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DG78_s.jpg - 7.29 K
Dragon Tarot - This is a wonderful tarot deck with each card picturing a different dragon. Wonderfully done tarot and hard to describe, anyone working with dragon magick is going to love working with this. By Terry Donaldson and Peter Pracownik. This spectacular deck captures the perceptive powers of the legendary dragon. Dragon Tarot represents the fulfillment of centuries of research into symbolism by mystics from the world over. 2 3/4" x 4 3/8" £20/$40
OET78_s.jpg - 9.22 K
Old English Tarot - By Maggie Kneen. The gentle, graceful imagery of this charming deck is set against a tapestry of medieval England. Old English tarot inspires a peaceful atmosphere for readings and meditation. 68mm x 120mm £19/$38
EDP50_s.gif - 7.34 K
Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards - Corinne Kenner has created an entirely new way to experience the tarot...through cooking! Her Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards combine the art of the cards with the culinary arts. Each card has an image from the Universal Waite deck, an insight about the card and a complete recipe with directions and an ingredient list. The recipe always relates to the card in some meaningful way, often clever or humorous. Kenner offers us such delights as the Devil's deviled eggs and lobster bisque to be enjoyed in the Moon-light. The recipes for the suit cards match the energy of the suit: spicy and hot foods for wands, seafood and watery dishes for cups, veggie and hearty meats for pentacles, and chopping and cutting recipes for swords. The cards are large and made of glossy plastic for protection. They come in a sturdy storage box typical of recipe containers. The deck comes with an instruction book giving traditional meanings and suggestions for using the Epicurean Tarot in the kitchen and elsewhere. £22/$45
UW78_s.jpg - 6.43 K
Universal Waite Tarot - The serene Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and readings. The deck is a soothing, eye-appealing complement to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully re-colored by Mary Hanson Roberts £20/$40
TTK3_s.gif - 5.19 K
Tiny Tarot Keychain - The world's smallest Tarot deck is now available at New Moon! Incredibly, the deck measures only 20mm x 35mm! This is a must-have for the Tarot collector and enthusiast. Now available in a sturdy plastic container with keychain - perfect for tarot on the move! I've had one for a couple of years and people have loved it. Now we finally have them in stock for you. £10/$18
medsca_s.jpg - 7.51 K
Medieval Scapini - I cannot praise highly enough the art on this deck. Travel back to the grandeur of 15th century Italy through the art of this tarot deck. The Middle Ages are recreated through symbols, costumes, and settings against gold backgrounds. A very medieval/gothic feel with darker colours and gold highlights, this is truly a work of art. Slightly longer than most decks, this is well worth the price and both my partner and myself have bought this deck for ourselves, so taken are we both with the design. £25/$50
celtic07_s.jpg - 8.02 K
Celtic Dragon Tarot Deck and Book - a beautiful deck with stunning artwork, this is a treasure indeed. The complimentary book goes into wonderful detail about how to interpret the cards and each card has a wonderfully integrated draconic theme. This tarot reveals how to meet your "personal dragon", undergo "dragon initiation" in meditation, and infuse your tarot readings and candle magick with the potent elemental energies of the dragon. Dragons tap into deeper currents of elemental energies than humans. Because of their ancient wisdom, dragons are valuable contacts to call upon when performing any type of divination, such as the laying out of tarot cards. Tarot decks and other divination tools seem to fascinate them. The Celtic Dragon Tarot is the first deck to use the potent energies of dragons for divination, magickal spell working and meditation £38/$75
WWStarot_s.jpg - 9.73 K
Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot - Woodland sprites and crafty magicians, wise women and dancing faeries leap out from the vibrant cards of the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot. Created by artist and Wildwitch Poppy Palin, this one-of-a-kind Tarot brings the inspirational magic of the wild into the everyday world.
In the companion book Stories of the Wild Spirit, the characters portrayed in the cards tell their own stories, using first person dialogue to immerse you in their tales and call forth the power of their energies. This unique approach provides a new way of working with the Tarot for those who learn more easily through strong visual cues and evocative prose, rather than elaborate lists of correspondences.
This boxed kit includes a 78-card deck and a 336-page illustrated guidebook. Perfect for those who want to reconnect with or have never lost their sense of wonder at the divine magic of nature, the sacred art and sparkling prose of the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot will enchant and enlighten.
shapeshift_s.jpg - 10.52 K
The Shapeshifter's Tarot - Like the ancient Celts, you can now practice the shamanic art of shapeshifting and access the knowledge of the eagle, the oak tree or the ocean: wisdom that is inherently yours and resides within your very being. The Shapeshifter Tarot kit is your bridge between humans, animals and nature. The cards in this deck act as merging tools, allowing you to tap into the many different animal energies, together with the elemental qualities of air, fire, water and earth. £38/$75
SCtarot_s.jpg - 12.55 K
The Sacred Circle Tarot - The Sacred Circle Tarot is a new concept in tarot design, combining photographs, computer imaging and traditional drawing techniques to create stunning images. It draws on the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland, its sacred sites and landscapes. Key symbols unlock the deepest levels of Pagan teaching. The imagery of the cards is designed to work on a number of levels, serving as a tool not only for divination but to facilitate meditation, personal growth and spiritual development. £38/$75
QET78_s.gif - 3.61 K
Quick and Easy Tarot - Tarot has never been easier to use and learn. This colourful deck features meanings printed right on each card, so there is no need to refer to a booklet. The illustrations are based on the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, re-coloured to add a contemporary appeal. Accomplished tarot enthusiasts will enjoy this deck as much as beginners. £20/$40
j020_s.jpg - 7.98 K
Nefertari's Tarot - The light of Egypt Ramses' bride. The magic and charm of ancient Egypt revive in Nefertari's treasure. 78 cards printed hot in gold,with instruction leaflet. These are a glittering and beautiful set to use and treasure. The gold on the images does not come out well however each card is beautiful with the swirling mists patterned in gold on each one. Information on the meaning of each card plus a simple spread is included and each deck is carefully wrapped in 4 separate smaller packets to ensure your cards arrive safely. In 1998 the Italian artist Silvana Alasia created the deluxe version of the Egyptian tarot deck with different images from the "Egyptian Tarot" however still true to the origins of this tarot and more closely created in line with Egyptian art and was published as the Tarocchi di Nefertari (shown here), using gold foil stamped onto the backgrounds and text. Another beautifully authentic deck. £33/$65
j010_s.jpg - 7.72 K
Egyptian Tarot - This tarot deck is based on the designs of Falconnier and Wegener which are more authentically Egyptian and based squarely on French occult theory. These "Wergener" cards mark the birth of the Egyptian Tarot as we think of it today. Although there is no historical basis to claims of Egyptian origin, there is something compelling to the symbolism of these decks. The Italian artist Silvana Alasia has created several Egyptian decks, including her 1996 Egyptian Tarots (shown here), featuring 78 designs hand painted onto parchment. Her Trumps follow the Wegener pattern, with the exception of cards XII, XIII, XIX, and XX which are based on Egyptian art. For an authentic deck with real history behind it, this is the deck to choose. £18/$35
wt_deck_s.jpg - 6.17 K
The Witches Tarot Deck and Book - This is a beautiful boxed set of tarot cards with an accompanying book and full-colour lay out sheet for doing beautiful readings with. While this helps the new reader, it can also provide a clean reading surface for the experienced reader who must read in a variety of settings. The 320 page guide book provides detailed information about each cards multitude of readings and lays the foundation for readers to branch out on their own. This tarot deck has become a favorite among paganfolk who enjoy the presentation of the mystical Qabalistic symbolism from a clear and distinctly Pagan point of view. Creator Ellen Cannon Reed has replaced the traditional Devil with The Horned One, the Hierophant with the High Priest, and the Hermit with the Seeker. £38/$75
GD78_s.jpg - 5.86 K
Golden Dawn Tarot Deck - Israel Regardie & Robert Wang Based upon the notebooks and records of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. U.S. Games 81mm x 127mm, deck, £19/$40
golden06_s.jpg - 8.42 K
Golden Dawn - This is an inspired deck that comes complete with a book within a storage box. A beautifully drawn deck drawing from the magick, ritual and symbolism of the Golden Dawn £22/$44
MP78_s.jpg - 9.52 K
Mini Motherpeace - The cards in this extraordinary round tarot deck are gestalt circles of powerful symbols celebrating 30,000 years of women's culture throughout the world. The drawings in the tarot deck by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble reflect Goddess and earth-based cultures from all over the world and throughout history. Vogel's own reflection on the meaning and use of the cards is described as "a fundamental healing process for reaching beyond the limitations of gender roles found in our society." 3" diameter £22/$44
thoth_s.jpg - 5.86 K
Crowley Thoth Deck - This is the very detailed Thoth deck. Created under the careful, watchful eye of Crowley himself, he instructed the artist to create the cards according to his vision. For those who can control the power of this deck, it is a magickal tool indeed. By Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris. This magnificent deck contains the kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth. This deck includes 3 versions of the Magus card, 80 cards total. £20/$40
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