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Dragon Feastware

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NEM2069.jpg - 3.78 K
Smoke and Fire Dragon - This is just so cute I had to get some. It is pictured as a smoking accessory - there is a space for a lighter behind the dragon who is holding an ashtray below which his tail curls to hold a pack of cigarettes. Now, most of you know what I'm about to say - Use it for CHOCOLATE! That's right - chocolate batons in the back, truffles where the pack goes and M&M's or coffee flavoured chocolate beans (or chocolate covered coffee beans) in the ashtray (provided it's not been used as an ashtray!). You know you want it! £29/$63
CW4_s.jpg - 6.97 K
CW4 - Wyverex Dragon Canteen of Cutlery - A 12-piece, four place setting set of silver plate cutlery, consisting of four each of knife, fork and spoon. Made of fine Sheffield steel with intricately modelled, cast pewter handles, with a heavy overall silver plated finish. Supplied in a sumptuous black wood veneer storage case, trimmed with cast pewter fittings and a heavy, 3-dimensionally sculptured red flock-dragon lining. £253/$468
PL2_s.jpg - 4.25 K
PL2 - Wyverex Dragon Plate - Following a tradition going back to Roman Britain, pewter was the most common type of plate used for most of the later period up to the C.18th, when porcelain succeeded. Alchemy make a highly polished traditional C.17th style 11" (280mm) pewter dinner plate, with the added detailed motif of the legendary dragon. I love this plate and would eat every meal off it if I could. Perfect for medieval banquet or as a wedding gift - why not suggest this to the inlaws? £48.50/$89.95
CS7_s.jpg - 2.57 K
CS7 - Tenebrae Dragon Candlestick - The guardian of light determines the extinction of the holy candle. 10" (250mm) high overall, with a pewter stem and candle - cup set in a dragon of bone - resin. A beautiful piece, the dragon curls around with candle cup with wings partly outstretched, claws primed and neck arching around to see what is going on. The pewter stem has a claw base similar to the vamp wine goblet and a mid-height band of red jewels similar to the hermetic goblet (but without the pentacles). £54/$100
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