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Dragon Drinking Vessels

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dragonglassgoblet_s.jpg - 3.84 K
Blue Glass Dragon Chalice - A wonderful blue glass chalice with a fabulous dragon created in pewter on the front. Just like the blue glass mugs we have, this is sure to be a popular item for any dragon fan, dragon altar or pagan! £20/$42
NEM2148_s.jpg - 1.80 K
Tribal Dragon Mug - Mmmmm... a wonderful tribal dragon design on a wonderfully large mug suitable for a very large coffee or tea. As a white mug it is just great for anything you wish to use it for - pencil cup, chocolate holder, cotton ball holder... £5/$15
AAG15_s.jpg - 3.60 K
AAG15 - Wyverex Goblet (Goblets) A mythical beast of outstanding elegance, zealously guarding his bejewelled treasure (Austrian crystals) while supporting your chosen nectar, the elixir of life. 6�" (165mm) high. £55/$102
AAG29_s.jpg - 4.63 K
AAG29 - Wyverex Pils Goblet (Goblets) Drink from the cup and absorb the power of one of legend's best-known dragons. £37/$68
NEM2211_s.jpg - 1.70 K
NEM2211 - Dragons Tower - A wonderful pewter and glass goblet similar to our Large Dragon Goblet with it's pewter base and glass top. A great design with two dragons seated atop of a tower pillar. A really nice goblet for dragon lovers and pagans alike! £12/$25
CWT26_s.jpg - 7.05 K
CWT26 - Dragon�s Claw Shot Glass (Glassware) Dragon motifs decorate the fleury cross base of this hard liquor glass. £22/$40
CWT21_s.jpg - 3.23 K
CWT21 - Dragon (Glassware) This superbly detailed, sculpted dragon writhes up to support the lead-crystal glass, while sitting on its hoard of jewelled treasure. (with Austrian crystal) £59/$110
AAT10_s.jpg - 6.08 K
AAT10 - Dragon (Tankards) A heavy multicasting, this breathtaking sculpted glittering dragon in full flight, forms the handle of this exceptionally comfortable and satisfying tankard. 1 pint capacity (600ml) £48/$89
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