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Scrying Bowls

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scryingbowl_s.jpg - 6.20 K
Triple Goddess Scrying Bowl - Quite a stunning piece made specifically to contain water to be used in scrying. The glossy black interior means no need to use anything but water gathered from the rain or dew or a river or anywhere. If you use tap water, remember to add a small pinch of sea salt and clean the bowl carefully after use. £15/$40
NOW155_s.jpg - 2.06 K
Jewelled Scrying Bowl - The matt black interior makes this perfect for just adding water to in order to scry. The jewelled and glittered outside means you can also use this bowl as a chalice or for anything as it is just a great combination of colours. WOW - a wonderful addition to any altar. £15/$40
now2210_s.jpg - 2.93 K
Tree of Life Scrying Bowl - Wonderful in the tree of life series this bowl is beautiful. The grey finish to the resin makes a perfect canvass for the vivid green and brown of the tree and the silver of the knotwork border. It also has great purple gems and an ivy motif around it. A wonderful scrying bowl, offering bowl, chalice or well representation or whatever you choose to use it for (CHOCOLATE!). £14/$32
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