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Gothic Bracelets & Watches

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A49 - Coeur Noir Bracelet
Coeur Noir Bracelet - Two black hearts with wings for each side of your wrist make this a great bracelet. It is again tied with double satin twist cord each end finished with those wonderful tulip/bat/esque endings. Perfect for anyone - not just the goth in you. £22/$41
pentwatch_s.gif - 11.03 K
Pentacle Watch - a simple pentacle face with a great leather strap means this inexpensive watch is perfect for the pagan on a budget or the goth wanting to show their pentacles all over. £27.50/$51
A10_s.jpg - 3.91 K
A10 - St. Levantius - Inscribed with latin & runic message ' The strength of the sacred blood of St. Levantius'. Set with black faceted crystal. £21/$39
A34_s.jpg - 3.07 K
A34 - Blackthorn Chain - An organic chain of entwined penance, punctuated with torturous black rubber thorns. £21.95/$41
A33_s.jpg - 4.45 K
A33 - Pentagram Chain - A protective circle of power for the arm of authority. £18.50/$34
A35_s.jpg - 4.07 K
A35 - St Marie - A pure gothic symbiosis, invested with three enameled crosses, Solomon's Seal and the Star of Isis £21/$39
A29_s.jpg - 5.06 K
A29 - Vertebrae - The metalized spine of a vanquished predator, forms this solid bangle, with safety chain. £27.75/$50.50
A32_s.jpg - 2.75 K
A32 - Obsequium Chain - Caput interment, sunk beneath the aqueos enamel. £19.75/$36.50
A38_s.jpg - 4.84 K
A38 - Mircalla Bracelet - Pewter bracelet with black faceted heart crystal. The black heart with bat wings is set off against a pewter cagework bracelet. Perfect. £25.50/$47
A40 - Runering - Dragon Strap - The runes of genesis, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian-dragon; on an adjustable, black leather strap: one size Adj. £16.25/$30
VAA1_s.jpg - 3.92 K
VAA1 - Lindisfarne - Traditionally Viking styled heavy twisted brass wire torque, with cast pewter animal head finials. £23.25/$43
bats_s.jpg - 4.11 K
The Bat Chain can be worn by itself as a chain, bracelet, or ankle chain. Five links makes a 7" bracelet, which is the most popular length. Size: 1 3/8" W x 1/2" H each link Price: in Sterling Silver: £80/$128 for 5-link bracelet; £17/$27 each link up to 12 links; £13/$21 each link 13 or more links £91/$169
A31_s.jpg - 4.93 K
A31 - Aegis Dragon A living, seething beast of chaos, chained dutifully to its master. A pewter bracelet from the masters of dragons, gothic images and pewter. £29/$53.50
A30_s.jpg - 5.22 K d>
A30 - Celtic Dragon Link - Each link is formed of a celtic, serpentine dragon. Adjustable sizes from 7.5" to 9" (190mm to 229mm) £19.75/$36.50
br21_s.gif - 3.19 K
br21 - Moonstone Pentacle Bracelet - A beautiful open-back pentacle bracelet that will fit almost any wrist with a pentacle on the front. It has been cast with care and a single moonstone set into the centre. £44/$81
br22_s.gif - 4.17 K
br22 - Spider Bracelet - A wonderful piece of the spider on its web in solid sterling silver. With black onyx, this could be the black widow spider, or perhaps choose moonstone for the nighttime powers of the spider. Choose amethyst for a more magickal spider or garnet for a deadly blood spider. With any stone, this piece is stunning. £87/$160
br23_s.jpg - 6.05 K
br23 - Spider Slave Bracelet From the designer's website: "Talk about hard things to photograph!! This spider slave bracelet we made many many years ago as a "WOW" piece. The cuff bracelet has a large web design with a spider and onyx stone. The center piece has an accent web design with another Onyx. The ring is a spectacular spider with the Onyx forming the body. As a slave bracelet, it is only available with Onyx." Please supply ring size. If you don't know your size, take a ring that fits the finger and in millimeters (more accurate) or a finely divided inches ruler, measure the inside of the ring as accurately as possible and let us know the measurement. These are made to order and so while they take a little longer, they are worth the wait! If you have a large wrist, please also provide the measurement around your wrist so we can pass it on to the designer. £155/$287
AW2_s.jpg - 2.83 K
AW2 - Wyverex Dragon Wristwatch - A dragon lover's dream timepeace. Both bracelet and watch together to create a large, impressive watch. Pewter and a high quality watch face created exclusively for Alchemy are brought together by the best. £59.50/$110
AW6_s.jpg - 3.96 K
AW6 - Death Link Wristwatch - Death comes for us all - it is simply a matter of time. Even vampyres can die so mark time in style. £59.50/$110
AW4_s.jpg - 3.56 K
AW4 - Pentagram Wristwatch. Mark pagan time in style! Aw, who cares what time it is, just make a statement with this watch - be found... £59.50/$110
AW3_s.jpg - 3.14 K
AW3 - Batscale A pair of bats supports the watchface as others fly towards it, their time to come. Created for the person with their own sense of time and style... £59.50/$110
AW1_s.jpg - 3.72 K
AW1 - Cruella Watch Bracelet. More than just a watch, this bracelet with a watchface features paired ruby red crystals, skulls, bones and a growing understanding o of the passage of time for mortals. £47.50/$88
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