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40604_s.jpg - 3.30 K
40604 - Absinthe Flask - The lid has green enameling on it as the background to a fairy and the word "Absinthe" on the lid then the body of the flask itself has almost a label engraved in to it with the word "Absinthe" and "La fey vert" within the design. Beautiful and perfect for any goth or lover of the little green fairy who wishes to take over your mind... £42/$75
ACWT4_s.jpg - 2.19 K
La fee Verte Absinthe Spoon - Traditional sugar cube strainer for watering down absinthe. Once again we have the fairy from the necklace only here lines come out from behind her to help support the sugar cube. A beautiful sugar strainer for use or display. £24.50/$45.50
ACWT3_s.jpg - 2.83 K
La fee Verte Tumbler - Traditional tall absinthe tumbler, in forest glass for taking absinthe with water and sugar. Approx. 180mm high. Once again, three of our friends encircle this glass tumbler with three tiny ones below it so you can see them through the bottom of the glass. There is a wonderful swirl around the base of the glass to help support it. £36/$70
ACWT2_s.jpg - 2.67 K
La fee Verte Shot Glass - 'The Green Fairy' art nouveau style, forest glass shotglass. - Approx. 65mm high This shot glass again has the three fairies on the bottom but has a wonderful art nouveau swirl to the feet and a stylized "A" on the side repeated three times. £28/$55
AAG34_s.jpg - 6.73 K
AAG34 - Lord Byron Goblet - Authentic 'Ivorine' resin skull with solid cast-oewter base and removable hand fashioned pewter lining. Overall height: 19.5cm or 7.75 inches. We shall drink of the blood of our enemies and toast their misfortune in these most worthy goblets! £237/$439
CWT28_s.jpg - 4.51 K
CWT28 - Dracul Shotglass - A unique old gothic style vessel, with highly decorated glass - bottom, for the self - administration of lethal spirits. £22/$40
CWT26_s.jpg - 7.05 K
CWT26 - Dragon's Claw Shot Glass (Glassware) Dragon motifs decorate the fleury cross base of this hard liquor glass. £22/$40
CWT8_s.jpg - 2.25 K
CWT8 - Vespertine Corkscrew - Classic steel pigtail screw, with batesque style solid pewter handle. Pretend they are the leathery wings of a dragon ready to fly off on adventures through the vast wine-growing regions of the world... £21/$39
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