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NOW138_s.jpg - 1.98 K
Eternal Love Wall Cross - This great wall cross is made from resin decorated with vines and roses picked out in great colour against the grey of the cross. Each corner is enhanced with a square red gem and the overall look is very gothic. £11/$20
ASS54_s.jpg - 5.07 K
DR913 - Temple of Noise - The imposing dragon sentinelled' entrance to a private citadel of cadence. Bone resin, stackable CD holder, comfortably holds 14 CDs. Can also be used as a book rack. This beautiful piece is one you'll want to show off empty as well as full. The beautiful castle doors set at the back of the rack is flanked by stunningly created dragons with their wings stretched out to fill the side of the rack in an artistic but menacing way. £83/$154
Fancy Feast Gothic Shirt - This shirt is a beautiful style of lacing up the front to a subtle bit of lace and ruffle on the front as well as at the wrist. It is made of mixed fibers here in the UK and with the elasticated wrist and generous cut, it will fit just about anyone. It is a one size fits all and is mostly worn over the top of jeans as opposed to tucked in. Available in either black or white. £36.50/$68
DashingDandyGothicShirt_s.jpg - 2.11 K
Dashing Dandy Gothic Shirt - These shirts are my favourite - with ties up each forearm and at the neck, it is a great shirt to go to battle in - battling in love or the arena! Made of a good heavy 100% cotton material, these shirts are sure to please everyone. Quite sexy and available in cotton in black or white, I know these will be snapped up! Watch for me sporting the velvet one in blact at a pub gathering or conference soon... £36.50/$68
AMC2_s.jpg - 4.11 K
AMC2 - Coffin Mirror (Compact Mirrors) £14.25/$26.25
AAM5_s.jpg - 3.48 K
AAM5 - The Apostolic Wall Cross - An ornate 11.75"(299mm) high wall cross in the true catholic tradition. In an antiqued 'gilded' finish with enamel. Cast in resin with a 'keyhole' hanging slot. £26.50/$49
NEM2028_s.jpg - 4.20 K
Torch Bearer Dragon Candleholder - This is for a dinner taper candle and is absolutely cute! If you have seen our dragon toothbrush (or pen or chocolate mint sticks) holder then you'll know what this looks like. Remove the cup and leave the cute dragon. This also matches the dragon toilet brush holder. £5/$12
AMCH3_s.jpg - 5.04 K
AMCH3 - Darkwing Mobile Phone Holder - Plethora of bats with a black faceted heart shaped crystal remote control or mobile phone holder. £39.50/$73
AMCH2_s.jpg - 5.35 K
AMCH2 - Great Wyvern Phone Holder - Immortal Dragon curled at the base, growling with wings spread up to cradle remote control or mobile phone holder. £39.50/$73
AMCH1_s.jpg - 4.09 K
AMCH1 - Sepulchre Mobile Phone Holder - Skull and Fleur de Lys Pewter remote control or mobile phone holder. £34/$63
S3_s.jpg - 5.16 K
S3 - Dragon Buttons - The subtle and effective pewter dragon heads are sewn through the eye holes. 6 per pack. £12/$23
S1_s.jpg - 4.43 K
S1 - Skull Shirt Buttons - The subtle and effective pewter skulls are sewn through the nose holes. 6 per pack. £8.50/$16
GC3_s.jpg - 3.33 K
GC3 - Boyer - Collar clips to fix to the end of each collar. A traditional way to desorate and show status. The carved bone-resin head of Vlad, suspended between the claws of the Drakul. £23/$43
GC2_s.jpg - 4.85 K
GC2 - Crusade - Collar clips to fix to the end of each collar. A traditional way to desorate and show status. Heraldic icons invoking the spirit of chivalry. £23/$43
CL4_s.jpg - 5.53 K
CL4 - Roseus Pentagram - Black enamelled and hand polished, the pentagrams are crowned with the secret sign of the black rose. £26/$48
CL2_s.jpg - 2.98 K
CL2 - Black Heart - Black, faceted heart shaped crystals set in the wings of a demon, announce the nature of their bearer. £26/$48
AAM2_s.jpg - 3.12 K
AAM2 - Ogdanesque Wall bats - A blatantly gothic variant of the traditional working-class set of three flying ducks. £32/$59
AAM7_s.jpg - 10.53 K
AAM7 - Flying Wall Dragons - From the true, classic style of glorious 1950's kitsch comes this unique and essential set of terrifying wall-dragons. £32/$59
wyverxwall_s.jpg - 7.14 K
AAM6 - Wyverex Cypher Wall Mount - Superbly sculpted approx. 11" (280mm) high relief carving of the legendary beast, in antique oak finish with a 'gilded' heraldic crown. Cast in resin with a 'keyhole' hanging slot. £63.75/$118
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