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Seductive Smokes Stuff

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LC1_s.jpg - 2.22 K
LC1 - Pentagram Hex Disposable Lighter Cover - The most powerful amulet against evil. £18.50/$34
LC7_s.jpg - 4.00 K
LC7 - Wyverex (Cigarette Case) The classic dragon of alchemical lore is elegantly debossed onto the face of this smart cigarette holder. We would like to help you kick the nicotine habit so you get a pack of Special herbal cigarettes included with this item. £29.99/$55
LC8_s.jpg - 5.06 K
LC8 - Dead Spider (Cigarette Case) A nasty case for a nasty habit. Holds 10 cigarettes. We would like to help you kick the nicotine habit so you get a pack of Deluxe herbal cigarettes included with this item. £30.50/$56.50
LC6_s.jpg - 4.83 K
LC.6 Nail in the Coffin Cigarette Case - We all know smoking cigarettes with tobacco kills. There are more than 50 additives and it's expensive, addictive, and not only hurts your lungs but weakens your heart and arteries. So hide your herbal, non-addictive cigarettes from prying eyes. Whether our Clove cigarettes or the Deluxe brand, this cigarette case will allow you to look the part without the destructive addictive contents. £26.50/$49
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