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LG36_s.jpg - 1.75 K
LG36 - Bone-Casket Handbag - A refreshing change to the coffin handbag. This handbag has an engravable pewter plaque on the front so you can personalize your handbag plus a great handle made from mock pewter bones. Lined with burgundy velour, it has a snap closure at the bottom and side and comes with a 36" (90cm) curb chain shoulder strap which is detachable. £100/$185
LG39_s.jpg - 2.29 K
LG39 - Leather Pentagram Purse - FINALLY! I have been *BEGGING* for this for a year or more! This is the mate to the much more expensive pentagram handbag. It is a plain leather purse with the pentacle embossed on the leather. It includes a curb chain shoulder strap and a zipper pull with the little pentacle on it. WONDERFUL and I highly recommend it! 14cm diameter (5.5") £28/$52
LG38_s.jpg - 1.95 K
LG38 - Death Head Mini-Inro - Traditional Japanese-style leather 'Inro' pouch for disposable lighter, lipstick, etc. Decorated with pewter skull casting and cord-finial. Can be used with Death Head Inro-Maxi. £15/$31
LG37_s.jpg - 1.88 K
LG37 - Death Head Inro-Maxi - Traditional Japanese-style leather 'Inro' pouch for cigarettes, mobile phones, etc. Decorated with pewter casting, and detailed dragon 'netsuki' for wearing under a waist belt. Can be used with Death Head Mini-Inro. £35/$67
LG40_s.jpg - 2.81 K
LG40 - Nightwing Inro-Maxi - Traditional Japanese-style leather 'Inro' bag, decorated with pewter bat castings. Cord shoulder strap (with pewter finials) and retractable loops for wearing on a belt. £47/$89
compactdarkside_s.jpg - 4.09 K
Compact Bag - A great small square bag with a pair of pockets but holds a surprising amount of stuff. More than just your lipstick, purse, brush, spare change, nail file, polish, a couple of purchases and that bit of spilled coffee but also some glitter can fit in there. Mind you, it all depends on how big yours are (now now - mind out of the gutter!). These great black compacts. £12.60/$24
coffinhandbag_s.jpg - 2.08 K
Coffin Handbag - These are wonderful. They have a pair of chains with sewn corners creating the shoulder strap with metal feet keeping the base tidy. The shoulder chains come in a little pouch inside the handbag in a pouch Velcro to the top of one side of the handbag which can also be used as a handy change pouch. The handbag is rigid and perfect for anyone looking for a great fashion statement. The coffin handbag comes in a wide range of fronts with images of a black rose, an ankh, a pentacle or a celtic cross. £19.95/$36
LG1_s.jpg - 3.79 K
LG1 - Leather Coffin Handbag - Strong stitched black leather box, fully lined in purple velour, with matching gothic cross panel and cast metal coffin fittings. Removable curb chain strap and attached leather handle. This is a good, solid handbag and will take the wear and tear of nightly life. Using a ring and pin closure, I find it a good weight and a strong piece that makes an excellent accessory £134/$249
corset_s.jpg - 10.10 K
Corset Backpack and Handbag - These purses are more for the fetish lovin' romantic girl in your life. I am not a girlie-girl. I don't carry a purse unless it's absolutely necessary. But I want one (and I got the leopard print one). To all you guys reading this: if you have a girlfriend/wife/lover/person that carries a purse in your life, they want one as well. Trust me.
This wonderful piece has matt black imitation leather, a corset shape with black corset lacing over a leopard, plain, pink, purple, or lace center. The base has the familiar metal feet and it has a pair of handled for carrying. The backpack strap has poppers so can be put on or taken off but they are sturdy when on. The straps zip together if you want to hang it off one shoulder or apart for carrying on your back. Comes in plain shiny black, leopard and matt black, shiny black and pink as shown, shiny black and purple (my second choice) and matt black with lace (*wiggles eyebrows*).
corsetpurse_s.jpg - 3.10 K
Corset Eyelet Vanity Bag - a smaller version of the backpack/Handbag with the same great shape but a wrist strap to keep it safe while clubbing or while in your backpack. The front of this piece opens to reveal a mirror, 2 card holders, small change purse and popper closure. That leaves the main body free for makeup, ciggies, choccies, gum, or whatever you need to go clubbing, drinking, partying or whatevering with! Durable with excellent finishing by a professional company, this is an accessory that will last years. Comes in plain shiny black, leopard and matt black, shiny black and pink as shown, shiny black and purple and matt black with lace. I recommend getting one to match the purse/backpack to co-ordinate. £15.50/$29
LG32_s.jpg - 5.28 K
LG32 - Leather Coffin Backpack - An 11" (28cm) highest quality Italiann made, black leather backpack with two top-zipped compartments. Front has apliqued black leather cross. With an Alchemy black rose "A" badge, adjustable leather straps & hand loop. This backpack has a generous amount of space inside for all of your essentials and more... £68/$125
LG33_s.jpg - 4.53 K
LG33 - Leather Pentagram Handbag - Hand-stitched, top quality leather cylinder bag lined throughout with burgundy velour. The zip - round front panel is embossed with gothic tracery, riveted and emblazoned with a black suede pentagram; pewter 'fleur de leys' fittings and a 36" curb chain strap. Any seasons "must have" £120/$222
coffinbackpack_s.jpg - 5.31 K
Coffin Backpack - We have some new coffin bacpacks that aren't leather and handstitched so are much less expensive. These have chain straps with excellent construction and a sturdy zipper. They are lined in a great red fabric with a red Velcro pouch with the chain straps in it. These wonderful coffin shaped backpacks are strong and solid and always have their great shape. These come with two different symbols on their covers - a black ankh that is quite classic and a black pentacle with white highlighting. £23.95/$44
LG15_s.jpg - 3.33 K
LG15 - Leather Coffin Wallet - In high quality leather with large bank-note section, several card pockets and eyelet hole for chain attachment. This wallet is perfect for use in the handbag although it will fill the purse snugly. It is not embellished but all three have the Alchemists symbol on the front. The Velcro strap closure means you can stuff it full and still close it. £31/$58
coffinwallets_s.jpg - 6.36 K
Coffin Wallet - a wonderful alternative to our genuine leather wallets these are a sturdy black wallet with plenty of room for all your cash, cards, ID and more. £7/$13
LG6_s.jpg - 3.81 K
LG6 - Leather Coffin Purse - Soft black leather purse or cigarette case with zipped side opening. For those evenings when the handbag is simply too large, this smaller piece has the same wonderful Cardinal Cross (without the bats regrettably) design on the front as the purse but in the same soft black leather as opposed to purple velour. Someone has suggested placing your cell phone in it when the battery runs out but we would never be so crude... or would we? *grins* A wonderful evening piece and so inexpensive! £24/$45
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