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Reiki Living Symbols

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KR2_s.jpeg - 8.83 K
KR2 SHINKO - Divine Knowledge - Bringing in the loving energy of your ideal of God, this frequency etheric symbol helps your body and soul combine into a being of love. Use whenever true love is needed in your life. Also opens up to your potential to receive mystical knowledge. £18/$33
KR3_s.jpeg - 7.19 K
KR3 HEISEI - Grounding and Balance - The grounding energy drawn into you by this Living Earth Symbol will stabilise you and help you to lead a balanced life, in harmony with nature, the elements and your environment. Ideal for use after meditation and spiritual work and a useful cure for day-dreaming. £12/$22
KR4_s.jpeg - 8.33 K
KR4 SENSHIN - Positive Energy - This powerful horn of plenty creates a space in which to entrap and neutralise negative energy. A very useful device to help change negative thoughts and moods into positive ones and can be of great benefit when with negative people. Wear if you are feeling down or are in need of a more positive approach to life. £24/$44
KR6_s.jpeg - 8.70 K
KR6 JYONETSU - Cleansing and Clarity - This fiery serpent symbol collects negative energy downwards into its coil and disperses it, allowing clearance, spiritual cleansing and transformation. Use to unblock your thoughts and clear the energy pathways of your body. This helps enhance the clarity of your decision-making and could facilitate major life changes £15.50/$29
KR7_s.jpeg - 6.94 K
KR7 MEZAMEH - Awakening to Reality - This vibrant Living Symbol helps awaken you from an every-day unconscious state to the beautiful awareness of true reality. You many soon find you have a more realistic perspective on existing situations and relationships. You should find from an early stage that your memories become more vivid and your dreams more positive and you may eventually find yourself on the road to discovering your soul's true mission in this life. £15.50/$29
KR8_s.jpeg - 6.81 K
KR8 AI - Universal Love - The spiritual energy of this etheric symbol acts on deep levels of your being, taking your higher consciousness up to the plane of Universal love. Use to heal the soul, when any aspect of your life needs spiritual guidance, and to achieve peace through unity with the divine. Gaze at or hold in cupped hands during mediation to facilitate enlightenment. £18/$33
KR9_s.jpeg - 6.29 K
KR9 REN-AI - Loving Relationships - This powerful water symbol is attuned to harmonious emotional energy, the healing of relationship bonds and matters of the heart. Its intense human emotional love aspects will make you more loving towards others and will help others become more drawn and more loving towards you. £24/$44
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