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Slate ouija board - This is a heavy, pure slate board with a glass top as the slate has been engraved directly with the various letters, numbers and 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The planchette (little thingy that you move with your fingers) is slate with a pattern engraved on it. Making this board out of a natural stone helps ground out the energy naturally as part of the usage of the board. This makes these kinds of boards that little bit safer to use. Lots of fun and really beautiful. Shipping to Europe is around £35 for this item. Shipping to the US is an additional $100 £29/$69
Spirit Boards - These are lighter, smaller cardboard ouija boards. This is an inexpensive board but we recommend the talking board for those serious looking to use a ouija board as this cardboard board is not always to the professionals liking. Always in English and packaged with a flat planchette, these wonderful little ouija boards are great for parties. £16/$30
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