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Gothic Earwear

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E224_s.jpg - 1.97 K
La Fee Verte Earrings - Absinthe-green crystal, for its matching pendant. Single Drop only. The drop above the fairy creates the focal point for this single drop earring. Buy a pair and the necklace and drink a toast to the little green fairy that wants your soul... £10.50/$19
E220 Bateris Earrings
Bateris Earrings - Four wonderful bats swoop and fly below your earlobe with this single earring. One bat has the stud behind it with the other three in large to small descending sizes attached with a small length of dainty chain. With a slight blackening of the bats, this earring is a stunner. Buy yourself two for a flight of bats on each ear. About 2.5" (68mm) long £10.25/$19
E223 - Diamond Pall Cuff Stud
Diamond Pall Cuff Stud - Sometimes we all need a bit of gothic bling in our lives and this certainly has it. The pewter cuff is reminiscent of the goalers cuff with clear crystals around it and the stud is a simple blue/purple gem. What a great bit of gothic bling. £13/$24
E218 - Spithre
Spithre - Gem-bodied web-spinner. A great match to the necklace. Single Earring. £10.50/$19
snake_hoop_s.jpg - 5.51 K
Snake Hoop - A snake that whispers and tickles your ear curls under and around your earlobe to create the perfect effect. No piercings are required but gives the illusion of having holes in interesting places. £33/$61
flyingbat_e_s.jpg - 5.09 K
Flying Bats With every move you make, these bats swoop and flutter through the air. Size: 1 1/4" W x 5/8" H (bat itself) £68/$126
earbats.jpg - 1.55 K
Sterling Silver BATS - These little bats are the perfect goth or vamp accessory. Perfectly formed for the nocturnal hunter, declare what you are without saying a word. £2.50/$5c
skull_s.jpg - 5.45 K
Skull Earcuff - A perfect Jolly Roger in solid sterling silver. The bones wrap around your ear to create the earcuff as the laughing skeletal smile leers out at all passers-by. £25.50/$46
E150_s.jpg - 2.59 K
E150 Black Widow - A Victorian styled pewter spider's web with black pewter spider descending on a silver thread. For those so inclined this spider can be paired with a spider bracelet, or ear cuff to complete your deadly ensemble... Single Earring in pewter with surgical stainless steel ear findings. £8.35/$15.50
E214_s.jpg - 3.54 K
E214 - Dragon Top Stud - A lithe, bestial curse as your intimate familiar. £6.50/$12
E199_s.jpg - 2.50 K
E199 - Chained Fledermaus Stud A tiny bat stud, with its chain linked to the silver post back. Single Earring in pewter with surgical stainless steel ear findings. £7.10/$13.10
E204_s.jpg - 2.24 K
E204 - Fledermaus Ring Stud - A tiny, yet essentially symbolic bat, signifying the spirit of the wearer's soul. Single Earring in pewter with surgical stainless steel ear findings. £7.75/$14.25
E196_s.jpg - 2.85 K
E196 - Pentagram Single Ear Cuff stud. Mystical seal of success. The cuff is decorated with a variety of success/luck symbols chained to a pentagram stud. £7.75/$14.25
E201_s.jpg - 2.32 K
E201 - Pentagram Ring Stud - The ultimate magical talisman. Single Earring in pewter with surgical stainless steel ear findings. £7.75/$14.25
E192_s.jpg - 1.90 K
E192 - Gaolers Ear cuff stud. Fettered ironwork for auricular stimulation. Show your submission to only the most observant, trained eye. Master, slave, surrounded by those who are blind, find each other by the subtlest of methods. £8.35/$15.50
E193_s.jpg - 2.27 K
E193 - Nidus Ear cuff Stud. Grotesque spider chained to it's fines lined web. Beautiful detail for those who are unafraid to look. Does the spider submit to it's bondage...? £8.35/$15.50
E198.jpg - 3.02 K
E198 - Cage. Top stud. Bazaar surreal bondage statement. £6.50/$12
E212_s.jpg - 3.30 K
E212 - Ceur Noir - Cuff Stud. Fettered, dark passion, displayed by the enamelled black heart. Black faceted crystal £9.75/$18
E210_s.jpg - 2.84 K
E210 - Morticia Stud - An amethyst coloured crystal droplet suspended from the talons of a volitant bat. Single Earring in pewter with surgical stainless steel ear findings. £11.55/$21.50
E208_s.jpg - 4.25 K
E208 - Black Heart Studs (pair) - Jewels for an ineffable soul; with black Swarovski crystal hearts. £18/$33.25
E168_s.jpg - 2.79 K
E168 Pentanoir - Dark Secrets. Hand polished pair of pentacle noir earstuds with black enamel infill. Pentacles are 5 pointed stars enclosed by a circle £9/$16.75
E164_s.jpg - 2.56 K
E164 Pentagram Studs - Miniature pentagrams for magickal discretion. A pair of 5-pointed stars not enclosed in circle £5.80/$11
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