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Detox & Anti-Cellulite

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achesaway_s.jpg - 3.05 K
Aches Away Bath Soak - They really do take the aches away. A sachet is for a single bath which you'll adore. Perfect if you've just done gardening and know you'll be aching or have been suffering with aches - it really works for me. £3.50/$6.50 for a single sachet or save yourself a bundle and pay only £28/$56 for a whole box of 12 sachets! £28/$56
506_s.jpg - 3.58 K
Anti Cellulite Massage Oils - 4% mixtures of essential oils in sweet almond. Presented in 100ml / 3.33 fl.oz (US) amber plastic bottles. £4/$6
Edom Dead Sea Bath Salts 1 kg jar - For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has been known for its remarkable properties, thanks to high mineral concentration and the large variety of minerals. Enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea, by immersing yourself in a bath of Edom Bath Salts. The natural enriched salts and minerals are refreshing and revitalising, leaving your body and skin with an invigorating feeling of softness and suppleness, beautifully shiny and healthy. A unique product, stimulates blood circulation, helps to relieve pain in muscles and joints and to release the body from stress and tension. Directions:- Pour the desired quantity (250gr up to 1.5Kg) into a bath filled with warm water. Relax in bath for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off. For soaking feet /elbows or foot massage, use a small amount. To aid detoxification, use a cellulite body brush for 5 minutes on trouble areas (careful - don't go mad and hurt yourself) then soak in a bathtub with 100g of Edom Dead Sea Bath Salts for at least 35 minutes. You will immediately feel the difference it makes to your skin. £15.10/$38.50
shampoo_s.jpg - 7.37 K
EDOM MINERAL SHAMPOO 250ml - A unique product enriched with Dead Sea Minerals. Thoroughly cleanses scalp and hair while conditioning at the same time. Helps to prevent dandruff and reduces scaling and itching. Add's body, life and lustre to your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Can be used daily. £14.25/$35
isis_s.jpg - 6.12 K
ISIS herbal detox * Get rid of unwanted toxins *Test clean every time *The world's most advanced rapid detox system. This is not a cover up. Isis will help completely remove toxins from your system. The ingredients in Isis have been historically consumed to assist the human body in purification and complete rapid elimination of toxins. Contains alfalfa, burdock, chamomile, dandelion, goldenseal, licorice root, rose hips, slipperyelm, hibiscus, ma huang, love & light. Created in the US in an FDA approved facility and this product has undergone rigorous quality control to insure the quality and consistancy. Suitable for vegetarians! This is an excellent way to clean your body after a night on the town, to start a healthy living regime or as part of a whole life experience. An herbal dietary supliment supplied with informational leaflet and instructions for effective use. £13/$19.50
bodycare_cellulite_mud_s.jpg - 8.00 K
Algae and Dead Sea Salt Cellulite Mud Mask 40g Montagne Jeunesse Sachets. Natural Dead Sea Salts and minerals condition and tone for, soft smooth skin. Do you want to fight the appearance of cellulite on your problem areas? Our renowned Algae and Dead Sea Salt Cellulite Mud treatment helps improve skin elasticity, firmness and tone., whilst application can stimulate circulation and detoxifying the skin leaving it softer, clearer and smoother. Algae and Dead Sea Salt Cellulite Mud Extract of Algae helps to improve elasticity and tone when massaged into your skin. Grab a few as once you have indulged your skin in the supurb blend of minerals and healing salts from the dead sea, you'll never want to use anything else. Buy 4 and get one FREE! £2.50/$3.75
Anti Cellulite Aminophylline Cream 60ml Made with herbal extracts and essential oils. Attractively packaged in 60ml / 1.98 fl.oz (US) amber glass pots. £4/$6
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