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Whimsical Dragons

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NEM4032_s.jpg - 3.33 K
Celtic Guardian Box - a wonderful little (9cm) trinket box with a great dragon perched on the top of it. This has been hugely popular and is lined with felt to protect the treasures you place inside. Resin with a stone effect finish. £12.50/$30
Dragon Poo - Wonderfully whimsical this dragon poo is a deep blue colour with an iridescent sheen. Perfect for spreading around your dragon sculptures or put a handful in a bowl to use to prop up some dragons blood incense. £0.15/$0.25
doorcover_s.jpg - 2.89 K
Dragon Doorcover - A unique and different item that every dragon fan will wish to have. This door cover fits in the blank space above the door frame and below the ceiling to cover the area over the door. Some may miss him but those who look up will be rewarded by a magnificent sight. At 88cm across, this is a large and boldly beautiful item with draconic and gothic appeal. Click on the image to get a beautiful close-up view of this beauty. £58/$135
AAM7_s.jpg - 10.53 K
AAM7 - Flying Wall Dragons - From the true, classic style of glorious 1950's kitsch comes this unique and essential set of terrifying wall-dragons. £32/$59
WS4_s.jpg - 4.43 K
WS4 - Dragon Claw Umbrella - The ultimate gentleman's cane displaying a heady embodiment of elegance, mysticism and ferocity. Feel the smooth resin ball rotate in your hand, within the grasp of the hand-polished resin claw. £66.50/$123
wyverxwall_s.jpg - 7.14 K
AAM6 - Wyverex Cypher Wall Mount - Superbly sculpted approx. 11" (280mm) high relief carving of the legendary beast, in antique oak finish with a �gilded� heraldic crown. Cast in resin with a �keyhole� hanging slot. £63.75/$118
waxseal_s.jpg - 2.81 K
Dragon Sealing Pendant - comes on a 24" silken cord. Pendant is approximately 2" tall and comes mounted on a card - perfect for gift giving. The seal will work with wax or ink pads and makes a great pendant or personal seal. £7.50/$13.50
doorknocker_s.jpg - 4.60 K
Dragon Door Knocker - With a skull on the end of the ring, the dragon's head comes out through your door and grasps firmly in its mouth a knocker ring. Fun and whimsical, a great item for a dragon fan! £29/$73
AMCH2_s.jpg - 6.52 K
Great Wyvern Phone/Remote Holder - Immortal Dragon curled at the base, growling with wings spread up to cradle remote control or mobile phone holder. What a cool way to ensure you never loose the remote and with a small fotprint, it means less space taken on your table (perfect for me) and no more spilled drinks on the remote (again, perfect for me). £39.50/$73
bonedrg_s.jpg - 5.48 K
Dragon Dice - I think this dragon must have list at dice against a wizard! Besides having lost his hoard, this dragon has been made into a die for gaming. He is a standard 6-sided die cast in resin with a bone colour finish. They come in pairs only £9.25/$17
dknocker_s.jpg - 7.28 K
Bronze and Silver Dragon DoorKnocker - This gatekeeper emerges from your door to welcome friends and guard against foes. The four-piece set includes the two wings and body cast in bronze, and the flame knocker of sterling silver. Size: Dragon Body: 6 1/4" H x 2 3/4" W Wingspan: 12" (suggested mounted spacing) Flame Knocker: 3 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W Overall: 12" W x 7 1/2" H £954/$1770
Mobile Home Dragon - I think he is perfect on top of a monitor but this little guy with floppy ears is to place your mobile phone on top of. He's a great talking piece at work as well. £7.50/$18
AAC46_s.jpg - 6.41 K
Dracaeratus Tomb - A heavy, imposing casket of cold-cast bronze. 'The Tomb of the Bronze Dragon', is hand made for a fabulous overlord of the greatest legends. Measuring 9" x 4" x 4" (228mm x 101mm x 101mm) with a solid, lift-off lid. A visually beautiful piece perfect on a coffee table, a mantelpiece, or as a solid trinket box on a vanity or the side of your bed. The dragon draped over the lid sits in an imposing pose, ready to leap off the lid to protect the treasure within. (very heavy) £105/$195
Dragon Fabric bags - for groceries, your stuff, going shopping or whatever reason, our wonderful bags feature some more Sue Mason original artwork of our logo - a dragon curled around a crescent moon. A wonderful piece. £2.50/$4.50
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