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Sterling Silver and Gold Earrings

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O300_s.jpg - 2.92 K
Morticia's Wings Earrings - a smaller, very cute version of the ear wrap, these earrings are fab and being smaller, cover only most of the lower lobe and extend only a small amount over the ear. Small and light, the bat wing effect is still carried off well and in a really cute way. Created in sterling silver the tips of each of the wings can be adjusted slightly giving you a more unique look, different from anyone else with the same earring. A wonderful way to display a creative earring without going too large. £10.50/$19.50
62H2_s.jpg - 1.61 K
Brigid's Flame Earrings - Celtic Goddess of the fire of the forge and the hearth, poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity, her gifts are light (knowledge), inspiration, and the vital and healing energy of the sun. These wonderful earrings dance the light off of them like a candle flame. A single flame shape twists in a knotwork design on each ear as they dangle from each lobe. £19.00/$29
5235_s.jpg - 3.31 K
Sirona's Star Drop Earrings - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork accented with a stone is a beautiful, simple design. The larger triquetra tops a larger stone with french hooks. Use butterfly backs from other earrings to stop the french hooks falling out (personal tip). Available in Amethyst (purple), Blue Topaz (blue), Garnet (red), or Cubic Zirconia (clear) £18/$33
te2912_s.jpg - 4.82 K
Triquetra earrings - darling little triquetras of about a 1/2" in length dangle off french hooks. £11/$20.50
jack_and_the_beanstalk_s.jpeg - 2.58 K
Jack and the Beanstalk vine accent earring - Relive your childhood when you wear this whimsical ear Jack and the Beanstalk ear cuff and it's vine accent earring. The designer suggests that you wear the vine accent earring on the right ear to compliment the Jack and the Beanstalk ear cuff or consider ordering a pair of the vine earrings for a more elaborate statement. This does not include the ear cuff pictured. £17/$32
te2607_s.jpg - 3.64 K
te2607 - Horned Moon Earrings - These are the matching earrings to our moon candle holders and lunar Goddess. This beautiful crescent moon has a pentacle in the center of it surrounded by Celtic swirl patterns. £13/$23
te2057_s.jpg - 4.55 K
te2057 - Moon Pentacle Earrings - The center of our large moon pendant is a celtic knotwork pentacle with a beautiful crescent moon decorated with celtic scrollwork. These earrings therefore match any of our moon pendants perfectly! £24/$44
te2109_s.jpg - 7.70 K
te2109 - Crescent Moon Pentacle w/circle - This beautiful pair of simple moon and pentacle earrings are beautiful and come with a central amethyst stone. The simplicity of the piece has attracted a great number of pagans and wiccans who are looking for something different. £26/$48
te2052_s.jpg - 7.92 K
te2052 - Tree Pentacle Earrings - That beautiful, crisp tree pentacle pendant has matching earrings! These are a smaller version of the pendant and are really quite beautiful. They match the wall plaque and the pendant so why not treat yourself to these beauties. £24/$44
te1176_s.jpg - 3.26 K
Raven Earrings - Ravens are magically symbolic of courage and magic. A native friend of mine says that ravens are powerful birds that are sacred and mysterious. They can present to those who hold their totem the added courage needed to take new steps, and can symbolize an impending change in consciousness. In the West, ravens are also associated with magic and healing and the goddess Morgana. They are believed to have the power to guide the healing process, show the way to more powerful magics and link you to the Gods To wear or have around you symbols of ravens can help with developing courage, your own inner magical abilities and your ties to the Gods.
Then again, they are also related to blood and death so I suppose you can take your pick *grins*.
ce1209_s.gif - 2.50 K
ce1209 - Praying Angels Earrings Let these angels whisper in your ear, to let you know how much they care. Bring the guidence and influence of your guardian angels close to you so they can whisper helpful information in to your ears. £17/$31
D346_s.jpg - 2.40 K
D346 - Triquetra with Diamond Stud Earrings - a beautiful pair of triquetra stud earrings (the symbol of the show "Charmed") created in sterling silver. The circle is interwoven with each of the three arms and has a high polish. The arms have a sandblast finish creating a beautiful contract. The white diamond is perfectly faceted and set into the center of each triquetra. Each pair of earrings is sold with a beautiful leather-look presentation box and gift bag (may be excluded on export orders due to weight) £35/$64
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