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Cross Pendants

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P397 -Illuminati Cross
Illuminati Cross - Rome: The Angels of Bernini steer the sacred path of light through the altars of science. Each point has a red gem triangle representing each of the four elements with a square CZ stone in the center called "Flawless diamond born of the four elements The Illuminati diamond". The top of the cross just below the symbol of air is a gold enhanced pentagram and the long leg has mystic symbols. The four angels protect the wearer, two looking in and two looking out. £28.25/$52
P169_s.jpg - 3.90 K
P169 - Cardinal Cross - A halo of bats encircles a holy purple quartz effect cabochon, centred on the antiqued pewter fleury cross. £17.50/$32.50
P368(1)_s.jpg - 3.78 K
P368(1) - Vatican Cross - Enamelled popish cross mounting five faceted crystals. £22/$41
P359_s.jpg - 5.22 K
P359 - Gnostic Cross - Rosicrucianesque, polished enamel, with radiating crystal. £18.50/$34.50
P347_s.jpg - 3.17 K
P347 - Funeral Cross - A gem-set in mourning with seven faceted crystals. £40.50/$75
P343_s.jpg - 3.79 K
P343 - Croix de Chartres - Copper inlayed cross of the gothic exemplar, with black faceted crystal. £21/$39
P325_s.jpg - 3.60 K
P325 - Count Cagliostro's Cross - The celebrated Italian Catholic occultist, known as "the last of the magicians"; elaborate, two part, two - tone jewel with ten Austrian crystals. £32.50/$60
P299_s.jpg - 7.32 K
P299 - The Inquisitor Cross - The iconic tool of the ruthless C.16th pan - European heresy purge £23.25/$45
P267_s.jpg - 3.83 K
P267 - Hermetic Cross - A magnificent bronze cross pierced with the alchemical Seal of Solomon, with antiqued pewter frame and four topaz crystals £21/$39
P263_s.jpg - 3.73 K
P263 - Crucifer - The leading processional holy cross, bathed in magnificent prelatical enamel. £22.50/$42
P258_s.jpg - 3.13 K
P258 - Microcosmic Cross - The faith of the philosopher. With bone resin pentacle. £16.25/$30
P250_s.jpg - 4.17 K
P250 - Cross of the Soul - Gigantic medieval cross of inner reflection and contemplation. With central glass mirror. £34.75/$64.50
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