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Datura - Datura stromomium - Also known as Thornapple, Jimson Weed - A truly stunning plant with very large trumpet shaped white flowers. This tropical annual plant has flowers that can be up to 7 inches long. They open at dusk and give off a wonderful scent through the night, which shows they have some Moon influence and makes them great additions to a Moon garden. This dangerous baneful herb contains the same chemicals as relatives like henbane or belladonna; it should not be ingested. If you wish to interact directly with this plant, try the scent.. Planetary Ruler - Jupiter and Venus £1.75/$3
Belladonna - Deadly Nightshade - Also Known as Belladonna, banewort, dwale - It is sometimes used to invoke Bellona, and other Goddesses of War. Deadly Nightshade may be used to invoke Circe, and is the appropriate herb used to consecrate ritual tools make of lead. It has an affinity with onyx, and may be used in the consecration and charging of that stone. They do well stored together. In West European magick, this crone herb has been used for astral projection and is allegedly an ingredient in flying ointments. It is absolutely not sold for consumption by any method whatsoever and should only be used use in rituals. Planetary Ruler - Saturn and Saturn Elemental Association - Water £1.75/$3
Henbane - Hyoscyamus niger - Also known as Hen Pen, Henbell, Devil's Eye,Hog's-bean, Jupiter's-bean, Symphonica, Cassilata, Cassilago, Deus Caballinus, and Jusquiame - Henbane is one of the herbs of the underworld. Ritually it is used to summon spirits, relatives who have passed into other lives, and beings who live in the astral realms, though this sort of work should not be undertaken lightly and only if you are adept in this area. Common usage of Henbane is in working with increased psychic perception and clairvoyancy. Due to its toxic nature of this herb, it is best used as an incense. The root is the safest part of the plant and as such it can be gathered, dried and worn as an amulet. You can hang bunches of Henbane up to dry by the hinges of outer doors to protect against negative energy. Henbane was used ritually in ancient Scotland, apparently in connection with the dead. In Greek mythology, the dead who wander the shores of the River Styx are crowned with henbane, most likely because of its real life ability to make one forget oneself. Planetary Ruler - Saturn £1.75/$3
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