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Celtic Pendants

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OakGold_s.jpg - 8.28 K
Real Leaf JewelleryReal Leaf jewelry. These aren't the usual leaf-shaped jewelry. These are REAL leaves, which have been coated in the metal - absolutely stunning, the pictures really dont do justice to how delicately beautiful these are. They are made to be used as a pendant. We have chosen oak leaves as they not only look lovely, but have special significance for many people. Sacred groves were the primary ritual sites for druidic worship and they had to contain ancient, gigantic oak trees and other plants of ritual significance as well. The groves of giant oak trees were the temple, that is one of the few facts about druidic worship that rests upon solid evidence. The oak itself is normally considered a symbol of wisdom and longevity. They are available with 3 different coatings - copper, silver and gold. As these are real leaves, the pictures are only a representation - all the leaves are different, but are all a similar size of oak leaf. Approximate size of these is, 1 1/2" x 1" , but as each of these is made from a real leaf the shape and size of each one is slightly different. £18/$35 Copper
Silver plated oak leaf £20/$41 Silver
Gold plated oa leaf £25/$41 Gold
9284_s.jpg - 1.88 K
Eternal Knot Pendant on chain - This is an eternal knot, with no beginning and no end and yet creating seemingly 4 petals of a flower or other natural item. It hangs off a small bail with a delicate chain included. The ancient Celts were masters at the woven line in art and this simple yet beautiful example is great for those looking for something simpler. Matches with the earrings and bracelet. £12.50/$23
9232_s.jpg - 1.38 K
Spearhead of Lugh Pendant - A wonderful celtic knotwork twist that while simple in its design is much more beautiful for it. The spear of Lugh was a magickal thing which would go forth itself in to battle without the need of the god to wield it. It slept through the use of a poppy juice when not used in battle and it is one of the four treasures of the Tuatha de Dannan. Supplied without chain. £8/$15
90CA_s.jpg - 2.57 K
Daisy Pendant on Green Thong - This is a wonderful sterling silver daisy to remind us of summer days. The flower represents gentleness and innocence, purity in thought and loyal love. Associated with the goddess Aphrodite, the actual name apparently comes from Days eye, because the flower opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Its Latin name may come from the Latin Bellis meaning beautiful, so Bellis Perennis can be translated as perennial beauty. £20/$38
92H2 - Brigid's Flame Pendant
Brigid's Flame Pendant - The Celtic goddess Brigid lends us her creativity and inspiration, but also reminds us to keep our traditions alive and whole. Her fire is the spark of life. With a beautiful knotwork design, this lovely pendant swirls up and down in a single flame shape. Beautifully designed in a simple yet beautiful shape, this makes a lovely pendant. Not supplied with chain. £19.00/$29
Sirona's Star Pendant - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork accented with a stone is a beautiful, simple design. This matched the drop earrings perfectly as well as the other items in this range (ring, bangle, bracelet, studs, necklet). A single faceted gemstone is surmounted by a triquetra to hand delicately on the neck. Very beautiful and simple available in Amethyst (purple), Blue Topaz (blue) or Cubic Zirconia (clear). Chain not included. £11.50/$22
Elven Moon Pendant - A wonderful, beautiful white mother of pearl disk surrounded on all sides by a band of silver creates a beautiful lunar effect. The addition of a sterling silver mounted white diamond in the centre makes this a beautiful piece to adorn your neck with. Comes complete with 16" snake chain and comes in a beautiful gift box on a faux suede pillow (box may be excluded on exported orders due to weight) £69/$130
Elven Star Pendant - A beautiful white mother of pearl four-rayed star like the Christmas star is secured within a sterling silver surround to keep the mother of pearl securely in place. In the centre of this star is a single sterling silver mounted white diamond. A very beautiful star that shines like a beacon on a 16" snake chain (included) to nestle perfectly on your throat. Comes in a beautiful gift box on a faux suede pillow (box may be excluded on exported orders due to weight) £69/$130
9024_s.jpg - 1.78 K
Sterling Silver Dragonfly set with Pink Sapphire Pendant - simple sterling silver dragon fly with one wing set with a small pink sapphire. Small and delicate, it seems to fly around your throat - try it on a clear choker for a really beautiful effect. Includes a beautiful sterling silver tracer chain. £34/$63
90U1_s.jpg - 1.73 K
Elendrial Forest Pendant - A wonderful single twist of vine and entwined leaves set with two small freshwater pearls. Perfect for that understated look. Comes with a chain included. £15/$28
9017_s.jpg - 1.34 K
Aethara's Breath Pendant - A single tear-shaped elongated to show the chaos that is the breath of the wind upon the face of the pendant. Beautiful and very contemporary. Comes complete with a chain. £27/$50
Amber and Silver Locket - created from sterling silver and a large 7/8" (22.5mm) cabochon of amber, this 1.25" (32mm) long locket is beautiful. Nothing spoils the large amber which has the compartment behind it. Use this for a picture or spell pouch or medicine bag as the amber will help lend its magic to your own. Join with a string of jet to create a beautiful amber and jet necklace unique in the world. Each amber is unique and we will use divination to choose the correct one for you. £30.95/$57
Triquetra Amber Teardrop - This pendant has a wonderful triquetra without a circle above it and about a 1/2" (8mm) long amber teardrop hanging from it. This makes the whole pendant around 1.25" (27mm) long and wonderfully delicate despite the length. £9/$16
Amethyst or Blue Topaz Knotwork Pendant - Beautiful in its simplicity, this pendant has a large almost 1/2" (11mm) long faceted stone set in to a bezel of sterling silver cut out with a knowwork pattern. The bail which you pass a chain through is also decorated with knotwork making this a simple, elegant pendant suitable for anyone's neck. £14.50/$29
D946_s.jpg - 2.93 K
D946 - Triquetra with Diamond Pendant - a beautiful triquetra pendant (the symbol of the show "Charmed") created in sterling silver. The circle is interwoven with each of the three arms and has a high polish. The arms have a sandblast finish creating a beautiful contract. The white diamond is perfectly faceted and set into the center of the triquetra. Like the Coven necklace worn by the Witches on "Charmed" the TV series ! £40/$78
c601_s.jpg - 4.74 K
c601 - Triquetra - This is a lovely piece created to be compact and light but wearable. We've had so many requests for our other one without a chain, we got this one - enjoy! £10/$18
SET13_s.jpg - 3.45 K
SET13 - Tara Spiral - Deep within Tara you will find the spiral to follow life out and death in. When you beat a drum within the mound you will see the spiral in the air. Each holds the balance of the other, life and death, and each is less without the other. The eternal cycle of life continues and this spiral set is a beautiful reminder. This 9k gold earrings, pendant and chain set are the perfect gift for any occation and would make a lovely spring gift for someone... £126/$233
gh03_s.jpg - 4.11 K
GH03 - Celtic Goddess This wonderfully intricate Goddess figure has been created as a beautiful open knotwork. Unique and beautiful, this will work well with any chain but we suggest a light tracer or box chain. 4.3cm long £10/$18
SET5_s.jpg - 4.97 K
SET5 - The Ring of Aine - Pendant, brooch and earrings. Her name means 'Delight, Pleasure, Agility and Melody'. Aine was a goddess of the Celtic peoples and later in Christian times she became known as a fairy queen. There is an ancient cairn and three small ring barrows known as Mullach an Triuir on the summit of Cnoc Aine which is near Knockainy village in Co. Limerick. Aine was a goddess of the Celtic peoples and later in Christian times she became known as a fairy queen. There is an ancient cairn and three small ring barrows known as Mullach an Triuir on the summit of Cnoc Aine which is near Knockainy village in Co. Limerick. Among herbalists and folk-healers Aine was understood to be responsible for the vital spark of life which they understood traversed the entire body every twenty-four hours. No bloodletting was undertaken on days associated with Aine as it was believed that the vital spark would flow away and leave the patient dead. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday following Lughnasadh Day (Aug 1st) were sacred to her. £82/$150
SET6_s.jpg - 3.84 K
SET6 - The Blessing of Grian - Grian was the Celtic Sun Goddess, who in later times became known as a fairy queen. Her sister was Aine the Goddess of Healing and Protection. Grian helped people achieve their goals in life. Bring the blessings of this Goddess in to your life with this pendant and earrings set. A pair of beautiful amber earrings with a single amber sun set in sterling silver. £104/$192
90V3dr_s.jpg - 1.21 K
90V3dr - Passionate Floating Hearts Pendant - A sterling silver floating heart on a 16" suede thong with a small sterling silver band keeping the thong tight in to a loop to keep the pendant positioned beautifully on your neck. The suede thong is a beautiful deep red and is doubled to create a really modern, expensive look. £32/$59
90V3p_s.jpg - 1.17 K
90V3p - Loving Floating Hearts Pendant - A sterling silver floating heart on a 16" suede thong with a small sterling silver band keeping the thong tight in to a loop to keep the pendant positioned beautifully on your neck. The suede thong is a beautiful pink and is doubled to create a really modern, expensive look. £32/$59
90W3_s.jpg - 0.94 K
90W3 - Elvendara's Pendant - a swish of sterling silver taken straight from the design of the necklet or circlet, this pendant is a very different item. It defies categorizing as while it has the interwoven nature of knotwork, it has an angularity familiar to tribal pieces and yet captures the flow of nature. A beautiful piece to own. Chain not included. £11/$20
92G3_s.jpg - 1.62 K
92G3 - Emer's Heart Necklace - A wonderful heart created from an interweaving of two unbroken lines on a solid background. This has been created without a loop to be worn with the provided faux suede thong which is 'clasped' at the heard with a sterling silver bead with matching knotwork. The perfect love token. Emer was an exceptionally beautiful, and intelligent woman who was aware of her charms. Before she would allow the hero Cuchulainn to have relations with her, she demanded the completion of a number of heroic tasks, reasoning it was warranted by her superior endowments. £36/$67
c704_s.jpg - 3.98 K
c704 - Cernunnos - Stag Cernunnos - the Horned One - Lord of the Forest - is associated with fertility abundance, and regeneration. He also appears in British folklore as Herne the Hunter. £10/$18
9258_s.jpg - 4.84 K
9258 - Celtic Knotwork Locket - This open knotwork eternity knot locket is perfect for carrying images or scent around with you. Perfect as a pommander, please some potpourri in it ot a scented strip of fabric for lasting scent without needing to wear it on your skin. As well, place some of New Moon's fragrant amber within a piece of light cotton within the locket and smell the amber scent all day. Chain not included. £36/$66
9256_s.jpg - 4.21 K
9256 - Triscelle Locket with Amethyst - This beautiful open knotwork locket has beed created to display the beautiful faceted amethist in the middle as well as being a functional locket. The back is different with only a triscelle. This locket is also perfect as a scent locket or pommander as out other lockets and if a beautiful gift. Chain not included £45/$80
9257_s.jpg - 2.99 K
9257 - Heart Locket - This perfect heart locket is a beautiful loving locket that can also be used as a scent locket. Chain not included £18.50/$34
TP1358_s.jpg - 9.65 K
TP1358 - Crescent Moon and Knotwork - As a charm or pendant, this is a beautiful piece £10/$18
celt80_s.jpg - 8.28 K
celt80 - Cerridwen's Moon - This waning moon is symbolic of the crone and the wisdom of age. It is of magic and the maker of myth. From Her all things are born and to Her they all return as sun, as moon, as earth, as wind, as sky. Stir your own magic cauldron and make magick! £11/$21
92E2_s.jpg - 5.94 K
92E2 - Irish Shamrock Locket - The shamrock has been the emblem of Ireland since about 433 A.D. when Saint Patrick is said to have used the three leaves to explain the meaning of the Trinity to the Pagans and Druids, thus establishing the start of Christianity on the Emerald Isle. The Shamrock is an internationally recognized symbol and has also come to symbolize "Good Luck", as it is a rare find indeed to pick a clover with four leaves instead of three--and those of you that do must indeed have the Luck of the Irish! Chain not included. £44/$81
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