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Pagan Jewellery

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Gryphon_s.jpg - 3.19 K
Gryphon with Garnet. A silver gryphon standing upright, perched on a garnet. A lovely piece about 3cm tall. solid sterling silver £27/$40
3draven_s.jpg - 2.31 K
3D Raven Flight Pendant - Swooping down your neck, this wonderful raven has been crafted both front and back so that it creates a bird in flight from whichever side you look at. Wings outstretched, swooping down, this is a beautifully entailed piece. £9/$16
Heavy Trace Sterling silver chain - we've had a few requests for chain so I bought some of these as they looked to be sturdy, of decent quality, unlikely to fall apart and suitable for most pendants. Some tracers I've seen look like you blow on them and they'll disintegrate but these are great. At 20 inches long they're also the perfect length for almost anything! £10/$18.50
tp1294_s.jpg - 3.05 K
Lotus Flower Pendant - A wonderful lotus flower popular in Egypt as a drug and offering to the Gods. It is present everywhere in Egyptian art and so a suitable and subtle way to mark your beliefs or desires. £10/$18.50
Tigers Eye Raven's Claw - This sterling silver claw with a beautiful tigers eye ball in it is perfect for a charm bracelet or as a small pendant. At over 3/4" (19mm) long, it makes a wonderful charm for any bracelet. The single jump ring is large enough for even the large charm bracelets we have and so has plenty of room for almost any chain. £9/$16
TP3121_s.jpg - 1.75 K
ARTEMIS MOON PENDANT - Yes, that's right. I was the *first* customer and I was so enchanted I brought them in to stock. A crescent moon with "Artemis" written in theban across the whole face of the crescent moon. I wish I could show you a picture but please believe me when I say - you'll absolutely LOVE it! £15.95/$26
c_s.jpg - 1.95 K
PAN PENDANT - Just like the Artemis Moon, this looks like it could be the head of pan with the word "Pan" written in theban over the front. A wonderful pendant and great for anyone, this is made in sterling silver. £13.5/$22
N1319_s.gif - 2.47 K
Phases of the Dragon Moon Necklace - a beautiful necklace made of chain with the plases of the moon. Eacg moon phase is created in polished sterling silver and carefully connected in a measured way to the chain. If you like Tarma and Kethry, this is just like Kethry's circlet. A match to the bracelet. £106/$196
3901z_s.jpg - 3.32 K
Dreamcatcher Pendant - A wonderful way to keep nightmares at bay, remember to catch the rays of the sun within the web at least once a day to burn the negativity that gets caught in the web off. This will keep it working. We have added 2 feathers to increase the value of this pendant but at no extra charge! £7.50/$14
tp3027_s.jpg - 2.07 K
Small Morrigan Raven - the raven from the back of the Morrigan statue we sometimes sell, this is a beautiful piece. The tail and wings are solid feathers and the top of each wing, the body and head are triscelles and filigree. A wonderful image and anyone who has ever looked at the statue and marvelled, now you can own it! £23.95/$37
Witches Hat and Broom - Buy these two charms at once connected together on the same jump ring - perfect for busier charm bracelets, as a single charm on a bracelet or as a pendant. These tiny versions of our cauldron and witches hat are perfect anywhere or why not give them as a witchy present? £20/$37
834-125_s.jpg - 1.65 K
Triple Moon Rede Pendant - A wonderful pendant with the words "An it harm none Do as you will" written on one side of the oval, and a triple moon with a rainbow moonstone (although shown with garnet) as the full moon on the other side. At an inch long including the bail, this is a discreet piece. £9/$16
n0095_s.gif - 2.79 K
Small Wicca Neckpiece - our small wicca charm bracelet as an 18" long neckpiece. The charms are all to the front so wearing it to show off is easy. If you love our bracelet, you'll adore this piece! £68/$125
cauldron_s.jpg - 5.21 K
The Cauldron of Heart's Desire - A Sterling Silver Pendant. A magic vessel in sterling silver, inscribe your heart's desire, place it in the cauldron,and allow it to manifest! The cauldron has long been associated with the creative process, an empty vessel wherein whatever is potential can be nurtured and brought to fruition. To use this little cauldron (originally a seedpod from the Sweetspice bush) simply write your fondest wish, your heart's true desire, and insert it in the cauldron. Wear it near your heart, gently allowing your wish to manifest. £51/$95
TPV466S_s.jpg - 4.96 K
TPV466S - Talisman Pendant - This is a wonderful pendant and too beautiful to describe. It has an outer circle of sterling silver with a sandblast finish inscribed with mystical symbols plated in gold. Inside the circle is a pentacle on the left and spiral on the right. On top is an upright garnet pentacle and on the bottom an upside down triangle - fire and water. This is a beautiful piece. £20/$37
dragonath_s.gif - 3.00 K
Sterling Silver Double Dragon Athame Pendant - A beautiful piece to pair up with a beautiful athame. This athame is perfect for those who wish to always have their athame on them without worring about weapon laws. By using a box chain, you ca ne sure of strength and durability but it will always be there with you should you ever wish or need to use it (for example, to cast a protective circle on a plane or in a bus). This piece is listed for purchase in our shopping cart under the celtic section in sterling silver pendants. Size: 3" x 1�" £28/$51
broomstick_s.jpg - 2.11 K
Broom Pendant - A wonderfully crafted broom too large to be a charm and with much more detail. Beautiful and finely finished we are sure you will enjoy this piece! £10/$18
P604_s.jpg - 4.79 K
P604 - Wizard's Hat - another pointy hat only a little rumbled, a little bent. It reminds me of the sorting hat in Harry Potter only this one seems in better condition! A great gift as a sterling silver charm or as it is as a pendant. £15/$27
TP2717_s.jpg - 6.24 K
TP2717 Wheel of the Year Plaque "A huge 2" diameter sterling silver pendant made as a replica of the larger wheel of the year wall plaque. This is an excellent pendant I took one of right away to buy as soon as they came in and have been wearing it ever since. If you love the wheel of the year wall plaque, you will love this pendant. £109.95/$170
N037_s.gif - 3.36 K
N037 - Triple Moon Moonstone Necklace - Small and perfect, we love these pendants. Discreet and suitable to be worn all around, these come with a chain and are perfectly small - Just right! The Triple Goddess - One of our most popular items, The Triple Goddess depicts three phases of the moon in sterling silver, with your choice of stone for the full moon. Shown in moonstone, also available in rainbow moonstone. Includes sterling silver chain for a total length of 17" £18.50/$34
N-041_s.jpg - 5.15 K
N-041 "Blessed Be" pendant. Made in solid sterling silver, these subtle proclimations of your belief are beautifully done in clear, readable lettering and light, easy to wear style. Still thick enough to wear everyday, these pendants are perfect to express paganism without a pentacle. £16.50/$31
N-042_s.jpg - 5.88 K
N-042 "Magick Happens" pendant. Made in solid sterling silver, these subtle proclimations of your belief are beautifully done in clear, readable lettering and light, easy to wear style. Still thick enough to wear everyday, these pendants are perfect to express paganism without a pentacle. £16.50/$31
p605_s.gif - 2.85 K
p605 - Witches Hat - From the charm bracelet, this fine sterling silver pointy hat is perfect! With a slight hat band and a tilt to the brim, this witches hat would be great as a hallowe'en earring or on a bracelet or, as it is. £18.50/$34
bookofshadows_s.jpg - 3.67 K
Book of Shadows - This is really a wonderful sterling silver charm. It is a closed book with the word "SHADOWS" across the front on a diagonal. The loop is on the back of the book so it is a great charm or pendant. £20/$37
sdbroom_s.jpg - 2.97 K
Broomstick - This is from the charm bracelets. It is a wonderful broom and while perhaps not up to Harry Potter standards, it would make any fan smile. Great as a charm, maybe an earring... the loop is in the middle or perfect as a pendant. £14/$26
p653_s.gif - 3.28 K
p653 - Cat On Broom - sterling silver - This is from the charm bracelet and is a cutie. The cat has one paw raised and stands on the front of the broom. It looks to the side as it flies along, tail up in a playful way. This is just perfect! £16.50/$31
sdcauldron_s.gif - 3.28 K
P603 - Cauldron - A wonderful sterling silver cauldron with a swinging handle. It is great with 3 little legs and enough of a space for a few little seeds or a bit of herb. Charm or pendant. £22/$39
p610_s.gif - 3.31 K
p610 - Familiar - The cat sits upright, looking around with a pentacle chain at it's throat. Tail curled around its body, this 3D sterling silver cat is a wonderful artistic piece and great for anyone with a cat familiar! £20/$37
TPC714_s.jpg - 5.31 K
TC714 - Oak Leaf Pendant - A single small oak leaf pendant is perfect for druids, hedge-witches and any pagan with a love of nature. A perfect oak lead as a sterling silver pendant. £12/$22
ZTP3193_s.jpg - 1.76 K
ZTP3193 - Bronze Thor pendant - A small pendant of Thor in bronze - a very suitable metal for a nordic god, the Norse were famous for their metalwork, and while they used gold they also did much work in bronze (and with the cost of gold the way it is, a rather more affordable piece!) Size is about 1" long by 3/8" wide (approximately 2.5cm x 1cm), so suitable for wearing under a shirt if you dont wish to show it off at work. £14/$28
ZTP2990_s.jpg - 1.76 K
ZTP2990 - Bronze Greenman Mask pendant - This is lovely pendant of a green man mask. Its quite large, being over an inch across (about 3cm).The detail on this is lovely - one of the advantages of using bronze is it is a very suitable metal for detail casting, and this shows in this gorgeous piece. £15/$30
tp1439_s.jpg - 7.99 K
tp1439 - Raven - The Danes had a raven banner, Hraefn, which had magic powers. The Irish Badb, the Washer at the Ford, and the Morrighan all have ravens, or appear as ravens. Odhinn has two ravens, Huginn and Muininn, or Thought and Memory, who fly over the world each day to report to Him. In Irish tales ravens of ill omen fly out of the depths of the ocean, often at Samhain, bringing harm and destruction; in two stories they are driven back by Caoilte, Fer Maise, and Cas Corach; in another by Cu Chulainn. Ravens with white feathers were good omens. £10/$18
N-030_s.jpg - 5.72 K
N-030 The Crow Associated with the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and other Crones. A symbol of Magical Knowledge, it's said a Witch's Spirit can take Crow-form. 7/8" £25/$46
chalsters_s.jpg - 3.19 K
Runic Chalice. A heavy piece of over 10 grams of sterling silver (according to my scales), this chalice has runes carved around the bowl and base. A wonderful pendant, this can also be added to a charm bracelet or any silver collection. At 2.5cm (1 inch) high, it is not small, but not too large. solid sterling silver £20.50/$38
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