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Celtic Necklaces

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92F1_s.jpg - 1.68 K
Claddagh Necklace - Wonderfully beautiful and perfect with a variety of stone settings to choose from. This is the typical claddagh image with a central heart which is set with a peridot CZ stone (green being the colour of the heart chakra) or an amethyst both faceted and beautiful or go for agate in black or green. The heart is topped with a crown and on each side are hands holding the heart. There is a chain attached to each side of the hands creating this beautiful 16" neckpiece. £39/$73
9225_s.jpg - 1.11 K
Star of Arianrhod Necklace - a beautiful triscelle with an elongated tail makes this shooting star a really unique design. Created in sterling silver inspired by the art of the Celts, this beautiful pendant traces the path of a shooting star in flight - the star of Arianrhod. Arianrhod was mistress of her own castle where only women served and men were shunned from. She set the trials for the ruler of the land and was lover of both the sea and air gods. A wonderfully powerful woman, her castle was Caer Arianrhod, which is the Welsh name for the Corona Borealis. £15.50/$26.50
91D6_s.jpg - 1.65 K
R91D6 - Beltane Joy Necklace - A chain links the loose links of Mackintosh design roses and ivy leaves creating a great liquid, moving design. This necklace is long with a training decoration of the rose and ivy leaf. To put it on, just expand the chain to the first leaf and slip it over your head - no clasp required. The Vine is the symbol of sensuality and emotions and may have been associated the lunar goddess Arianrhod whose rituals opened the path to the Otherworld. The rose is the flower of Venus - the flower of love. It is linked to the blood of Christian saints, Goddesses and passion. The rose has captivated people since it first appeared on earth early one May morning... £69.50/$128
s9288_s.jpg - 1.21 K
Sirona's Star Necklet - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork accented with a stone is a beautiful, simple design. On each side of a faceted stone sits a triquetra at the perfect angle. Comes complete with chain in amethyst, blue topaz or CZ. £19/$35
D7D4_s.jpg - 2.40 K
Hecate's Moon Necklace - The dark moon created in black mother of pearl is suspended off the loop of the toggle clasp closure of this necklace. The centre of the dark moon has a sterling silver set white diamond and the disk itself is surrounded by sterling silver. The large link tracer chain and toggle are just over 16" in length and this piece comes in a beautiful gift box on a faux suede pillow (box may be excluded on exported orders due to weight) £129/$239
tn163_s.jpg - 1.88 K
Triple Pentacle Necklet - There are three pentacles - one central one and two on the sides. The triquetra on each side of the central one twists off on one side to extend into a slightly more complex knotwork and creates a place for the links to attach to. Then a pentacle and another extra twisty along one arm triquetra to a chain. Comes in at about 17" total length £22/$40
9276_s.jpg - 2.55 K
9276 - Airmed's Circlet Necklet - Airmed is a Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan. She is a Goddess of witchcraft, medicine, healing and herb lore. This necklet is available as shown with amethyst. This necklet is beautiful and sits perfectly around your neck echiong Airmed's circlet. Comes complete with chain. £50/$80
9270_s.jpg - 2.81 K
9270 - Cerridwens Knot - Welsh; goddess of death, initiation, inspiration, magic, regeneration. Known as a moon goddess, Great Mother, and grain deity; wife of the giant Tegrid. She brewed a magical potion of wisdom in her cauldron, and forced the young Taliesin to stir it for a year and a day. When he accidentally swallowed the last three drops, he was transformed into a bard. Welsh bards once called themselves Cerddorion "sons of Cerridwen," meaning they received their initiation from Cerridwen herself. £25/$42
9282_s.jpg - 3.26 K
9282 - Branwen's Rain Necklace - Wales; goddess known as Venus of the Northern Seas was the deity of love and beauty. Daughter of Llyr and one of the three matriarchs of Britain. Branwen is the Welsh/Manx Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is also called the Lady of the Lake in some traditions. Branwen means "white raven" in Welsh and she also is considered in Wales to be the Morning and Evening Star. Branwen is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is also considered the Lady of the Lake and is the embodiment of the Land. She is the Goddess of sovereignty and should be included in any ritual that deals with the Land or earth. Call on Branwen when you need help starting a new project, are looking for inspiration, or are faced with a new beginning. Some symbols that are associated with Branwen are The Cauldron, The Starling, The Waxing Moon, and The White Raven. £45/$83
9027_s.jpg - 1.32 K
Aethara's Breath Necklace - I think this is more laryat than necklace with the two ends joined by a bar dangling in the front of this necklace. A wonderful look with a single tear-shaped high polish drop and a single sandblast finish tear-shaped drop decorated with the eddies and whorls of the breath of the wind. £32/$59
tripmoon-rmoon-circlet_s.jpg - 1.95 K
Triple Moon with Rainbow Moonstone circlet necklace - This is a wonderful necklace and circlet. The 24" chain has larger loops meaning the clasp can be closed almost anywhere along its length. The rainbow moonstone is 3/4" or about 2cm and each moon is solid and about 1/2" long with a small star at one end of the chain. This is a wonderful circlet and can be worn as a necklace. £39.95/$73
filigremoon-circlet_s.jpg - 1.49 K
Filigree Triple Moon with Rainbow Moonstone circlet necklace - This is a great necklace with a 24" long chain ended in a wonderful star. The center of the necklace is a rainbow moonstone surrounded by silver and about 3/4" big with crescent moons with some knotwork or filigree work on each side of the rainbow moonstone which are about 3/4" long. This can be worn as a circlet around your head or as a necklace. £49.95/$93
TN248_s.jpg - 1.77 K
Faerie Pentacle Necklace - How to describe this beautiful pendant... hmmm.... It is a Goddess shape with upstretched arms forming a 1/2 circle around a pentagram with a moonstone in the center. The butterfly wings are beautifully decorative and stretch out to each side. Off the bottom of each wing and get feet is a chain with a moonstone drop hanging off it. A really wonderful piece. £55/$102
9299s_s.jpg - 2.41 K
9299s - Necklet of Eriu - variant of Eire, the wife of MacGreine and a queen of the Tuatha De Danaan whose name was given to Ireland afterwards, she met the Sons of the Gael on the hill of Uisnech, and talked with Eremon. One moment she would be a wide-eyed beautiful queen, and the next she would be a sharp-beaked, grey-white crow. She led the Tuatha De Danaan in the first battle fought against the Sons of the Gael, but was beaten back to Tailltin where she was killed in the Battle of Tailltin. A beautiful sterling silver necklet with a beautiful knotwork centerpiece. £27/$45
90V0_s.jpg - 1.34 K
90V0 - Hearts Apart - This wonderful sterling silver necklace has a central hollow heart with the chain leading off either side making it a necklet plus a detachable rose quartz heart with two tiny heart charms whole toggle fits through the central heart making it seem as complete when worn either way. £63/$116
90V2_s.jpg - 1.36 K
90V2 - Romance Rose Quartz Necklace - created from rose quartz beads, this beautiful rose quartz necklace is perfect for those looking for love or looking to heal a broken heart. Aimed for the heart chakra and a known stone of love and romance as well as healing, rose quartz has been associated with love for a long time. A front sterling silver circle and t-bar clasp create a focal point for the two small rose quartz charms and the sterling silver heart tag has a pink sapphire in the center set within a carved-out star. The pink sapphire I feel is a most special addition making this a unique piece. £83.50/$155
9287_s.jpg - 2.13 K
9287 - Amethyst or Blue Topaz Dian Cecht Necklet - Celtic knotwork has been depicted in art for centuries representing the endless nature of the cycle of life. This Celtic knotwork design has been created to represent the flowing nature of healing and worked with a special stone of amethyst. Dian Cecht is a God of healing and craft who weaves a smooth transition back to health. Comes complete with chain. £27/$50
TN164_s.jpg - 6.22 K
TN164 - Crescent Moon and Knotwork with Moonstone - This is beautiful - a central full moon moonstone with two crescent moons with celtic knotwork to each side. Created as a full necklace and not just a pendant, this necklace sits perfectly on your neck. Great on its own or as a set with earrings. £29/$54
9281_s.jpg - 1.97 K
9281 - Necklet of Abaris - Set with an Amethyst not black agate as shown. Abaris was a Druid who went to Rome to discuss the Celtic methods of astronomy and fortunetelling with the people there. As amethyst is a stone commonly related to enhancing psychic ability and also related to the head or crown chakra, this is a particularry wonderful piece to wear during divination sessions. Comes complete with chain. £33/$61
9262_s.jpg - 2.66 K
9262 - Rounded Celtic Knot Necklet - representing the endless nature of the cycle of life, the Celtic knotwork design has been created here into a beautiful necklet with chain included. £24/$45
9288_s.jpg - 1.84 K
9288 - Blood of Sirona Necklet - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork with the faceted garnet makes a beautiful, delicate necklet. Comes complete with chain. £18/$34
n100_s.gif - 3.48 K
n100 - Celestial Neckpiece - Sterling Silver Celestial Neck Piece with Carved Rainbow Moonstone. Adjustable to fit any neck. Stars and swirls on each side are actually also earrings which can be purchased to match this set. Comes complete with chain. £73/$135
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