silver chain £38/$55
mikkipurp_s.jpg - 9.88 K
Mikki's Dragon - Mikki wanted someplace safe to keep her treasures, so this locket is guarded by one of Chris' friendlier dragons. Underneath the dragon is a vessel perfect for hiding something as precious as dragon's gold. The locket's clasp is on the left side of the pendant, and the dragon tilts back to reveal the vessel underneath. The dragon's wings touch to make the bail, making him suited for either a simple chain or an omega chain. Mikki's Dragon comes with an 18" silver chain. Mikki's Dragon is an original design by Christopher M. Jupp, © 2000 Fantasy Fabrications, Inc. £25/$46
dragon_chain_s.jpg - 3.78 K
Dragon Infinity Choker - These tiny solid sterling silver dragons curl back on themselves creating the symbol of eternity, lending a name to this beautiful choaker. Each dragon is finished on all sides and is slightly curved to properly fit the curve of your neck. This choaker comes in at slightly over 16 inches and additional 1 inch links can be added. £291.50/$539
C5151_s.jpg - 2.66 K
Large Dragon and Moonstone Pendant - a match to the ear wrap with a wonderful white genuine moonstone set on to the body of the dragon. We brought these in for those wishing to balance off their ear wrap with a pendant. These are wonderful! They have a lovely oval moonstone, not a round garnet as pictured. We had them made specially for us. £22/$40
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