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Egyptian Statues

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nuit_s.jpg - 4.11 K
Nuit - This beautiful hand- painted statue is a variation on our image of Nathor. Since this older image was ancestral to the later Egyptian goddess of the heavens, this piece was created as a tribute to Nuit, the Egyptian Star Goddess. Nuit was the mother of the moon goddess Hathor and of most of the gods and goddesses of dynastic Egypt. £42/$82.50
nathor_s.jpg - 3.77 K
Nathor - Older than the Pyramids, Nathor is an ancient Egyptian name for the Nile River Bird Goddess of the Moist Heavens. She awakens Primal Female power as she "Draws down the Moon." Egypt from 4,000 BCE, this figure stands 8" tall and is white polyresin on a hardwood base. The elegant flowing shape of this figure has become a symbol for Women's Spirituality. £42/$82.50
Isisandbaststatue_s.jpg - 2.96 K
Isis & Bast - A beautiful pewter statue of Isis with hwer wings streched out behind her and Bast to either side of her. This is a beautifully scumpted piece and while looking like it might tip, it is actually well balanced and works well on any altar. More economical on space than a full spread-winged Isis statue and incorporating wonderful imagry, this beautiful Isis statue works well anywhere protection or magick is needed and is perfect as part of an altar with lotus oil (pure essential being the height of sacrifice), wheat, water from the nile, a lapis blue candle and a sterling silver charm representing the moon's energies. £30.25/$56
baststatue_s.jpg - 4.49 K
MB 1 - BAST Pewter 5" High - In her cat form, a Goddess of nourishment, music and dance and should be displayedor worn by those who wish musical or artistic development £30.25/$56
sekhmet_s.jpg - 5.63 K
MB 2 - SEKMET Pewter 5" High - Wife of Ptah and known as the nourisher. A provider for all who pay her homage. £30.25/$56
anubisstatue_s.jpg - 4.86 K
MB 3 - ANUBIS Pewter 5" High - Anubis is able to invoke the protection from lower astral forces over which he has domain £30.25/$56
thothstatue_s.jpg - 3.63 K
MB 4 - THOTH Pewter 5" High - The ibis headed God, the Egyptian God of medicine and the one reputed to have taught Isis Her magic £30.25/$56
hathor_s.jpg - 5.52 K
MB 5 - HATHOR Pewter 5" High - Goddess and special guardian spirit of all women and female animals it was she who fortold fate at birth. Should be displayed in a pregnant mother's room for protection and blessings. £30.25/$56
horus_s.jpg - 4.97 K
MB 6 - HORUS Pewter 5" High - Son of Isis indicating knowledge, learning and aspirations to rise above the mundane £30.25/$56
isis_s.jpg - 4.59 K
MB 7 - ISIS Pewter 7" High - Isis the Goddess of the moon and kingship among her powers, invokes protection and intuition and blessings on her worshippers. £59/$109
osirisstatue_s.jpg - 3.08 K
MB 8 - OSRISIS Pewter 7" High - Osiris, God fo the Underworld should be worn or displayed wherever protection from unwanted outside forces is needed. £45/$83
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