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Dragon Lights

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dragkeeper_s.jpg - 2.88 K
Guardian of the Tower - A wonderful dragon candlestick holder where he is curled around with the trademark ivy all around the piece. Great for a taper or thin pillar. £23/$52
NEM2028_s.jpg - 4.20 K
Torch Bearer Dragon Candleholder - This is for a dinner taper candle and is absolutely cute! If you have seen our dragon toothbrush (or pen or chocolate mint sticks) holder then you'll know what this looks like. Remove the cup and leave the cute dragon. This also matches the dragon toilet brush holder. £5/$12
ASL2_s.jpg - 5.23 K
ASL2 - In Terrorem: Ambix Mirror Sconce - A pair of the most fabulous imitation-ivory beasts are mounted in front of a glorious gothic pewter-framed, 17" (432mm) tall mirror and candle sconce. £383/$709
LC4_s.jpg - 3.59 K
LC4 - Dragon Ignis Disposable Lighter Cover - These lighters look excellent and are quite heavy being made from cast pewter. Each has been designed to fit over one of the most common selling disposable lighters enabling you to not have to worry about lighter fluid and refilling. We provide each lighter cover with a lighter to allow you to start using it right away. The dragon is my favourite as I love dragons and it has been made with care. Each lighter cover which can be used again and again. £18.50/$35
CS7_s.jpg - 2.57 K
CS7 - Tenebrae Dragon Candlestick - The guardian of light determines the extinction of the holy candle. 10" (250mm) high overall, with a pewter stem and candle - cup set in a dragon of bone - resin. A beautiful piece, the dragon curls around with candle cup with wings partly outstretched, claws primed and neck arching around to see what is going on. The pewter stem has a claw base similar to the vamp wine goblet and a mid-height band of red jewels similar to the hermetic goblet (but without the pentacles). £54/$100
ASL1_s.jpg - 5.73 K
ASL1 - The Dragon's Tale: Table Lamp - A work of supreme art and illuminating magnificence. This imitation ivory dragon, wrapped around a carved triumphal column telling the story of St. Levantius and his enduring fight against evil. With it's dragon scale plate shade, this must be one of the most imposing and impressive of table lights available today. Each join on the shade has either a dragon head or full coiling dragon with wings spread and the whole piece is just breathtaking. £470/$870
Dragon Candle Snuffers - cute dragon hatching from an egg with protective brass insert for the sniffer on a handle with a great draconic handle. £7/$13
hangingcandle_s.jpg - 3.52 K
Hanging Dragon Tealight - Three dragons look out over the edge of a celtic knotwork decorated half circle. It is suspended by 3 chains and perfect for any dungeon - or anyone trying to create that look. £39/$92
PC2708B_s.jpg - 4.35 K
Gothic Dragon Claw Goblet and Tea Light Holder - also a great tea light holder. This has a claw coming up from the waves and gothic windows. The glass is an insert and so best be careful when using it to drink. Remove the glass to use as a tea light holder in a gothic room for eerie candle light. £12/$22
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