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Sterling Silver Earwraps

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O301_s.jpg - 2.79 K
Morticia's Wings Ear Wraps - A bit of a change to the traditional ear wrap, this one requires pierced ears to wear as they have a stud at the bottom and a little hook of sterling silver at the top like our other ear wraps. The shape of this one is a beautiful bat wing and they are sold as a matched pair so they sit on your ear looking stunning without being too heavy and yet still remain firmly attached. These also sit over the ear as opposed to around the outer ear as most of our ear wraps do so you get a great visual effect without extending the jewellery past the outer edge of your ear. £39.00/$70
Morticia's Wings Ear Wraps for left ear only £19.95/$35
Morticia's Wings Ear Wraps for right ear only £19.95/$35
O323_s.jpg - 2.31 K
Cybermatrix Ear Wraps - Reminds me of mermaid fins a bit... It is a long but narrow wavy band of silver punctuated at each wave top with a line of sterling silver which stands straight out and all of them together create a wave effect. Once again this requires a pierced ear and it does extend slightly beyond the ear lobe but it is quite light and does look stunning on the ear. Sold as a matched pair you can always opt to wear just one or both as the mood takes you! £19/$35
dragonsentry_s.jpg - 2.67 K
Dragon Sentry Ear Wrap - This Sentry Dragon Ear Wrap is very new and the perfect addition to the range of dragon items. It is available for either the left or the right ear and swoops down along the cheek, keeping a protective watch. £139.95/$239
guardiandragon_s.jpg - 10.83 K
Guardian Dragon Ear Wrap - Let your Guardian Dragon guard your ear and person against all comers! In the style of the other great ear wraps, this one has been created to fit all around the ear creating a work of art which is a piece of jewellery. A beautiful dragon any collector will be proud to own. £119.95/$199
dragonwrap_s.jpg - 7.04 K
Full Ear Dragon Wrap - Climbing and entwining itself around the outside of your ear, this stunning piece is sure to thrill. It has a sterling silver (or gold) wire which wraps around the ear like a pair of glasses allowing the delicate dragon to seem perched around your ear. PLEASE SPECIFY right or left ear when ordering as this piece can be created for either ear. Of course, the diamond stud pictured is not included. AS WORN BY ANNE McCAFFERY Also available in 14k gold for £1000/$1800 £99.95/$169
ew25_s.gif - 4.09 K
ew25 - Large Dragon Earwrap - Majestic and beautifully detailed, this dragon really made me drool. As a dragon fan, I have particular tastes and his scales, the detail around the face and mouth, his tail and the overall structure really appealed to me. Solid sterling silver. AS WORN BY ANNE McCAFFERY £32/$59
fairy_l_s.jpg - 9.81 K
Daffodil and Fairy Ear Wrap left ear only. Especially for the Welsh and those of Welsh descent who wear the daffodil proudly. This wonderful fairy frolicking in amongst the daffodils (the national flower of Wales) is smaller than some of our other ear wraps, and works best on smaller ears. Pixies, Elfs and other Fey folk would wear this with pride as it is a beautiful representation of both the flower and the Fey folk. Beautifully sculpted by our favourite artist whose quality work wins her constant praise from our customers, this ear wrap is a treasure. £91/$169
dolphwrap_e_s.jpg - 8.97 K
Dolphin Ear Wrap This wave of dolphins swims over and around your ear. They playfully swim and dive , encircling the outside of your ear. These are a to-order item and available for either the right or left ear. £80/$148
leaf_s.jpg - 8.74 K
Leaf/Ivy Ear Wrap - This wonderful ear wrap has adorned the ears of the rich and famous (like Jonathan Frakes in a Star Trek:TNG episode) and can now curl enticingly around your ear. Probably more sterling silver than you can shake a stick at, this heavy piece is not heavy on. It covers the whole outer edge of the ear and has breathtaking detail. Available for either the Right or Left ear so please specify which ear you wish this earwrap for. £106/$196
ew4_s.gif - 3.57 K
Fairy with Spider Web Wings - This beautiful piece covers almost your whole ear without inhibiting hearing. To cover a hearing aid, to wear a thing of beauty or to dangle a small crystal from her outstretched arms, this is a beautiful and popular ear wrap. £37/$68
ew24_s.gif - 3.43 K
Flying Fairy a beautiful earwrap to match a pendant, earrings or a bracelet. Listen to the whispers as she flies and flits and scampers about on your ear. £27.50/$50.50
ew20_s.gif - 3.34 K
ew20 - Winged Dragon Ear Wrap - I was enchanted by this dragon when first I saw him and set off to find a way to provide my customers with ones just like him. Typically draconic, he perches over the ear in a protective yet menacing posture sure to draw attention from everyone! Solid sterling silver. £29/$54
ew12_s.gif - 2.54 K
EW12 - Praying Angel Ear Wrap Sterling Silver Left Ear only. Let an angel whisper in your ear, to let you know how much they care. They go on like glasses with the long part behind your ear. They're extremely comfortable to wear, without getting in the way of other earrings. £28/$52
ew28_s.gif - 3.02 K
Pentacle Ear Whimsy This wonderfully pagan ear wrap is the perfect statement at a conference. Be different and wear this instead of the usual pendants or rings and really draw attention to yourself! Have fun with it and dangle small beads of crystals from it. £27/$49
ew6_s.gif - 3.12 K
EW6 - Left Dragonfly - Sterling Silver Dragon Fly Ear Wrap. Left Ear only. They go on like glasses with the long part behind your ear. They're extremely comfortable to wear, without getting in the way of other earrings. £27.50/$50.50
ew14_s.gif - 3.68 K
EW14 - Right Dragonfly - Sterling Silver Dragon Fly Ear Wrap. Right Ear only. They go on like glasses with the long part behind your ear. They're extremely comfortable to wear, without getting in the way of other earrings. £27.50/$50.50
EW10_s.gif - 3.85 K
EW10 - Pensive Fairy - Thoughtful of passing time or secret spells woven at the full moon in a fairy ring, this beautiful fairy is best seen on the ear. Her demeanor and magical nature create the perfect piece of jewellery especially when paired up with a pendant and moonstone set. They go on like glasses with the long part behind your ear. They're extremely comfortable to wear, without getting in the way of other earrings. £30/$54
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