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Dragon Pendants - Pewter

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dragair_s.jpg - 5.95 K
era05 - Air Dragon - mental and communication skills. Perfect to hide in your pocket for that important interview or to display proudly on your neck. Coiling and seeming to move by itself, this pewter piece is a stunning gift *for yourself* £8.50/$15.50
dragwat_s.jpg - 3.93 K
era06 - Sea Dragon - for love and fulfillment. A beautiful piece where attention to detail is paramount. A beautiful dragon with slightly webbed claws, this is also one of my favourites! £8.50/$15.50
dragearth_s.jpg - 5.41 K
era06a - Earth Dragon - for grounding and money gain. One of my favourites, this dragon is cute but fierce. A beautiful dragon looking down, a curl to it's tail, it looks as though it is diving for more treasure! £8.50/$15.50
pewter_dragon_seal_s.jpg - 6.65 K
Dragon Sealing Pendant - comes on a 24" silken cord. Pendant is approximately 2" tall and comes mounted on a card - perfect for gift giving. The seal will work with wax or ink pads and makes a great pendant or personal seal. £7.50/$13.50
estdragon_s.jpg - 5.00 K
FI53 Dragon, For Wealth and Knowledge - Pewter with blue crystal highlights 7/8" x 1 1/4" £14.25/$26.50
ma09_s.jpg - 2.59 K
MA09 - Eye of the Ice Dragon, For Harmony and stability - Pewter with a single blue central crystal 1/2" x 1 1/4" £12/$22
oildragpend.jpg - 12.06 K
Dragon Hanging oil vial - I am a huge dragon fan myself and when I saw these cuties I had to get them! Pot bellied dragons hide a glass oil vial with a cork stopper within their seated bodies. They have a loop at their tail to go on a cord or will sit comfortably on a desk, windowsill or on an altar. You can keep blessing oil, perfume or whatever in this large vial. £13/$24
corked_dragon_s.jpg - 5.48 K >
Corked Dragon Vial - This is a wonderful clear glass vial with a dragon rising from a ruined castle and you can see his belly scales through the glass. Small wings stretch out with his head peaking around to one side. Gripping the glass vial, this is a great pendant for fairy dust, treasure or anything... £7.50/$14
JODRA.gif - 9.74 K
Oil Bottle Dragon, pewter Pewter cap on a dark blue glass vial with a 30" black satin necklace cord. Wear your favorite oils! It seals tightly to prevent leakage and can be used for spells, oils or anything. £10/$19
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