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Goddess Jewellery

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TP2775_s.jpg - 4.82 K
TP2775 Moon Goddess Pendant - Sterling Silver. The pendant to match the beautiful Moon Goddess statue this will be a cherished pendant for many years to come. The beautiful pendant depicts the Moon Goddess seated on the upturned crescent moon, her dress flowing around her legs, her hands folded on her lap and a triple moon on her brow. £31/$57.50
BR69_s.jpg - 4.61 K
BR69 - Star Goddess Bracelet - She is the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars. This goddess bracelet just doesn't photograph well. It's a full body goddess on each side holding a 10mm stone (works best with Moonstone). It's a cuff style. You can probably see the stars on their dresses. Height: �" Open back, cuff style bracelet. £46/$85
gh03_s.jpg - 4.11 K
GH03 - Celtic Goddess Sterling Silver. This wonderfully intricate Goddess figure has been created as a beautiful open knotwork. Unique and beautiful, this will work well with any chain but we suggest a light tracer or box chain. 4.3cm long £10/$18
Goddess-Bottle_s.gif - 4.75 K
Goddess Hanging oil vial - Pewter. This powerful and immediately recognizable symbol of the Goddess is created in pewter to surround a large oil vial with cork stopper. Perfect for perfume, oil, sacred herbs or whatever you choose to put in the vial, this Goddess has loops at each arm to hold onto any cord or chain. A beautiful piece worth wearing and sharing. £11.50/$21.50
p490_s.gif - 4.84 K
P490 - Dryad Pendant - Sterling Silver. The Dryad is the spirit of the tree. This is a heavier piece £18.50/$34
p475_s.gif - 4.53 K
P475 - Isis, Goddess of the Nile - Sterling Silver. Isis, the Goddess of the Nile, beutifully depicted on a pentacle. The Wise Ones of old considered the Pentagram to be a strong protective and healing symbol. Each of the five points represent the five elements - air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. The circle represents the never ending cycles of life. Approx. Size: 1" x �" £11/$21
c5200_s.gif - 2.30 K
C5200 - Large Goddess Pendant - Sterling Silver Goddess Pendant with your choice of stone. Size: 5/8" x 2-1/2" £18.50/$34
Kwan-Yin_s.jpg - 5.33 K
Kwan Yin - She is known as"She who hears the voice of the world" and "Ocean of Compassion". In a chaotic and ever-changing universe she pours forth endlessly from her nectar bowl of healing and kindness. One leg is extended so that she may leap into activity for the sake of sentient beings. One of her many names is Avalokitesvara. Her mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum. This sterling silver pendant shows a beautiful Kuan Yin with a jade stone set below her crossed legs. £51/$94
sc10_s.gif - 6.59 K
sc10 - Triple Goddess - Sterling Silver. Maiden, Mother and Crone evolve into one another with the eternal waxing and waning phases of the moon. Representing the three aspects of women The Triple Goddess confers blessings for LOVE AND HARMONY £18/$33
sc12_s.jpg - 7.18 K
sc12 - Enchantress - Sterling Silver. Adventuring into the night sky, skyclad and proud, the Enchantress eagerly anticipates the Sabbat's revelry and magic. Her eternal beauty and sensuality captivate the Spirit of the Four winds. DREAMING AND ACHIEVING £12/$22
FI39_s.jpg - 6.04 K
FI39 - Freya - Pewter. Northern Goddess of Beauty and Enchantment...for Love and Magic. The northern Goddess of great beauty and enchantment rides the night sky to pleasures inconceivable 1" x 1" Comes in a display box complete with a chain and full description £14.50/$26.50
MoldeviteGoddess_s.jpg - 2.03 K
Moldavite Goddess Charm - This beautiful Goddess charm is the best I've ever seen. She is beautifully and realistically formed and above her head she holds the green faceted moldavite stone which fell to earth as part of a meteorite. She is beautiful in solid sterling silver. £17.50/$33
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