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Sterling Silver Bracelets

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7202_s.jpg - 2.46 K
7202 - Sterling Silver Twist Triskellion Torc Bangle - a discrete triskelle design on each cap of this bangle and the twist design makes it closer to what a genuine torc would have looked like. Used to indicate rulership or other special rank, each torc was special and unique to the Celtic peoples who used them. £64.00/$99
D745_s.jpg - 1.17 K
Triknot Bangle with White Diamond - A beautiful solid bangle hooking at one side of the front sandblast-effect bar with the hinge at the other. The triknot is on one side of the triangular bar with the white diamond set just below it. This is a beautiful piece and perfect for those with other in the "charmed" series of jewellery. £75/$140
7017_s.jpg - 1.22 K
7017 - Aethara's Breath Bangle - almost a full half of this bangle is the wonderful sandblast look with the swirling patterns of the breath of air raised against the matt background. A really beautiful piece and quite a weight of sterling silver as well. £49/$91
7237_s.jpg - 1.53 K
Eternal Knot Bracelet - This is an eternal knot, with no beginning and no end and yet creating seemingly 4 petals of a flower or other natural item. These are then linked together to form a beautiful bracelet with a ring of eternal knots. The ancient Celts were masters at the woven line in art and this simple yet beautiful example is great for those looking for something simpler. Matches with the earrings and pendant. £44/$75
7282_s.jpg - 1.35 K
Emer's Heart Large Bangle Bracelet - Created in solid sterling silver, this bangle has as the centerpiece the same heart as the brooch but with the knotwork on the opposite side showing this company doesn't just copy and paste designs. The heart itself is clear and soft with a swirl of knotwork setting it off to the left side. It is a wonderful way to express love, affection or passion and matches well with the earrings, charm (which works as a pendant too) or brooch. Emer was an exceptionally beautiful, and intelligent woman who was aware of her charms. Before she would allow the hero Cuchulainn to have relations with her, she demanded the completion of a number of heroic tasks, reasoning it was warranted by her superior endowments. £30.50/$56
9607z_s.jpg - 1.92 K
9607z - Amber Poison Cuff - .925 sterling silver cuffs with a narrow back and wide front have three amber cabochons mounted on it surrounded by silver design work. The central round amber as a silver surround which has a latch on the front which, when unlatched, reveals the secret compartment beneath it. £47/$89
72H2_s.jpg - 1.23 K
Brigid's Flame Bangle - Such a potent and powerful symbol was she that Ireland is full of springs and wells named after the goddess Brigid. Symbolically, water is seen as a portal to the Otherworld and as a source of wisdom and healing. A wonderful, simply elegant design. A single band of silver wraps around your wrist with an elongated flame design sits on the front. At each end of the design a loop - one as a hinge, one as a latch loop. Symmetry and elegant design. £31.50/$58
71D6_s.jpg - 1.61 K
R71D6 - Beltane Joy Bracelet - A chain links the loose links of Mackintosh design roses and ivy leaves creating a great liquid, moving design. The bracelet has the rose and ivy charms at regular intervals along the length. A great match to earrings or necklace. The Vine is the symbol of sensuality and emotions and may have been associated the lunar goddess Arianrhod whose rituals opened the path to the Otherworld. The rose is the flower of Venus - the flower of love. It is linked to the blood of Christian saints, Goddesses and passion. The rose has captivated people since it first appeared on earth early one May morning... £46/$85
7204a_s.jpg - 1.21 K
Sirona's Star Bangle - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork accented with a stone is a beautiful, simple design. With a triquetra to either side of a nice faceted stone followed on by a solid band of silver, this is a beautiful bangle for any occasion. Available in Amethyst (purple), Blue Topaz (blue), or Cubic Zirconia. £41/$70
7206_s.jpg - 1.55 K
Sirona's Star Bracelet - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork accented with a stone is a beautiful, simple design. A repeating design of a faceted stone flanked by a triquetra on either side and all linked up together. Available with either an Amethyst (purple) stone or a Blue Topaz (blue) stone. £59/$109
7021_s.jpg - 1.69 K
7021 - Elendrial Forest Bangle - A wonderful solid sterling silver bangle with the front third taken with a twining of vines and leaves set with freshwater pearls. The rounding of the design gives this piece an organic look to match the necklace. £36/$67
BR046_s.gif - 3.44 K
BR046 - Fairy Bracelet - Sterling Silver Fairy strap-style bracelet £25/$46
70V6_s.jpg - 2.12 K
70V6 - Black Heart and Silver Rose Bracelet - A great starter charm bracelet as well, this heavy link bracelet of just over 7 inches has on the toggle clasp a wonderful black agate heart and sterling silver rose on a small bit of chain. A really goth and yet posh look and great to start a charm bracelet off with. £82/$140
Jet bangle - A simple oval of the same high quality as our amber set within an oval of sterling silver surrounded by 2 sterling silver wires which then encircle the wrist latching on the far side of the oval making a perfect circle. £79/$145
Amber Cuff - we've had trouble with our Balanese supplier for these so have had to turn to our high-quality amber supplier. This means what the amber is genuine, unretouched (not reconstituted or heated) and comes with a guarantee as to Baltic origin, authenticity and care. The sterling silver setting is of the highest quality and this makes the whole piece beautiful. Each side of the amber oval is a sterling silver large leaf and wire decorating and creating the structure. £123/$227
tbg764_s.jpg - 3.17 K
Alternating Triquetra Links Bracelet - a wonderful for any fan of "Charmed", Led Zepplin or just the triquetra symbol. Each link is either proud or reversed making this a great 7 inch bracelet in wonderful sterling silver. £39.95/$70
tbg446_s.jpg - 2.68 K
TBG446 - Owl Bracelet - A string of Athena's owls create this great bracelet. Seven owls connected head to feet with eyes wide (as though they've been in the room with hubby after he's been eating diabetic chocolate or jam) and wings tucked against their bodies. A great bracelet for anyone who likes owls, is dedicated to Athena or just likes it! £39.95/$70
SBR922_s.jpg - 2.05 K
Elvish Small Love Bangle - this new bangle is the circle of the Elvish Love Pendant with a sterling silver wire attaching it to your wrist. By creating this new bracelet, the folks who create this beautiful jewellery have made more love bangles available to everyone. The bangle opens at one side of the love ring and is gently hinged at the other with a generous sterling silver wire loop creating the body of the bangle. £36/$68
VALPAGE09_C_s.jpg - 1.83 K
D771 - Togetherness Garnet Bracelet - In the past, garnets were exchanged between friends to symbolize their affection, and to ensure they meet again. Wear this wonderful bracelet for the same reasons or to enhance the stones other qualities in your life of devotion, love, stability and order because as an aid to the flow of energy, this beautiful deep red stone has enjoyed continued popularity. The garnet beads are joined with a strand of bead chain in sterling silver brought together at the toggle where a single garnet charm hangs beside a polished sterling silver heart tag with a carved out small star in the middle housing a small genuine white diamond. Make this your own or give it as a gift plus this is the perfect match to the necklace or wear it perfectly on its own. £85/$158
70K0_s.jpg - 1.08 K
70K0 - Romance Rose Quartz Bracelet - created from rose quartz beads, this beautiful rose quartz necklace is perfect for those looking for love or looking to heal a broken heart. Aimed for the heart chakra and a known stone of love and romance as well as healing, rose quartz has been associated with love for a long time. A sterling silver circle and t-bar clasp create a focal point for the two small rose quartz charms and the sterling silver heart tag has a pink sapphire in the center set within a carved-out star. The pink sapphire I feel is a most special addition making this a unique piece and the perfect match to the necklace or wear it on its own. £57/$106
dragonchain_s.jpg - 6.26 K
Dragon Infinity Bracelet - These tiny solid sterling silver dragons curl back on themselves creating the symbol of eternity, lending a name to this beautiful bracelet. Each dragon is finished on all sides and is slightly curved to properly fit the curve of your wrist. This bracelet comes in at slightly over 7 inches and additional 1 inch links can be added for £17.50/$26 each. £128/$236
TBG648_s.jpg - 5.15 K
TBG648 Crescent Moon Bracelet - a seven inch sterling silver bracelet made of small crescent moon pentacles all linked together. A wonderful compliment to the pendant or earrings. Moon Pentacle - The pentacle, carved with Celtic knotwork as well as traditional Celtic swirl patterns, was known as the Seal of Solomon. It is a symbol of Earth and Prosperity as seen in the Tarot. The pentacle in its upright position represents the Spirit in balance and harmony with the four elements. £40/$74
br22_s.gif - 4.17 K
br22 - Spider Bracelet - A wonderful piece of the spider on its web in solid sterling silver. With black onyx, this could be the black widow spider, or perhaps choose moonstone for the nighttime powers of the spider. Choose amethyst for a more magickal spider or garnet for a deadly blood spider. With any stone, this piece is stunning. £87/$160
phasesmoonbracelet_s.jpg - 8.42 K
Phases of the Moon Bracelet - A sterling silver bracelet with deep enamel moons in white with shadow in black. The eight moon phases are depicted in this striking bracelet set in nickel free sterling silver, 7 1/4 inches long. £33/$61
7209_s.jpg - 3.31 K
7289 - Heart Link Bracelet A heart filled with celtic knotwork each one a link to create a beautiful bracelet. £24.50/$45
7205_s.jpg - 3.43 K
7205 - Airmed's Circlet Bangle - Airmed is a Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan. She is a Goddess of witchcraft, medicine, healing and herb lore. This bangle is available with a clear cubic zirconia, an amethyst or as shown with blue topaz. Secured at the side creating a complete circle, this is a beautiful bangle. £49.50/$92
br120_s.jpg - 3.05 K
br120 - Chakra Bracelet - a creatively designed chakra bracelet with each stone of garnet, citrine, tigerseye, malachite, reconstituted turquoise, amethyst and moonstone in a circle of solid sterling silver, their energies channeled together by the criss cross of a sterling silver wire. £36/$66
dragbracelet_s.jpg - 2.79 K
BR8 - Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet - A beautiful piece in sterling silver. This dragon crawls around your wrist in captured fluid motion. Slightly flexible, this bracelet is open at the back so that it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. £31/$55
9602z_s.jpg - 4.21 K
9602z - Secret Topaz Bracelet - This wonderful sterling silver and blue topaz bracelet has a wonderful surprize - a secret compartment! Traditionally, these are called 'poison' bracelets (etc) however you don't have to use them to poison your lover - you can store prayers, spells, herbs, allergy pills, a bit of earth from Glastonbury, a lock of hair or anything really. We leave it to your imagination... £46/$88
bats_s.jpg - 4.11 K
The Bat Chain can be worn by itself as a chain, bracelet, or ankle chain. Five links makes a 7" bracelet, which is the most popular length. Size: 1 3/8" W x 1/2" H each link Price: in Sterling Silver: £80/$128 for 5-link bracelet; £17/$27 each link up to 12 links; £13/$21 each link 13 or more links £91/$169
9605z_s.jpg - 4.97 K
9605z - Secret Celtic Bracelet - Solid sterling silver with a beautiful celtic design, there is more to this bracelet than meets the eye. There is a secret chamber behind the knotwork where you can secret things away! Traditionally referred to as poison bracelets, these are great for secreting away any treasure. £46/$88
9611z_s.jpg - 4.97 K
9611z - Pentacle Poison Bracelet - A wonderful piece with a really beautifully created sterling silver bracelet with pentacle and inlay, this has a secret compartment where you can secret away anything. No need to just use it for poisoning your unfaithful lovers or the king as may have happened in times past, use it to secret herbs, allergy pills, hair, or anything away. £46/$88
BR69_s.jpg - 4.61 K
BR69 - Star Goddess Bracelet - She is the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars. This goddess bracelet just doesn't photograph well. It's a full body goddess on each side holding a 10mm stone (works best with Moonstone). It's a cuff style. You can probably see the stars on their dresses. Height: �" Open back, cuff style bracelet. £69/$138
br21_s.gif - 3.19 K
br21 - Moonstone Pentacle Bracelet - A beautiful open-back pentacle bracelet that will fit almost any wrist with a pentacle on the front. It has been cast with care and a single moonstone set into the centre. £44/$81
br75_s.gif - 2.44 K
br75 - Sterling Silver Pentacle Bracelet Pentacle - Height: 1" Full back with clasp Bracelet £27/$49
pentbrace_s.gif - 3.21 K
TBG018 - Small Pentacle Bracelet This is great for someone looking for a more subtle pentacle without giving up quality. These links are a good size and a great price for so many in sterling silver £19/$35
TBGV018-07.jpg - 6.59 K
Gold Enhanced Pentacle Bracelet - Many of you are familiar with the small pentacle bracelet - this one has pure gold on the pentagram with the circle still in sterling silver. £25/$46
7231_s.jpg - 3.19 K
7231 - Amethyst or Blue Topaz Dian Cecht Bangle - Celtic knotwork has been depicted in art for centuries representing the endless nature of the cycle of life. This Celtic knotwork design has been created to represent the flowing nature of healing and worked with a special stone of amethyst. Dian Cecht is a God of healing and craft who weaves a smooth transition back to health. £38/$71
BR116_s.gif - 2.87 K
BR116 - Celtic Love Knot Bracelet - Love Knot Jewelry is a combination of two intertwined a traditional trinity knot and the other in a heart shape. Joined together they are a special symbol of unending love. Sterling Silver strap on style bracelet. £27/$49
7204_s.jpg - 2.28 K
7204 - Blood of Sirona Bangle - A Gaulish Goddess whose name means star, she also may be a Goddess of the whole sky. This beautiful triquetra knotwork with the faceted garnet makes a beautiful, delicate bracelet. £28.50/$53
7222_s.jpg - 2.87 K
7222 - Bangle of Abaris - Set with Amethyst. Abaris was a Druid who went to Rome to discuss the Celtic methods of astronomy and fortunetelling with the people there. As amethyst is a stone commonly related to enhancing psychic ability and also related to the head or crown chakra, this is a particularry wonderful piece to wear during divination sessions. £44/$81
7230_s.jpg - 2.53 K
7230 - Rounded Celtic Knot Bangle - representing the endless nature of the cycle of life, the Celtic knotwork design has been created here into the front piece of a beautiful bangle. As a bangle, it is a solid wire bracelet with a catch at one side cleverly designed to look as though it is just part of the design. £27/$51
7219_s.jpg - 2.89 K
7219 - Clouds over Tara - representing the endless nature of the cycle of life, the Celtic knotwork design has been created here into the front piece of a beautiful bangle which is reminiscent of a cloud. As a bangle, it is a solid wire bracelet with a catch at one side cleverly designed to look as though it is just part of the design. £59.95/$90
7260_s.jpg - 2.81 K
7260 - Claddagh Bangle in green or black onyx - The Claddagh symbolizes love in the image of the heart, friendship in the symbol of the hands and loyalty in the symbol of the crown. £65.99/$99.99
roardragbrace_s.jpg - 3.04 K
Growling Dragon Link Bracelet - a fun 7" bracelet with 10 small little dragon links, pairs facing each other. They have little wings and are growling. These are great and we brought in the matching earrings and charms for these guys. £69.95/$110
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