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Gothic Neckwear

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P400_s.jpg - 2.16 K
Pentarogue Pendant - Trapped behind a crystal prison, the pentagram winks in and out of existence within this plane. This wonderful pendant is great with a decorative pewterwork bezel holding the clear glass faceted gem with the pentagram engraved in the back of it and picked out perfectly in black. It seems to be within the gems heart - perfect. £24.50/$45.25
P415_s.jpg - 1.57 K
La Fee Verte Necklace - The Green Fairy; Spirit of Absinthe. Looking down with her hair spilling over her shoulders, the outstretched wings of this fairy have chains leading up to the absinthe-green crystal drop which then connects to the chain. At her feel in the pool of her robe is another drop of absinthe glass. A beautiful homage to that most magical of drinks that has enchanted through the ages. £23.25/$43
P414_s.jpg - 2.79 K
Revania - Victorian elegance in crystal and bats. VERY subtle! The single clear glass crystal gemstone id surrounded by bats but they look just like decorative pewterwork. It isn't until you are told they are bath that they appear. One bat for each of the four corners set on a blood red and black lace choker, you'll want to wear this all the time! £31/$57
P412_s.jpg - 2.03 K
Destiny - The Web of Wyrd, engraved mirror pendant. Forget the roses, this pendant give you the thorns with the mirror wrapped in the thorns, creating the bail and culminating in a single rose flanked by a pair of skulls. Dare to be different. £22/$40.50
P411_s.jpg - 2.43 K
Spidraphile Necklace - Crystal-set arachnids for lovers of grotesque. One large and two smaller spiders attached with a chain of spiders silk. Join them up with the earrings for a real impact. £33/$60
P351_s.jpg - 4.62 K
P351 - Stella Igneus - Pewter pentagram surrounded with bronze plated pewter flames. £19.50/$36
P389_s.jpg - 1.83 K
P389 - Pentacol Sable - Tudoresque jewel of Venus and symbol of gnostic mysticism. Great pentagram with central black gem then down via 3 chains to a large open pentagram with 4 black gems dripping off each point. £32/$59
P392_s.jpg - 2.52 K
P392 Mournette Choker - Lace and beaded collar of darkness for the eternally grieved. A wonderful diamond shape with a central round black stone below a diamond shaped red stone which centers the black lace choker with dangling black beads on it. Wonderful. £31/$57
P394_s.jpg - 2.50 K
P394 - Spithrella - Spectacular, articulated web necklace of jewelled spiders spun around the throat. The wonderful web is topped with six spiders with clear gem backs with a seventh dangling off the bottom at the center. £35.95/$66
P395_s.jpg - 1.59 K
P395 - Gnostic Ankh - Spiritual wisdom through the power of knowledge. A great black gem in the loop with a pentagram engraved right in to it tops a red enamel ankh. £23/$42
P410 - Coeur Noir Pendant
Coeur Noir Pendant - Two thin satin cords with tulipesque ends suspend between then the black heart with angel wings. You simply tie to desired length as a choker or lariat and stun everyone with the beauty of this piece. A wonderful pewter and enamel piece, this is wonderful with the hairclip and bracelet. £19.50/$36
P409_s.jpg - 2.36 K
Angelicus Pendant - Large and bold, this is a statement piece. A large satin cord is capped with beautiful floral and yet bat/esque caps to prevent fraying and the pendant itself hangs from this cord by two round bejeweled bails. The clear crystals in this setting enhance the piece by adding to the ethereal feel of the angel. Wings outstretched, the angel seems cowled by her hair, looking down in mourning towards the large purple faceted jewel she holds. Her flowing gown flows behind the jewel to cover most of her legs and feet, with only one foot slightly showing below the jewel. Beautifully made, this is an enchanting statement piece. £32/$59.50
P382_s.jpg - 1.56 K
Dragonring Choker - Three interlinked pewter dragons in eternal procession. The elongated bodies are chained together neck to tail to create a continuous chain of these three dragons of past, present and future. £31.25/$58
P381_s.jpg - 1.44 K
Eretica - Vampish articulated choker set with a single tourmaline-green faceted crystal. The wings of the bat stretch from each side of the gem on the center panel and the skull and crossbones are on a panel all their own on each side of the central gem piece. The whole is then tied with a black ribbon to create the most stunning effect. £24.50/$45.50
P373_s.jpg - 2.21 K
Countess Elga - Stylized bat ribbon-choker with suspended gothic burgundy crystal. The bat has great wings I feel with smooth lines and elongated ends creating a great top balance to the gem suspended from the center of the bottom of each wing. A balanced, beautiful piece. £26.75/$49.50
P261_s.jpg - 3.87 K
P261 - Mystic Cipher Wheel - Ancient device to decode Vignere Alchemical Script and Futhark Runes. In solid bronze and pewter. £19.50/$36
spider_s.jpg - 7.69 K
Large Spider - The deadly and yet beautifully delicate form of the spider hangs off a silken thread travelling down as she creates her web. Ensnare the attention of others with this beautiful pendant. 1" W x 1 1/16" H This piece is supplied with a chain. Sterling Silver £29/$53
spiderweb_s.jpg - 5.68 K
Spiderweb: 1" W x 1 1/4" H Supplied with Chain Sterling Silver. £27/$50
P169_s.jpg - 3.90 K
P361 - Crystal Dragon - Glittering faceted crystal set into the skull of a vanquished beast. £19.25/$35.50
P358_s.jpg - 4.50 K
P358 - Draco Tyrannicus - A sinuous, inquitous monster callously slinks to ground; bronzed two-tone. £20.50/$38
P354_s.jpg - 5.46 K
P354 - Morticia - Jet and amethyst coloured crystals drop from the gothic tracery of a spider's nidus. £25.75/$48
P352_s.jpg - 6.07 K
P352 - Hemlock Lace Choker - A sumptuously ostentatious claw-mounted diamond-crystal gem is sewen to the definitively Victorian black cotton lace, with three black crystal droplets. Adjustable with button fastening. £27.75/$52
P353_s.jpg - 5.23 K
P353 - Mircalla Choker - Elegantly gothic, femme fatale's pewter collar, with faceted black heart crystal. With adjustable chain and catch fastening. £28.75/$60
skullpend_s.jpg - 4.00 K
Skull Pendant (without chain) Sterling Silver £25/$46.50
skullchain_s.jpg - 3.55 K
Skulls Chain: Sterling Silver: £30/$47 per link so a 16" choker would be 12 links £375/$695
P207_s.jpg - 4.20 K
P207 - Staff of Hades - Used by the lord of the lower world, to beckon the dead through the underworld gates, guarded by Cerberus the three-headed dog. £22/$41
P349_s.jpg - 6.09 K
P349 - Aracnathea Lace Choker - A giant, wiry spider of polished pewter is sewen into the throat of this black, pure-cotton lace, with three black crystal droplets. Adjustable with button fastening. £25.50/$47.50
P348_s.jpg - 6.12 K
P348 - Hells Grate Choker - An articulated, spiked gridiron of medieval ferocity to disturb convention. With adjustable length lobster-claw fastening; surprisingly comfortable. £40.50/$75
P346_s.jpg - 4.20 K
P346 - Anguis Aeternus - Pewter serpent dragon pendant, wings outstreched with a purple faceted 'heliotrope' crystal in its coils. £17/$31
batcharm_s.jpg - 3.98 K
Folded Bat - Size: 1 1/8" W x 7/16" H approx. each Sterling Silver Without Chain £21.50/$40
xcharm_s.jpg - 3.26 K
Cross - Size: 1 1/8" W x 7/16" H approx. each Sterling Silver Without Chain £18/$33
garcharm_s.jpg - 4.13 K
Garlic - Size: 1 1/8" W x 7/16" H approx. each Sterling Silver Without Chain £18/$33
P342_s.jpg - 3.17 K
P342 - Gothic Ankh - A vampiric hybrid of the Egyptian symbol for eternal life and the stylistic form of High Gothic. £19.25/$36
P334_s.jpg - 3.54 K
P334 - Dragon Heart - For the black - hearted flight of fancy; pewter dragon's wings set with giant black heart - shaped crystal. £19.25/$36
P332_s.jpg - 3.93 K
P332 - Blackheart Choker - An elegant token for the graceful neck of a femme fatale; crystal black heart pendant on an adjustable black velvet choker. £19.25/$36
P329_s.jpg - 2.74 K
P329 - Ansate Cross - A modest, but exquisite Tudor styled ansate cross or ankh, the symbol of eternity; two - tone with gilt cross. £19.25/$36
P323_s.jpg - 5.83 K
P323 - The Whitby Wyrm - The legendary North Yorkshire servant of the Antichrist, rampant. £18/$33.50
lgbat_s.jpg - 5.66 K
The Large Bat Neckpiece comes with an attached chain, either a heavy figero style, or the Bat Chain shown here. Marty recommends 12 links of Bat Chain, to give a total magic number of 13 bats. Size: the central bat itself is 4 1/8" W x 3" H and we supply it with with 12 links of Bat Chain. £429/$794
flyingbat_s.jpg - 5.30 K
Flying Bat Pendant as he swoops through the night. Size: 1 1/4" W x 5/8" H Price: Sterling Silver: with attached figero chain £45/$83
P259_s.jpg - 2.86 K
P259 - Mori Choker - Mourning pendant. With mother of pearl and black cabochons, on adjustable velvet choker. £19.25/$36
P247_s.jpg - 4.32 K
P247 - Scriptagram - Massive pentagram of Alchemical, Angelic and Hebreic alphabets.On heavy 27" chain. £18/$33.25
P232_s.jpg - 2.88 K
P232 - Widows Stiletto - Dagger of deceit, with two Austrian crystals. £22/$41
P221_s.jpg - 3.95 K
P221 - Ankh of the Dead - Vampyre's talisman of eternity incorporating it's secret life blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard. £22.50/$42
P213_s.jpg - 4.24 K
P213 - Draconis Maleficarum. - Demonstrating extreme control over the massive natural powers of malevolence, chaos & disorder. £35.25/$66
frogcharm_s.jpg - 4.13 K
Small Enchanted Frog With Silver Box Chain Size: Small 3/4" Sterling Silver £14.50/$27
frogprincepend_s.jpg - 5.03 K
Medium Enchanted Frog With Silver Box Chain Size: Medium 1 1/4" Sterling Silver £21.50/$40
frogpend_s.jpg - 5.23 K
Large Enchanted Frog With Heavy Silver Chain Size: Large 2" Sterling Silver £57.25/$106
P188_s.jpg - 5.27 K
P188 - Anguistralobe - Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies. Pewter and brass. £19.25/$36
P64_s.jpg - 5.83 K
P64 - Blackheart - Sign of the persona noir. Black pewter two-tone. £11.50/$21.50
P345_s.jpg - 5.95 K
P345 - Dracovinia Choker - Articulated two part pewter choker with black diamond crystal over burgindy facered crystal. On pure cotton velvet with button/loop fastener. £22/$41
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